A Hypocritical US Policy Toward Iran: Ivan Eland
Nuke-Armed Paranoids: Gordon Prather
How Britain Wages War: John Pilger
The Unitary Executive Congress: David Bromwich
The Bipartisan Surveillance State: Anthony Gregory

 Scott Ritter

Reality Vs. the War Party

 Philip Weiss

The Israel Lobby

 Alan Bock

US Military Opposes Iran War

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Missile 'Defense' in Eastern Europe

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Updated July 13, 2008 - 11:15 PM EDT
9 US Soldiers Killed as Taliban Attacks Base
  Bomber Kills 24 in Afghan Attack
Paper: Bush Backs Israeli Plan to Strike Iran
  Official Says Iran Would Destroy Israel and 32 US Bases if Attacked
  Retired Military Leaders Oppose Provocative House Resolution on Iran
  Iran Tried to Deceive World by 'Testing' Old Missiles, US Experts Believe
Iraq Ready to Oust US From Green Zone
  US Considers Increasing Pace of Iraq Pullout
  Brits 'To Pull Troops Out of Iraq by Mid-2009'
  US, Iraq Scale Down Negotiations Over Forces
  Province Leaders Say Iraqis Not Ready to Handle Security
  British Soldiers Accused of Sickening Sex Assault on Iraqi Boy, 14
  Saturday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Pakistan: US Can't Hunt bin Laden on Our Turf
  Pakistan Protests to US Over Afghan Border Attack
  Minister: Musharraf's Impeachment Decided
Criminal Pasts Often Foreshadow Soldiers' Misconduct
US and Israel Should Beware of Taking on Iran  by Robert Fox
Iran's Missiles Are Just for Show
by Pepe Escobar
Britain Should Not Intervene in Nigeria  by Richard Dowden
The Bipartisan Surveillance State
by Anthony Gregory
Nuke-Armed Paranoids  by Gordon Prather
How Britain Wages War  by John Pilger

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US Budget Deficit Twice as Big as Last Year's
War, Oil Caused Most US Recessions Since 1950
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal
Iraq Handing Out Cash to People on the Streets
Iraqi Tribal Chief Wants More Aid From Baghdad
US Forces Apologize for Civilian Death in Iraq
UK: Tory Draws Notice and Votes, Warning of Siege on Liberties
US Soldiers No Longer Find Haven in Canada
Followers of Radical Shi'ite Cleric Demonstrate Against US Occupation
Iraq Occupation
Iraq: 13 US Soldiers Survive Battle, Killed by Wiring
Officer: Fallujah Marines Knew Prisoner Rules
Soldier Recounts Attack Following Iraq Meeting
Airmen Blow Up C-130 on Field in Iraq
With Final Word of US Soldiers' Deaths in Iraq, More Tears, More Sorrow, Some Relief
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Tribal Chief Wants More Aid From Baghdad
As Violence Recedes in Iraq, Rebuilding Gets Tough
Iraqi Security Better; Governance Falling Short
Iraq: Kirkuk Police Chief Escapes Assassination Attempt
Iraq's Public-Sector Employees Get a Salary Boost
Ten Gunmen Captured in Airdrop Near Iraq's Baquba
Saturday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Refugees Find the Door to Sweden Closing
Germany Sends First Minister to Iraq Since US-Led Invasion
Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Dies of Heart Attack
The War at Home
Stephen Payne: A Hotshot Lobbyist Who Can Get You Into White House
US Soldier Recovering From Brain Injury Re-Enlists
Iran Condemns McCain Over Cigarette Remarks
McCain's Model? Theodore Roosevelt
A Battle Far From Iraq, but Just as Hot
Rice Upbeat on Visa Waivers for New Allies
Iraq War Veteran Is Fighting to Bring Troops Home
Detaining Justice
Canada's Secret Documents on Khadr's Treatment Revealed
Canadian Officials Knew Youth Was Being Tortured
A Blind Eye to Guantánamo?
Guantánamo Abuse Blamed for Weight Loss
US Aid Was a Key to the Hostage Rescue in Colombia
North Korean Nuclear Talks Lead to Agreement
North Korea Pledges Fully Disabled Nuclear Plant by Oct
US Seeks No 'Unusual' Checks on North Korea Nuclear Works
Negotiators in Korean Talks Agree on Arms Inspections
Key Parts of North Korea Nuclear Talks Communique
North Korea Blames South Korea for Tourist Death
South Korea: North Not Cooperating in Shooting Probe
South Koreans Vacate Resort in North After Shooting
Taiwan Leader: US Weapons Needed
China Executes Uighurs for Terrorist Links
Court Cases and Demonstrations Put a New Government to the Test in Thailand
Thai Tourists Cancel Cambodia Trips Over Security Fears
Cambodian Journalist Gunned Down
India: Bodies of All 38 Policemen Killed in Maoist Attack Found
Japan to Test Missile Interceptor in US
Malaysia Beefs Up Security in Case of Mass Protest
Militants Free Filipino Workers From Captivity
Americans Keep Dying
Kentucky Medic Slain in Iraq on First Tour of Duty
Former Arkansas Firefighter Killed Working as Contractor in Iraq
Grenade Attack Kills Flint (MI) Native, Father of Two, in Iraq
Florida Marine Killed by Suicide Bomber in Iraq
Brother of Fallen Brockport (NY) Marine Thanks Local Community
Funeral for Lake County (IL) Woman Killed Working as Contractor in Iraq
Green Beret (PR) Killed When Vehicle Rolled Into Afghanistan River
Brooklyn (NY) Police Officer Dies in 'Non-Hostile' Incident in Afghanistan
Fallen Soldier Honored in Rogers (ARK)
Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills Wilkes Barre (PA) Soldier
Sioux Falls (SD) Man Killed While Serving in Afghanistan
Iran Expects No US or Israeli Attack
Syria's Assad: Don't Think Iran Seeks Atom Bomb
MI6 Accused of Bungling as Phone Clues Were Missed in Hunt for Iran Hostages
Dissident's Tale of Epic Escape From Iran's Vise
Computer Worm Exploits US, Iran Tensions
Fatah: Hamas Tortured Official to Death
Qassam Hits Western Negev in New Gaza Truce Violation
Jerusalem Old City Shooting Wounds Two Israeli Police
Police: Palestinian Behind Jerusalem Shooting
Israeli Police on High Alert After Jerusalem Shooting
Will Scandal Finally Engulf Olmert?
Syria's Assad Sees No Israeli Peace Talks With Bush in Office
Syria's Assad Seals Detente With Europe at Med Summit
US Welcomes Syria-Lebanon Breakthrough, Says More Needed
Hezbollah to Israel: Missing Airman Believed Dead
Israel: Hezbollah Swap to Proceed Despite Arad Report
Hezbollah Gains Clout in Lebanon – but at a Cost
Lebanon Sees Good Ties With Syria, Wants Embassy
PKK Warned Germany Over Kurd Policy
Merkel Calls on PKK to Free German Hostages
Four Killed in Turkey Violence
Attackers of US Consulate in Turkey Shared a Bleak Background
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Saudi Arabia Seizes Arms, Drugs on Yemen Border
Taliban Sow Confusion on Pakistan-Afghan Border
NATO: Militants Sparked Border Clash
Afghanistan: Troops Face Huge Rise in Taliban Bombs
Afghan Border Police on Patrol With US Marines
Four Afghan Soldiers Die in Suicide Attack
Afghanistan: Seven Die in Bombings
India Says Has Credible Information on Attack on Its Kabul Mission
Over 22 Killed in Military-Militants Clashes in Pakistan
US Spy Planes Continue to Violate Pakistan Airspace
Pakistan: Bus Carrying 20 Passengers Hijacked
Terror Attacks: Pakistan Vows Zero Tolerance
US Joint Chiefs Admiral's Unannounced Visit to Pakistan Fuels Speculation
Pakistan: Jirga Brokers Tirah Ceasefire
Pakistan: Militancy Takes Swat to 'The Dark Ages'
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says 17 Rebels Killed in Fighting
Sri Lanka Jets Bomb Tamil Bunkers
Czechs Take Measures to Offset Russian Crude Cuts
Ex-Soldier May Go From the Hague's Docket to Kosovo's Ballot
Vive Le Franc: Defiant Village Snubs the Euro
New Map Reveals Locations of Unexploded WWII Bombs in Britain
14 Policemen Injured in Northern Ireland Clashes
Zimbabwe Says Sanctions Failure a Victory Over Racism
Britain to Press EU to Act Against Zimbabwe Regime
Current Sanctions on Zimbabwe
Sudanese Government Backed Darfur Attacks, Says Janjaweed Commander
Darfur Rebels Welcome Any ICC Warrant for Bashir
Sudan Seeks Arab League Talks About Criminal Court
South Sudan Army Says Completes Abyei Withdrawal
Nigeria's Top Building Firm Pulls Out of Niger Delta Over Deteriorating Security
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