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25 Year War Against Journalism

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Updated July 7, 2008 - 11:21 PM EDT
41 Dead in Afghan Capital Blast
  Afghan Inquiry Into US Bombing of Wedding
  Most of Those Killed in Wedding Party Were Women and Children
  US Blamed for Second Afghan Air Strike
Maliki: Iraq May Set US Withdrawal Timetable
  Iran-Linked Iraqi Shi'ite Party Rises as Sadr Falls
  Report: US May Cut Troops in Iraq No Matter Who Is President
  Iraqis Consider Alternative Deal for US Presence

Monday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded

US Fears Israeli Strike Won't Take Out Iran Facilities
  Report Notes Iranian Work on Centrifuges, Infers Aim Is Weapons
  Israel: Leaks About Iran Strike Plans Reflect Internal US Debate
  Iranian Minister Sees 'New Environment' for EU Talks
US Wavered Over South Korean Executions
Managing Risk in Defending Against the Terrorist Threat  by Charles V. Peña
The Rise and McFaul of Obama's Russia Policy  by Robert Dreyfuss
Oil Speculators Aren't the Problem
by Thomas McAdams Deford
New War Brewing  by Eric Margolis
Repatriation as Russian Roulette
by Andy Worthington
Living Forever by Bombardment
by Gideon Levy

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More Scrutiny, Secrecy at Justice Department
Obama Struggles to Thread Needle on Iraq
British MPs: US Lying About Rendition Flights
UK Lawmakers to Launch New Rendition Probe
Blackwater's Legal Protections in Iraq Might End
Marines Act as Paymasters to Afghans
Syria Prison Riot Draws Conflicting Accounts
Former Turkish Generals Arrested in 'Coup Plot'
Suicide Bomber in Pakistan Kills at Least 15, Mostly Policemen, at Red Mosque
Today in Iraq
Iraq City Has Brittle Calm and War Scars
Journalist Says Iraqi VP's Bodyguard Threatened to Kill Him
More Power in Iraq, but Shortages Linger
Pilot Program Helps 'Sons of Iraq' Learn Literary Skills to Land Jobs
Talabani Presses PKK to Abandon Northern Iraq Soil
Baghdad to Give Once Deadly Airport Road a Facelift
Gunman Arrested, Arms Seized in Eastern Baghdad
Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills US-Allied Sunni Near Baghdad
Landmine Blast Kills Child in Basra
Female Students Kidnapped in Iraq
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 26 Iraqis Killed; 43 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Canadian Company Says US Wanted Secrecy in Iraq Uranium Deal
UAE Cancels Iraq Debt, Names New Ambassador
Iraqi President Expresses Support for Turkish Govt
The War at Home
Obama, McCain Split Over Afghan Strategy
New Jersey Schools to Model 'Lessons of 9/11' After Holocaust Curriculum
Next Air Force Chief Leads Military's Vast Transport Command
Karzai Orders Chopper Attack Probe
Suicide Bomb Wounds Three Afghan Schoolgirls
Australian Military to Investigate Injury of Afghan Teen
Canadian Soldier Found Dead Before Making It to War
Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan to Launch Joint TV Network
US Denounces Pakistan Red Mosque Bombing
Pakistan Islamists Vow Jihad Year After Mosque Siege
Pakistan: Red Mosque Siege Remembered
Thousands Rally Against Musharraf on Anniversary of Mosque Crackdown
Chronology: Major Bomb Attacks in Pakistan
Report: Crises Surround Pakistan Government's 1st 100 Days
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says 20 Killed in New Fighting
Sri Lanka Says Jets Bomb Rebel Position
Sri Lanka Journalists Organize Summit Boycott
Iran Indicates It Has No Plans to Halt Enrichment
Iran Forces Kill One 'Insurgent,' Injure Another in Tabriz
Iran Inflation Tops 26 Percent
Israeli Military to Target West Bank 'Civilian Infrastructure,' Shut Down Hamas-Linked Charities
Israel Reopens Gaza Border Crossings
Israeli Demo Calls for Razing of Bulldozer Attacker's Home
Israel Bars UN Rights Team From Palestinian Areas
Assad Vows to Help Palestinian Factions Reconcile
Abbas Explores Hamas Position in Talks With Assad
Palestinian: Israeli Soldiers Looked on as Settlers Assaulted Me
Israel Tests 'Iron Dome' Anti-Rocket System
Sewage Glut – Another Ugly Result of Gaza's Wars
Peace Now Organizes Settlement Tours
Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap Set for This Week: Report
Israel Hands Hezbollah List of Demands Prior to Swap
Israel to Exhume Hezbollah Bodies for Prisoner Swap
Yemen Blast Just One Sign of Nation's Troubles
Blasts Shake Georgia Conflict Zone, One Killed
Bush to Meet Russia's Medvedev
Polish Ministers Convene to Discuss Anti-Missile Shield
Mbeki Plan Would Keep Mugabe as Titular Head of Zimbabwe
Tsvangirai Shuns Mugabe Meeting
Top UN Official Killed in Somalia
Mauritanian Police Arrest Suspect Linked to al-Qaeda
Sierra Leone's 'Family Talk' Heals Scars of War
Rescue Video Shows Duped Rebels, Elated Hostages
Freed Betancourt Makes Radio Broadcast to Jungle Hostages
Colombians in FARC-Controlled Areas Fear Reprisals
Bush: Would Be 'Affront' to Chinese to Skip Olympics Start
China Presses Demands on Dalai Lama Ahead of Games
Low-Key Birthday for Dalai Lama
India PM Saves Nuclear Agreement With US
Bush Says Backs Japan on North Korea Abduction Issue

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Change We Can Believe In?

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The Supreme Court Gets One Right

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The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

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Israel at Sixty

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