400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the US?: Eland
Diplomatic Solution à la Condi Rice: Gordon Prather
America First: Charley Reese
I Say Bomb Eye-ran!: Aurangzeb Qureshi
Seismic Shift or Non-Decision on Iran?: G. Porter

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

 Gareth Porter

Seismic Shift or Non-Decision on Iran?

 Peter Crail

Dealing with North Korea

 Ray McGovern

War With Iran to Keep Us in Iraq?

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Updated July 20, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
Iran Talks End Without Agreement
  West Gives Two-Week Ultimatum to Iran
US Kills Son of Iraqi Governor in Raid on House
  Maliki Spokesman Denies Backing Obama on Pullout Plan
  Mullen Worries About Troop Withdrawal Timeline
  Brown Plans to Withdraw UK Troops
  Local Official in Karbala Confesses to Killing Scores of People
  In Shift, Sunnis Re-Join Iraqi Government
Afghan Police, Civilians Killed by US-Led Troops
  PM: Pakistan Will Not Admit Foreign Troops
  Petraeus: Iraq al-Qaeda Fighters May Be Migrating to Afghan Frontier
  UK Relies on Torture Tactics of Pakistani Agencies
  Pakistan's Uneasy Alliance With US
  Obama Backs Support in Meeting With Afghan Leaders
UK Parliamentary Panel: US 'Can't Be Trusted on Torture'
Diplomatic Solution à la Condi Rice
by Gordon Prather
Iraq, Afghanistan, and America's Rubicon  by Matt Fay
Nuclear Abolition by Britain Alone Would Still Herald New Era  by Peter Jones
I Say Bomb Eye-ran!  by Aurangzeb Qureshi
America First  by Charley Reese
Obama, Iraq, and Afghanistan
by Tom Hayden

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As Wars Lengthen, Toll on Military Families Mounts
UK Para Hero Slams Govt Treatment of Frontline Troops in Afghanistan
Blackwater Expands Its Fleet of Airships
McCain Adviser on Iraqi PM's Obama Endorsement: 'We're F**ked'
White House Tips Press Off to Maliki Interview
Afghanistan Hit by Record Number of US and NATO Bombs
Today in Iraq
Brown Says No 'Artificial Timetable' for Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Iraqi Village Shows Hope for Wider Stability
100 Iraqi MPs Walk Out of Parliamentary Session in Protest of IAF Candidates
Failure to Fix Base Hazards Worried Pentagon Official
Iraqi Factions Leader Captured, Bodies of 3 Brothers Found
Hostage Freed, Kidnappers Captured in Iraq
Five-Star Hotel Planned for Baghdad
Saturday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Refugees Duped by Smugglers Promising Europe
Kidnappers Claim British Hostage in Iraq Has Killed Himself
US Military
Some Tragic Cases Involving Soldiers Back From War
Two Marines Charged in Secrets Theft
A BRAC for Generals?
NorthCom Chief: Homeland Command Is Now Grown Up
'War on Terror'
When Spies Don't Play Well With Their Allies
Why Terrorists Quit
Senate Panel Calls for Closure of Guantanamo
Terrorist in NYC Hijacking, Bombing Granted Parole
US: Don't Drop Jihad References From Fort Dix Charges
Flemish Party Threatens to Quit Belgian Coalition by Month End
Brussels the Key in Battle for Belgium
Terrorism Police Are Investigating Theft of Explosives in France
Russia's Weaponry Shows Signs of Age
Lawmakers Delay Macedonia Envoy Vote Over Greece Flap
Rivals in Zimbabwe Nearing Talks After Mbeki Intervenes
Sharing Power With Mugabe May Be Only Option
Zimbabwe Releases $100 Billion Note
Peace, Not Indictment, Stirs Sudanese
Indictment of Sudanese Leader Seen as Threat to Peacekeepers
Arabs Seek Exit Strategy From Sudan War Crimes Crisis
Somali Killings of Aid Workers Imperil Relief
Al-Qaeda Gunmen Detonate Gas Pipeline in E. Algiers
France Expected to Cancel Angola Arms Dealing Trial
Americans Keep Dying
Attack That Killed Hawaii Soldier in Afghanistan Under Investigation
Father of Slain MIA: ' We Should All Pray for Courage to Demand This War Ends' (MA)
Georgia Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was to Return Home in Two Weeks
Michigan Soldier's Remains Recovered in Iraq
Soldier (TN) Killed in Afghan Attack Leaves Behind Bride of Three Months
Navy Man (PA) Dies Years After Being Wounded in Iraq Combat
Fallen South Dakota Soldier Remembered as a Family Man
Seattle (WA) Soldier Was One of 9 Killed in Afghanistan
Green Beret (WA) With Ties to Virginia Killed in Iraq Accident
Two National Guardsmen From Guam Killed in Afghanistan
Parents Remember Son Slain in Afghanistan (GA)
Family, Friends Remember NJ Marine as Funny, Adventurous
Family Remembers Long Beach (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier (NC) Killed in Afghanistan Hoped to Become a Teacher
USAF Paralegal From Tacoma (WA) Dies in Iraq
Iran Says More Nuclear Meetings May Be Needed
Iran Rules Out Talks on Enrichment Freeze
Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Nuclear Talks End Without Agreement
Ahmadinejad's Deputy: Iran Is a Friend of the US and Israel
Ebadi Rights Group Warns Iran on Internet Crime Bill
Hamas: Shalit Talks on Hold, Israel Not Meeting Truce Terms
Fatah Policeman Killed by Hamas Gunmen in Gaza Strip
Two Killed by Clashes in Palestinian Refugee Camp in South Lebanon
Israel Decries UN Troops After Peacekeepers Salute Dead Hezbollah Men
Report: Hezbollah Vows to Carry Out More Abductions of IDF Troops
Army Says Deadly Clashes in Tripoli Broke Out at Checkpoint
Ex-Adviser: Israel Didn't Know of Army's Cluster Bomb Use in Lebanon
Thousands Demonstrate in Turkey Against Nationalist Crackdown
Obama's Visit Renews Focus on Afghanistan
Military: Marine Corps Increasingly Eyeing Afghanistan
Afghan Violence Kills 14, Including NATO Soldier
Canadian Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Roadside Bombing Kills 4 Policemen in Southern Afghanistan
Watching TV in Kabul
Afghans Call for New Strategy as Obama Visits
Poorly Directed Aid Increases Afghanistan's Woes
Pakistan: Five Die as Protesters, Police Clash in Quetta
Pakistan: Fear Grips Peshawar Despite Offensive Against Militants
Pakistan Poll: PPP Losing Ground on Musharraf Issue
Pakistan: PPP Still in Contact With Musharraf Through Back Door
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: 19 Rebels Killed in Fighting
Sri Lanka's East in Shadow of War
Sri Lanka Army Chief: Conflict With Tigers at Tail-End
More Troops Sent in Thai-Cambodia Temple Dispute
Thailand, Cambodia Halt Military Moves Pending Border Talks
Cambodia Calls for UN Help in Border Conflict
Japanese March Against US Warship Plan
Premier of India Stakes Career on US Nuclear Pact
Nine Dead in Kashmir Landmine Blast
Nepal Assembly Fails to Elect First President
Police Kill Two in Clash in Southwest China
A New Generation of Activists Arises in Myanmar
Abducted Telecom Workers Rescued in Southern Philippines
Colombia: Repeat of Vote Cancelled
Chavez Eyes Major Arms Purchases From Russia
Colombia and Brazil Enter Into Military Pact
Bolivia's Morales Banks on Aid From Brazil and Venezuela Before Recall Vote
Weekend Reviews
Conservatives Against Empire
Collateral Damage: According to Jane Mayer, the US Has Succeeded in Creating an American Gulag
Afghanistan's Descent
'Terrorist' Loses 60 Pounds on Dick Cheney Torture Diet
The Omnipotent President
Answering Terror With Terror
Bush Administration's Torture Policy Goes Far Beyond Waterboarding

Justin Raimondo
Coercive 'Diplomacy' – Prelude to War

Ivan Eland
Are 400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the United States?

Doug Bandow
John McCain: The Candidate of God – Mars, the God of War

Nebojsa Malic
The More Things Change…

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Alan Bock
An Inconvenient Display of Democracy

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

David R. Henderson
Fisking Feith's
Faulty Case for War

Charles Peña
Is Iran Still an Option?

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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