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Updated June 15, 2008 - 11:03 PM EDT
Iraqi PM: US May Be Asked to Leave
  Iraqi Leaders Back PM on Security Pact With US
  Maliki: Sovereignty Is Key to Iraq's Demands
  Maliki Issues Final Warning Before New Drive Against Armed Groups
  Saturday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 89 Wounded
Karzai Threatens to Send Troops Into Pakistan
  Hunt for 1,100 Who Fled Jail in Taliban Raid
  Outgoing US Commander Cites 50% Spike in Afghan Attacks
  Bomb Kills 4 US Troops in Afghanistan
US Missile Strike Kills One in Pakistan
  Get bin Laden Before I Leave Office, Orders Bush
Bush Says Iran Spurns New Offer on Uranium
  Iran Sees 'New Diplomatic Path' in Nuclear Dispute
Dozens of Names Left Off List of UK Soldiers Killed in Iraq
  Bush Warns Brown Against Plan to Cut Iraq Force
Report: Smugglers Had Design for Advanced Warhead
Blueprint for Forward Base America  by Neil MacDonald
The Supreme Court's Guantánamo Ruling: What Does It Mean?  by Andy Worthington
John McCain's Chilling Project for America  by Elliot Cohen
Conyers: Stop the War Crimes
by Gordon Prather
Lebanon Intrusion  by Stephen Zunes
It Depends Who Says It  by Matthew Good

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New UK Terror Files Found on Train Contained Anti-Iran Criticism
Russians Proposed US 'Front' for Selling Weapons
Detainees May Be Denied Evidence for Defense
UK Army Accused of Human Rights Abuse in Case of Iraqis Held Without Trial for Five Years
Sources: Telecom Immunity Still on the Table
Iraq: The Love Stories Are Gone
Thousands of Ordinary Pakistanis
Protest Musharraf, US
Today in Iraq
Powerful Iraqi Cleric Recalibrates Strategy
Young Iraqis Wary of the Future
Iraqi Refugee Crisis Grows as West Turns Its Back
UN Claims Deficiency in Monitoring Iraqi Oil Proceeds
Iraq Violence Takes Toll on Gold Artisans
Militant Leader's Aide Captured in Kirkuk
Celebratory Gunfire Over Iraq Soccer Win
Attacks Continue
Female Suicide Bomber Strikes Baghdad Soccer Fans, 34 Hurt

Baghdad Minibus Bombing Kills Two

Saturday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 89 Wounded
McCain's War Views in 1974
In '74 Thesis, the Seeds of McCain's War Views
John McCain's National War College Essay From 1974 (pdf)
US Military
Citing Privacy Act, Marines Won't Say if Puppy Video Was Real or Not
Traumatized US Soldiers to Get Purple Hearts
Mother of Soldier Missing in Iraq Stays Hopeful
Army Seeks to Copy Apple Store in Attempt to Draw New Recruits
'War on Terror'
US: Kuwait Charity Supporting al-Qaeda
Some Guantánamo Detainees Can't Go Home
EU Treaty
Irish Govt Won't Rule Out Lisbon Treaty Re-Vote
Would-Be Voters Support Irish Veto of EU Treaty
Mugabe Vows to Go to War Before Ceding Post
Zimbabwe Army Chief Brands Opposition 'Treacherous
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Released After Being Detained Once Again
Zimbabwe's #2 Opposition Leader Brought to Court
Chad Rebels Attack Town, EU Troops Shield Refugees
Al-Qaeda Claims Algeria Bombs That Killed Frenchman
Pinned Down in Their Jungle Lairs, Wounded FARC Face Long War's End
Chavez's Estranged Ex-Wife Runs for Mayor
Americans Keep Dying
Georgia Father Loses Son (TX) to Friendly Fire in Iraq
Improvised Explosive Device Blast Claims Life of Bogalusa (LA) Soldier
Somber Homecoming for Florida Soldier, Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Airborne Ranger From Texas Dies in Iraq Firefight
Wyoming Soldier With Ties to New York Killed by IED in Iraq
101st Airborne Soldier From Antioch (CA) Killed in Iraq
Moultrie (GA) Soldier Dies From Burns Suffered in March
Bush in Europe
Europe Greets Bush With a Yawn Instead of a Snarl This Time
Bush Warns Allies Against Divisions
Bush Warns Assad to 'Stop Fooling Around With Iranians'
Bush Shows Optimism on Iraq Deal
Bush, Sarkozy Seek United Front Against Iran
Text of Bush-Sarkozy News Conference
World Powers Incentives Package to Iran
Western Powers Attempt to Exploit Rifts in Iran With Nuclear Ultimatum
Chronology: Iran's Nuclear Program
Israel Launches Airstrike in Northern Gaza
Result of Gaza Truce Talks to Be Known Soon: Israel
Hamas to Decide on Cease-Fire by Next Week
Report: Israel Won't Condition Gaza Cease-Fire on Shalit's Release
Rice Will 'Address' Settlements With Israel
Israel Curbs Palestinian Building on Disputed Land
Disunity Worsens Gaza Plight
Gaza Prisoners in Bid to Lift Ban on Family Visits
Seven Wounded in West Bank Clashes: Palestinians
A Year Reshapes Hamas and Gaza
Israeli Military Activates Warning System Meant to Spot Mortars From Gaza
Gunmen Fire on Lebanese Army Patrol
Pakistan Ruling Party on Defensive After Rally
Taliban Suspend Talks With Pakistani Govt After Attack
Rival Turns Up the Heat on Musharraf
Pakistan FM: Terrorism Can't Be Eliminated Through War
Pakistan Hands Over Four Militants to Iran
Afghans Probe Prison Raid, Hunt for Escapees
Kandahar Locked Down After Taliban's Dramatic Prison Raid
Taliban Claim Afghan Prison Attack
How Taliban Sprang Terrorists From Kandahar's Sarposa Prison in Afghanistan
Karzai's Star as Afghan Savior Fades Abroad
Sex Trade Thrives in Afghanistan

Fighting the 'Shoot-and-Scoot' Taliban

Sri Lanka Fighting Kills 11 Rebels, Seven Soldiers
Five Soldiers Killed in Indian Kashmir
US Is Low Key About Alleged Bangladeshi Crackdown
Taiwan Recalls Envoy From Japan in Boat Dispute
Nepal Police Break Up Tibet Protests, 182 Held
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Agenda for Anti-Statists
The Cult of the Presidency
The Fruit of a Poisonous Tree

Justin Raimondo
The Revolt of the Liberated

Ivan Eland
Ungrateful Allies

Doug Bandow
The Cult of the Presidency

Charles Peña
Having Your Cake and
Eating It Too

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Nebojsa Malic
From Munich to Kosovo

Philip Giraldi
Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism

David R. Henderson
The Fight for Memorial Day

Alan Bock
Talking About Nothing

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

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