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Today's Highlights

The Fourth Estate Fails Again: Philip Giraldi
Dear Admiral Fallon: Ray McGovern
Economy Another Casualty: Ron Paul
Fear and Loathing in Vancouver: Neil Kitson
The War on (Euphemism): Khody Akhavi

 Mark Engler

How Not to Rule the World

 Philippe Sands

Torture Team

 Mary Tillman

The True Pat Tillman Story

 Scott Ritter

90% Chance of War Against Iran

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Updated May 20, 2008 - 8:33 PM EDT

White House Denies Plan to Attack Iran


Pelosi: Nothing Should Be Ruled Out in Order to Stop Iran

New Troops in Iraq Will Keep Number at 140,000

  Iraqi Govt Warns Against 'Hasty' US Withdrawal
  Rights Group: US Attack on Baghdad Media Hotel No Accident

Bomb Kills Basra Police Chief

  Monday: 29 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Bush Memo Expands Govt Secrecy

The War on (Euphemism)

France Discloses 'Contacts' With Hamas

  Palestinians Demand Regular Army for New State
A Two-State Solution for the United States and Israel  by David Bromwich
The Economy: Another
Casualty of War
 by Rep. Ron Paul
Fear and Loathing in Vancouver
by Neil Kitson
Bush Plays the Hitler Card
by Patrick Buchanan
Losing Vietnam All Over Again
by Jeff Huber
Dear Admiral Fallon  by Ray McGovern

More Viewpoints

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US: 500 Children Detained in Iraq; 10 in Afghanistan

Iraqi Athletes Praying, Not Playing

Blacklisted by the Bush Government

The Incredible Shrinking Superpower

Al-Jazeera English Tries to Extend Its Reach

UK Attorney: US Holding 27,000 in Secret Overseas Prisons

Timeline of Cluster Munitions Use


Mosul, City of the Dead

Today in Iraq

Iraq Army Targets Area Near Sadr City as Truce Holds

Iraq Reports Arrest of al-Qaeda Figure in Mosul

22 Suspected Gunmen Captured in Basra

Iraqi Forces Find Weapons Cache in Baghdad Mosque

Iraq's Antiquities Garner International Attention

UN Envoy Stresses Necessity of Launching Iraqi Provincial Elections on Time

War That Traumatizes Iraqis Takes Toll on Hospital That Treats Them

Attacks Continue

Iraq Military Museum Attacked in Baghdad

Gunmen Kill 11 Iraqi Police Recruits

Gunmen Kill Two Civilians in Mosul

Monday: 29 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Iraq Urges UK to Investigate Embassy Sexual Abuse Claims

Iraqi VP Demands Action Against US Soldier Over Koran

Afghans Skeptical That Security's Getting Better

UK Soldier Dies in Afghan Blast

5 Wounded in Afghan Suicide Blast

NATO Beefs Up Forces Along Afghan-Pakistan Border

Rebels Enter Afghanistan 'With Families'

Under Wraps, Prostitution Rife in North Afghanistan

Aid Trucks Attacked in Afghanistan

Aussie Troops Launch Offensive in Southern Afghanistan


Taliban Claim Responsibility for Pakistan Bombing

Pakistan's PM Confronts Bush Over Cross-Border Raids

South Asia

Heavy Fighting in Sri Lanka Kills 76

Bangladesh Approves Anti-Terror Laws


Dalai Lama Calls for Non-Violence, Stoking China Tensions

Karma Chameleon: He Charms the West, but Can the Dalai Lama Save Tibet?


South Korea Considers Food Aid to North

North Korea 'Close to Making Nuclear Declaration'


Burmese Opposition Leader Says World Must Act

Myanmar to Widen Neighbors' Aid Role


Philippines Wants Direct Contacts With Muslim Rebels

New Taiwan President to Take Reins, Court China


Greek Military Acquisitions on the Rise

Car Bomb Explodes in Spanish Basque Area

Bush's Mideast Tour

Bush Wraps Up Mideast Trip With a Thud, Analysts Say

Bush's Israel Visit Results in Loss of Credibility

Bush Contrasts Arab, Israeli Paths


Senior Iran Cleric Says Ahmadinejad Spreads Poverty

Iranian Clerics Tell the President to Leave the Theology to Them

Iran: OPEC Output Hike Would Not Affect Prices


'Abbas to Declare Negotiations Failed'

Abbas Rejects US Mediation in Peace Talks

Rights Groups Accuse Police of Brutality During Nakba Protest

Palestinians Cool to Embrace From al-Qaeda Leader

Skeptical Olmert 'Letting Truce Process Play Out' While Preparing Gaza Invasion

US Says French Contacts With Hamas 'Unwise'

Netanyahu: No One Helps US More Than Israel

Hamas Blocks Gaza Porn

Israeli Website Unites Jews and Arabs - For Hardcore Pornography


Egypt Discusses Hamas With Israel

Egypt FM: US, Israeli Occupations Causing More Mideast Instability

Barak to Mubarak: No Truce With Hamas Unless Attacks Stop


Lebanese Christian Leader Calls for Arab Troops if Dialogue Fails

Lebanese Unity Plan 'in Trouble'

Talks Between Lebanese Factions Hit New Snags

On One Street in Beirut, All Are Welcome

Lebanon Grapples With Hatred Unleashed by Violence

Middle East

Food Crisis Creates an Opening for Muslim Fundamentalists

Syrians Defy Web Blockade

FBI Most Wanted Terror Suspect Jailed in Yemen

bin Laden Lashes Out at Arab Leaders


Somali Peace Talks Make Little Progress

Somali Rebels Seize Two More Towns


Zimbabwe Party: Military Plotting to Kill Leader

Blame Game in Sudan While Thousands Remain Displaced


US Official: Navy Plane May Have Crossed Venezuelan Airspace

Venezuela DM Slams US Overflights

In Venezuelan Schools, Creating 'a New Man'


Colombian Rebel Urges Fighters to Give Up Conflict

Cuban Govt Links Dissident With Jailed Miami Exile


Georgia's Leader Vows to Prevent Russia Reviving the Soviet Union

Abkhazia: The Frozen Conflict That Is Thawing Rapidly


Justin Raimondo
Bush's True Calling

Philip Giraldi
The Fourth Estate Fails Again

Alan Bock
Optimistic About the Military

Ivan Eland
Gates's Hope to Reform the Pentagon Is Barking at the Moon

Doug Bandow
This Time, Avoid the Lebanese Quagmire

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

Sascha Matuszak
Tremors in Chengdu

David R. Henderson
Is Peggy Noonan Turning Antiwar?

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

Nebojsa Malic
Franklin's Choice

Charles Peņa
Mission Accursed

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