The Security Blanket: Sascha Matuszak
Hollow Man for a Hollow Time: Uri Avnery
Negotiating for War?: Babak Rahimi
US Gets No Traction in Mideast: Jim Lobe
Leaving America to Be Free: Charles Davis

 John Judis

McCain's Devolution

 Warren Richey

Hamdan's Star Chamber 'Trial'

 Larry Velvel

Pushing for War Crimes Trials

 Fred Kaplan

McCain: Wrong About Much

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Updated August 5, 2008 - 11:18 PM EDT

Report: Bush Ordered Letter Linking Iraq to 9/11


White House Denies Fake Iraq-al-Qaeda Link Letter

  Proposal May End Stalemate on Iraqi Elections
  Report: Iraq, US Reach Deal on 2011 Pullout

Tuesday: 2 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 26 Iraqis Wounded

US Adds 30 Days to Marine Tours in Afghanistan


Mixed Morale Weakens Vision of a Strong Afghan Army

  Afghan, NATO Forces Kill 17 Taliban in South
Iran Says It Won't Halt Nuclear Work, Talks to EU
  Iran Could 'Easily' Close Strait of Hormuz

Pakistan Army Says 136 Killed in NW Violence

US Gets No Traction in the Middle East

The Seen, the Unseen, and the Hidden Costs of Statism  by Lew Rockwell
Preparing for War Through Negotiations?  by Babak Rahimi
A Hollow Man for a Hollow Time
by Uri Avnery
Losing Afghanistan  by Leon T. Hadar
Poking the Bear  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Slandering America  by Michael Tennant

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Pressure Grows for FBI to Show Anthrax Evidence

US Must Charge or Release Reuters Iraq Cameraman

Iraq Invites Bids to Drill Seven New Oil Wells

Would Obama Prosecute the Bush Administration for Torture?

US Nixes Visas for Gaza Fulbrighters

Pressure From All Sides as Bush Visits China

Bosnia Fugitive Is Hero to Some, Butcher to Others

'When You Have to Leave America to Be Free'
'Intel Spin' by US Hardliners Sparked North Korean Crisis: Book
Today in Iraq

Iraqi State TV: Al-Qaeda Leader Captured in Diyala

Iraqi Homesteaders of Govt Property Fear They'll Soon Be on the Street

4 Iraqi Athletes Arrive in Beijing for Olympics

Iraqi Police Free Footballer's Kidnapped Brother

Attacks Continue

Deputy Nineveh Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt in Mosul

2 US Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad

Monday: 3 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 31 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Six Days on the Sidelines Left Britain Facing Wrath of Allies in Basra

Iraqis Take Over Security in One Diyala District

In Iraq, Waiting for a Lift to Baquba With Tila Tequila

Petraeus: More Than 80,000 Buildings in Iraq Under Review for Electrical Problems

Fear and Loafing in the Green Zone

The War at Home

Study: One in Four Soldiers at War Have Hearing Loss

US Army Hopes to Keep Native Arabic Speakers

Anthrax Mystery

Anthrax Suspect Was a Prolific Scientific Author

Anthrax Dryer a Key to Probe

'War on Terror'

Pentagon Closes Controversial Intelligence Unit, Shifts Responsibilities to New Unit

Cleric Abu Hamza Has Extradition to US Postponed

UK: Muddled System for 42-Day Detentions Could Hit Trials, Say Peers


Military Jury at Guantanamo Gets bin Laden's Driver's Case

Changing Lug Nuts Not a War Crime, US Jury Told

Lawyer Says Hamdan Helped US

US May Have Taped Visits to Detainees


4 Police Killed by Militants in Afghanistan

Kabul Embassy Bomber Identified as Pakistani

Czechs Plan to Deploy More Troops in Afghanistan

UK Helicopter Rescue Teams to Be Sent to Afghanistan

Afghan Airport to Help Switch From Drugs to Fruit

Poor Afghan Children Waffle Between Prison, Orphanage

Afghan Settlers, Nomads Fight Over Grazing Land


IED Injures Nine Pakistani Troops in South Waziristan

Waziristan Tribals to Demolish Homes of Uzbek Militant Supporters

Musharraf Blames India for Unrest in Balochistan

Pakistan Warns US Against Acquiescing to Terrorism


Russia: Putin Says Moscow to Restore Ties With Cuba

In Argentina, Chávez Makes a Dialogue a Conference

Nuclear Programs

A Look at Nuclear Programs in Iran, North Korea, India

Bush Running Out of Time on Nuclear Deals


Iran, EU Discuss Major Powers' Nuclear Talks Offer

EU Says Nuclear Phone Call With Iran 'Not Conclusive'

World Powers Threaten Iran With Fresh Sanctions

US, UK, France Want More Curbs on Iranian Banks

Ahmadinejad to Visit Turkey for Nuclear Talks

Report: Iran Tests Naval Weapon With 300km Range

Iran to Fingerprint Westerners


Syrian Opposition Member Tells Israeli Paper Regime Ordered Assassination

Syrian General Who Oversaw Arms Shipments Assassinated


Israeli DM: Don't Worry, Gaza Raids Coming

Political Chasm Grows in Gaza

Army Chief: Israel Knows Who Is Holding Captured Soldier and Where

Israeli Troops Open Fire at Funeral of Palestinian Teen Killed During Funeral of Palestinian Child

Israeli Military: Control of Jericho 'Absolute,' Transfer of Fatah Members From Gaza Won't Boost Terror

Activists to Set Sail From Cyprus in Bid to Break Siege of Gaza Strip

Middle East

Hard-Line General Named Head of Turkish Military

12 Jordanians Sentenced for Iraq Insurgency Plans


China on Olympic Terror Alert After Border Attack

Uighur Separatists Blamed for Police Grenade Massacre

Huge New US Embassy Reflects Growing US-China Ties

Getting in Shape for Games, China Strengthens Ties With Neighbors


AU Stands Against Bashir Arrest

Key Players in Kenya's Peace Deal

Armed Robbery Surges Amid Zimbabwe's Economic Woes

High Cashew Prices Benefit Senegal Rebels


Silvio Berlusconi Puts Troops on Italian City Streets

Russia Warns Georgia After Violence in South Ossetia

Hundreds Flee Clashes in Breakaway Georgia Province

Solzhenitsyn's Legacy

Reverence for Solzhenitsyn, but No National Mourning

Russians Discuss Solzhenitsyn's Legacy


India Announces $450 Million Aid to Afghanistan

Indian and Afghan Leaders Decry Terrorism


Philippines' Peace Accord Blocked

Sri Lanka Fresh Fighting Kills 43, Mostly Rebels

Tibetans to Unveil Autonomy Plan


Justin Raimondo
The Patsy

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

Alan Bock
From the Frying Pan…

Ivan Eland
We Don't Need a War on Terrorism

Doug Bandow
Staying Out of Iraq Was the Truest Test for Any Prez Wannabe

Nebojsa Malic
Bosnia's Problem

Philip Giraldi
The Father of Lies

Charles Peńa
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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