Vital Unresolved Anthrax Questions: G. Greenwald
We Don't Need a War on Terrorism: Ivan Eland
Nukes and Holocausts: Gordon Prather
The Republic, Slip-Sliding Away: Charley Reese
Afghanistan: Not a Good War: Conn Hallinan

 Fred Kaplan

McCain: Wrong About Much

 Chalmers Johnson

Public-Private Imperial Police State

 Philip Giraldi

Beware False Flag Attack In Iraq

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

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Updated August 2, 2008 - 11:21 PM EDT
Anthrax Answers May Have Died With Suicide
  Scientist Set to Discuss Plea Bargain in Deadly Attacks Commits Suicide
Pakistan Denies ISI Behind Indian Embassy Attack
  Pakistan Vows to 'Weed Out' Pro-Taliban Agents
  US Presses Pakistan on Control of Its Spy Agency
  Why Pakistan Is Unlikely to Crack Down on Islamic Militants
  India Says Ties With Pakistan Lowest in 4 Years
Attacks in Afghanistan Hit Record High
  Attacks Kill Five NATO Soldiers, Four Afghan Civilians
  British Muslims 'Fighting With Taliban in Afghanistan'
Sadr Movement: US Should Agree to Go
  Iraq Govt Calls for Calm as Kirkuk Row Intensifies
  'Air Surge' for Iraq?
  Pentagon OKs Over $10 Billion in Arms Sales for Iraq
Iran 'Will Use Force' to Defend Nuclear Program
  Iran Ignores Informal Nuclear Offer Deadline
  Israeli Deputy PM Says Iran Heading Toward Nuclear Breakthrough
9 Killed, 95 Hurt in Hamas-Fatah Violence in Gaza
Bush Must Be Stopped Before Starting War With Iran  by Joe Parko
The Struggle Against Jerusalem's Quiet Ethnic Cleansing  by Jonathan Cook
Secret 'War on Terror' Prison on Diego Garcia Confirmed  by Andy Worthington
Afghanistan: Not a Good War
by Conn Hallinan
The Republic, Slip-Sliding Away
by Charley Reese
Nukes and Holocausts  by Gordon Prather

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US: No Evidence of al-Qaeda No. 2's Illness or Death
Source: UK Territory Used for US Terror Interrogation
DHS: 'No Suspicion Required' to Seize Laptops at Border
US Sub Leaked Radioactive Water, Possibly for Months
Fewer Iraqi Civilians Killed in July
Iraq by the Numbers: Key Figures in the War
UN Probe Criticizes March Kosovo Raid: Diplomats
IAEA Clears India Inspection Plan, Boosts US-India Deal
Way of Choosing Anglican Leader Is Colonial Remnant: Ugandan Archbishop
Anthrax Suspect Ivins Had Mild Persona, but Some Saw Dark Side
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Abuse Claims: British Troops Made Shi'ite Commander 'Listen to Porn'
US Military Holding Reuters Cameraman for Third Time Since 2005, Still No Charges Filed
Rockets Strike Polish Military Base in Iraq, American Killed
KBR Bans Cell Phones for 'Safety and Security'
Insurgents Linked to US Marine Deaths Caught
US Forces Arrest 21 of al-Qaeda Terrorist Suspects in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Chief of Kirkuk Police Escapes Assassination Attempt
Five Iraqi Athletes to Go to Beijing
Sadrists Demonstrate in Baghdad Condemning Security Agreement With US
Bombing in Kirkuk Kills Two Iraqi Soldiers
Iraq Suffers From Dirty Water, Fears About Cholera

Kurdish MP: Peshmerga Supporting Iraqi Troops

Friday: 1 American, 11 Iraqis Killed; 6 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout

Australia Takes in 400 Iraqis Who Helped Troops

German FM Urges Caution in Investing in Iraq
BAE Sales Boosted by Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
The War at Home
McCain Suggests Military-Style Invasion Modeled on the Surge to Control Inner City Crime
Campaigns' Iraq Stances Seem to Hit a Middle Ground
US Shatters Record for Iraqi Refugee Admissions
Houstonians Protest Possible War With Iran
Kucinich Seeks to Bar US Oil Firms From Iraq
Life, Love, Music, Smelly Socks at Baghdad High
Get Your War On Episode One
US Military

Missiles Removed From Silos Near Montana AFB

Navy Defends Scrapping New Destroyer
Detaining Justice
9/11 Mastermind Testifies for Defense at Gitmo
'You Don't Understand al-Qaeda,' 9/11 Plotter Says
Defense Rests Case in First Guantánamo Trial
Hamdan Seen as 'Not Fit' for Terror
Guantánamo: Detainee Assaults Commander With Feces
Gitmo Detainee Lawyer in UK Appeal for Documents
'War on Terror'
Britain: London Bombing Trial Ends Without Verdict
Senate Passes Bill to Settle Libya Terror Lawsuits
Afghan Scholars Ask US to Accept Failure in Afghanistan
NGOs: Rising Afghan Violence Threatens Aid Effort
Pakistan Forces Strike at Taliban Hideouts in Swat Valley
Sharif Vows to Prevent Pakistan From Becoming US Colony
White House: Bush, Pakistan PM Didn't Discuss Embassy Bombing
Pakistan Suspends Four Policemen for Torturing Journalists
Militants Kidnap Two Police in Northwestern Pakistan
Pakistan Offers Sri Lanka Defense Pact
Kashmir Cease-Fire Shows Signs of Fraying as Pakistan, India Step Up Violations
Police Kill Two Hindu Protesters in Kashmir
India-Pakistan Clashes Bring Fear to Kashmir Villages
Bomb Kills Ugandan Peacekeeper in Somalia
Somali President Reinstates Mayor, Calls for Regional Elections
32 Somali MPs Demand PM's Resignation
Tsvangirai Says Zimbabwe Talks Deadline Flexible
Congo Factions Re-Arming in East
Darfur Rebels Unhappy at UN Show of Concern on ICC
Rwanda Genocide Court Says Mandate Extended to '09
The Niger Delta: The Curse of the Black Gold
Australia Riding US Coattails in War?
Anthrax Attacks
Long, Crooked Road of the Anthrax Probe
Official: US Wanted Death Penalty Against Ivins
A Scientist's Quiet Life Took a Darker Turn
A Onetime 'Person of Interest' Moves a Step Closer to Public Exoneration
For Survivors and Families of Anthrax Attacks, Some Relief, Mixed Emotions
Fort Detrick Lab and Community Make Uneasy Neighbors
Anthrax Attacks Changed Mail Handling
Key Events in the Anthrax Episode
Iran: West Monopolizes Nuclear Technology
Iran, Ahead of Deadline, Says Will Resist Foes
US Officials: Iran Rebuffed on Nuclear Support
Israeli Politics
Israeli Leader Sets Stage for Political Change
Israel's Foreign Minister Has Edge in Party Race
Two Polls Predict Tight Israel Election Race
Candidate Who Wants Olmert's Job Once 'Sought Deaths of 70 Palestinians a Day'
Poll: Most Israelis Favor Elections
Mideast Peace?
Israeli Troops Shouted 'They Are Arabs, They Must Die' During Attack on Youths
Six-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Hurt in Attack Near Settlement
Israeli MP: Peace Requires Giving Up East Jerusalem
Video: Israeli Occupation Filmed by 100 Palestinian Cameras
Palestinian Family Resists Israeli Order to Quit East Jerusalem Home
Battle in Gaza
Fatah, Hamas Continue Back and Forth Arrest of Leaders
Hamas Detention of Fatah Officials Escalates Feud
Report: Syria Would Cut Iran Ties for Israel Peace
Peace Push With Syria Should Go On: Israel's Mofaz
Lebanon Govt Policy Backs Hezbollah Rights
Sectarian Tension Hangs Over North Lebanon City
Relatives: Islamists Seized in Lebanon Refugee Camp Have Been Held Over a Year Without Trial
Hezbollah Commander Hopes for Bridge With Britain
Hezbollah Plans to Stop Israeli Overflights
Leader Says Hezbollah Could Strike Israel
Lebanese Christians Mull Conversion
China Military in Massive Olympics Security Role
China Defense Could Be $360 Billion a Year by 2020
Woman Sentenced to Prison for Aiding Chinese Spy
China Eases Internet Restrictions for Journalists
China Official Says Terror Threat May Be Overstated
China's Hu Appeals to Keep Politics Out of Games
Despite Flaws, Rights in China Have Expanded
China Defense Minister: Positive Changes in Taiwan
Taiwan Post Office to Revert to Using China Name
Tibet Group Says Planning Olympic Protests
Nepal's President Invites Maoists to Form Govt
South Korea Disputes North's Account of Tourist Death
Rights Group: Sri Lanka Is South Asia's Worst Rights Violator
Radovan Karadzic
Karadzic Accuses His Accusers
War Crimes Suspect Karadzic: Trial Won't Be Fair
Karadzic Karadzic Letter to Court (pdf)
Venezuela Cites Security in Chavez Summit No Show
Guyana Muslims: FBI Pursuing Alleged Terror Plot
Weekend Reviews
Antiwar Conservativism Is Proven Right
World War II Was Not a Good War
Muqtada, the Future of Iraq

Justin Raimondo
Joe Klein Speaks Truth to Power

Ivan Eland
We Don't Need a War on Terrorism

Doug Bandow
Staying Out of Iraq Was the Truest Test for Any Prez Wannabe

Nebojsa Malic
Bosnia's Problem

Sascha Matuszak
The World Under Fire

Philip Giraldi
The Father of Lies

Charles Peña
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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