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The Revolt of the Liberated: Justin Raimondo
The Cult of the Presidency: Doug Bandow
Garrisoning the Global Gas Station: Klare/Engelhardt
Obama Is a Truly Democratic Expansionist: Pilger
Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Were a Ruse: Porter

 Patrick Cockburn

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Israeli Espionage In America

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Updated June 13, 2008 - 11:23 PM EDT
Iraq Could Cost Taxpayers $2.7 Trillion
Iraqi PM: Security Deal With US at 'Dead End'
  Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Pact Were a Ruse
  US Nationals Can Appeal to US Courts but Are Still Subject to Iraqi Law
  Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 20 Iraqis Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded
Court Says Detainees Have Rights, Bucking Bush
  Mukasey Says Guantánamo Military Trials Will Proceed
  Supreme Court Ruling Could Free Scores From Guantánamo
  Sen. Graham Wants Const. Amendment to Overturn Gitmo Ruling
Pakistan – on the Brink?
  US Strike Hits Pakistan's Raw Nerve
  Pentagon Chief Regrets Any Problems From Pakistan Airstrike
Hundreds Escape in Afghan Prison Attack
Ireland Rejects Treaty in Blow for EU
UK MP Quits Over 'Strangulation of Fundamental Freedoms'
What Should Have Been Said to AIPAC  by Michael C. Desch
Obama Is a Truly Democratic Expansionist  by John Pilger
Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties [video] by Rep. Ron Paul, Stephen Kinzer, and Andrew J. Bacevich
Garrisoning the Global Gas Station
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Deadly 'Diplomacy'  by Norman Solomon
The Incredible Hulks  by Clive Stafford Smith

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Bush Slams Anti-US 'Propaganda'
Fighting for the Right to Detain Iraqis
'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies in Fallujah
Gates Presses NATO on Missile Defense
Administration Strategy for Detention Now in Disarray
Britain Bans Antiwar Protests During Bush Visit
US Legal Scholars Slam Free Speech, Citing Terrorism
What Next at Gitmo?
Iraq Occupation
US Military Blames Shi'ite Militias for Bomb
Analysts: US Troops Take on More Peacekeeping Role in Iraq
Marine Expelled, Another Punished Over Puppy Video
Today in Iraq
Iraq Seeks Shield Against Claims by Hussein Victims
Iraqi Leaders Reach Out, New Party Emerges
Displaced Iraqis to Return – but to Where?
Militias Gone From Basra but Fear, Apprehension Remain
Kidnapped, Threatened, Iraqi Doctor Won't Abandon Post
Iraq, Jordan Agree to Renew Discount Oil Deal
Attacks Continue
Four Killed in Attack on 'Sons of Iraq' in Salah Al-Din
Blast in Fallujah Damages Sunni Party's Main Office
Thursday: 2 GIs, 18 Iraqis Killed; 60 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
House Bill Would Demand Iraq Establish Israel Ties or Risk Losing Aid
America's Sour Mood: Ratings of Bush, Cheney, Rice and Congress Sink to Worst Levels Ever
Ron Paul Ends His Campaign – for Real This Time
Cheney Oil Comment Attacked
Mearsheimer Would Prefer Not to Be Called an Anti-Semite
Veterans Press for Info on 1960s Chemical Tests
US Military
Missing Box of Assault Rifles Returned to Air Force: Fell Off a Truck
Marine in Iraq Case Jailed for Refusing to Testify
Detention Camp Remains, but Not Its Legal Rationale
Bush Disagrees With Court's Guantánamo Ruling
McCain and Obama Split on Justices' Guantánamo Ruling
My Husband Went to Gitmo and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
Supreme Court's Opinion Along With Dissenting Views (pdf)
Excerpts From Supreme Court Ruling on Guantánamo
Timeline of Supreme Court Rulings on Guantánamo
'War on Terror'
Brown Denies Bribing MPs to Get Terror Detention Votes
British Ruling Party Mocks Opposition MPs Resignation
Padilla Co-Defendant Faces Jail Restrictions
US Lawmakers Question Nuclear Pact With Russia
White House Official Defends Russia Nuclear Deal
UN Replaces Top Officials as It Cuts Back in Kosovo
NATO Agrees to Train Kosovo Forces
Bush in Europe
Bush Says US Wants Partnership With Europe
Bush Shrugs Off Antiwar Protests to Meet With Berlusconi
Zimbabwe #2 Opposition Official Faces Treason Charge
Zimbabwe Police Haul in Opposition's Top Leaders
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Released After Another Detention by Police
Observers: Zimbabwe's Run-Off Vote a 'Mammoth Task'
US Steps Up Criticism of Zimbabwe Regime
Nine Dead in Djibouti-Eritrea Border Clashes
Eritrea Urged to Withdraw From Djibouti Border
US Condemns Eritrea 'Aggression'
Rights Group: Britain and US Complicit in War Crimes by Ethiopian Military
Images Back Ethiopia Abuse Claim
US Denies It Ignored Rights Abuse in Ethiopia
Airport Targeted With Somali President Inside
US Envoy Rules Out Military Intervention in Nigeria
China Steps Up Pressure on Sudan Over Darfur
Chad Helicopter in 'Hard Landing' After Air Attack on Rebels
Observers: Burundi Rebel Leader's Return a Boon for Peace Prospects
Experts Warn of Potential for Cameroon Conflicts
Bush: Iran Losing Influence in Iraq
Iran Slams Bush's 'Irresponsible' Remarks
Hans Blix: Give Iran Incentives, Not Threats
Iran's Nuclear Program: Will More Sanctions Work?
Berlusconi Offers Bush Help in Iran Nuclear Talks
French PM Defends Assad Invite, Says Syria Fulfilled Lebanon Obligations
Syria Sees Warming Ties in Middle East
US Leaders Speak
Israeli Envoy Returns Without Gaza Truce Deal
Video Shows Settlers Attacking Palestinian
Israeli Military Furious After Settlers Fabricate Kidnapping
Seven Killed in Gaza House Blast
Gaza Militants Bombard Israel After Deadly Blast
Gaza Death Toll Climbs to 14 With Three Hamas Deaths
Hamas Spells Out Gaza Truce Conditions
Barak: Labor Will Back Dissolving Israel Knesset
Taxi Drivers Run the Gauntlet in Jerusalem
Poll: Most Israelis, Palestinians See No Point in Peace Talks
Gazan's Electric Car an Impressive Feat, but Blockade Limits Access to Parts
US Releases Video of Clash Along Afghan Border
US Attack Raises Fresh Questions in Pakistan
White House Says No Corroboration of Pakistani Claims
US Strike Aggravates Alliance With Pakistan
US Invites Pakistan to Join Air Strike Probe
Pakistan Lawyers 'To Besiege Parliament' Over Judges
Donors Promise $21 Billion More for Afghanistan
Karzai Government Failings Under Spotlight at Afghan Donors' Conference
Donors Press Karzai on Corruption
Donors' Aid Pledges for Afghanistan
Bush Says Italian Troops to Take on Broader Mission in Afghanistan
A Look at Afghan Conference Pledges
US Seeks Troops, Timeline for Afghan Deployment
Two UK Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Police Kill Would-Be Suicide Bomber
Village Encapsulates Difficult Afghan Past
Nepal's Former Rebels Pull Out of Government
Nepal Officials Take Control of Palace
Happiness, Caution in Nepal as Ousted King Quits
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Fighting Kills 15
Sri Lanka Jets Bomb Tiger Weapons Stock
Sri Lankan President Slams UK for Allowing Rebel Fundraising
North Korea Demands Aid Guarantee for Disarmament
An Anger in Korea Over More Than Beef
Japan Launches Raids in North Korea Nuclear Case
China, Taiwan Sign Landmark Air and Tourism Deal
Chronology: Milestones in China-Taiwan Relations Since 1949
Dalai Lama Says Tibet Talks With China Likely
Tackling Cambodia's Landmine Legacy
Colombia's Uribe Says FARC Reaches Out on Hostages

Justin Raimondo
The Revolt of the Liberated

Doug Bandow
The Cult of the Presidency

Charles Peña
Having Your Cake and
Eating It Too

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ivan Eland
Is the Real Problem 'Isolationism' or Bipartisan Aggression?

Nebojsa Malic
From Munich to Kosovo

Philip Giraldi
Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism

David R. Henderson
The Fight for Memorial Day

Alan Bock
Talking About Nothing

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

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