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War is the Health of the State

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No Accountability for Negligence in the Army

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Updated August 27, 2008 - 11:29 PM EDT

Russia Warns of Military Response to US Missiles


US Warships Scrap Visit to Georgian Port

  US Vows to Thwart Enclaves' Independence

Russia, Angry With US, Takes Up Afghan Attack at UN

Iraq Says US Sought Troop Presence to 2015
  US Army NCOs Executed Iraqis, Statements Say

Sectarian Clashes Flare Up Again in Iraq

  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 14 Iraqis Killed; 47 Iraqis Wounded

Taliban Gain New Foothold in Afghan City

  UN Confirms US Attack Killed 90 Afghan Civilians
49 Killed in Fighting Along Pakistan Border Belt
  US Envoy to UN Rebuked Over Pakistan Contacts
  Power Struggle Rages in Pakistan
  American Diplomat Escapes Shooting Attack in Pakistan
Airliner Hijacked From Darfur to Libya
Maverick's Sidekicks Stick It to Russkies  by Glenn Greenwald
Joe Biden and the Myth of Foreign Policy Experience  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Russia, Georgia, and the Kosovo Connection  by J. Victor Marshall
The Future of Death at the Pentagon  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Werther's Law  by Werther
The Hideous Horror of the Biden Selection  by Arthur Silber

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Petrodollars Fail to Help Ordinary Iraqis

Iraq Says 650 Doctors Have Returned From Exile

US Boy in Afghan Custody Likely Terror Suspect's Son

Punishing Moscow Could Also Hurt West, Analysts Say

European Union Treads Gingerly Toward Its Next Move in Russia-Georgia Crisis
Moscow Stocks Tumble After Russia Recognizes Enclaves

Text of Medvedev Speech


Abkhazia, South Ossetia Celebrate
Recognition by Russia

Today in Iraq

Sunni Lawmakers Establish New Political Group for Provincial Polls

Relics of the Empire Still Roll on Najaf Roads

Iraqi Kurd Forces Angered by Pressure to Pull Back

Iraqi Adviser Says He Quit to Speak Against Iran

Attacks Continue

Kurdish Journalists Under Assault in Iraq

Tuesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 79 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Could Iris Scans Stop a New Iraq Insurgency?

Pentagon Says Iraq Withdrawal Must Be Based on Conditions

The War at Home

US Marine Says He's 'Not Guilty' of Fallujah Murders

California Jury Gets Crash Course in Marine Culture

Iraq Vets Take to the Streets to Protest the War

Biden Son's Service in Iraq Complicates Succession Question

'War on Terror'

Ex-Guantanamo Detainees Press Supreme Court on Rights

Two Guantánamo Inmates Transferred to Algeria

FBI Investigates Hacked FEMA Phones


Sarkozy Pledges France Will Stay in Afghanistan

DM: France Eyes Bigger Military Role in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Demands End to NATO Air Strikes on Villagers

Afghans Clash With Abductors of Japanese Aid Worker

Bad Weather, Prices Drive Down Afghan Drug Crop

Afghans Risk Lives for US Visas


Police Say Explosion Kills 7 in Pakistan

Bomb Wounds 20 at Rally in Southwestern Pakistan

Pakistani Stability Hope Fades With Coalition Split

Pakistani, Indian Youngsters in Peace Program

South Asia

Hindu-Christian Clashes Kill 8 in Eastern India

India Extends Kashmir Curfew, Detains Separatists

UN: Nepal Maoists Should Release Children

Sri Lanka's Treatment of Journalist Criticized

North Korea Stops Disabling Nuclear Facilities, Accuses US of Breaking Promises

Rice Plays Down North Korean Nuclear Disablement Bid

US to Keep North Korea on Terror List

China-Wary Taiwan to Scrap 2008 Military Show

Rebel Fighting in Philippines Intensifies, 300,000 Displaced

Aung San Suu Kyi 'Refusing Food'


Thai Protesters Storm Govt TV Station

Thai PM Accuses Protesters of Wanting Another Coup


Karadzic Says He Has No Hope of a Fair Trial

Czech Govt, US Agree on Conditions for Anti-Missile Base

In Other News

A New Breed of Hackers Tracks Online Acts of War

Turkish Security Forces Slay Seven Kurdish Rebels


Medvedev: Why Russia Had to Recognize Rebel Regions

Russia Says Georgian Attack Negated UN Resolutions

Russia Does Not See Merger With Abkhazia, Ossetia

Russia Says Doesn't Fear Isolation Over Georgia

Russia Opens Talks on Diplomatic Ties With South Ossetia, Abkhazia

Caucasian Conflict

What Could Happen Next in Caucasus Conflict

Key Events in Georgia Crisis

World Reaction

UK Urges Russia to 'Abide by Law,' Not Recognize Independence

Ukraine Govt Condemns Russia Recognition of Georgian Regions

Obama Would Isolate Russia for Recognizing Breakaway Regions

Syria, Iran Warm to Russia as US Tensions Grow


Georgians Angry but Not Shocked at Russian Move

Russia Accused of Torpedoing UN Action on Georgia

Russia's Gains in Georgia May Leave It More Isolated

South Ossetia

Russia Claims Proof of Genocide in South Ossetia

S. Ossetia to Ask Russia to Build Military Base

The Story of Tskhinvali's Resistance

Georgian Police Forced From Disputed Village


Iranian Cleric Criticizes Ahmadinejad


Public Trial Gives Rare Glimpse Into Syrian Justice

China's Influence in Syria Goes Beyond Trade Boom


Western Officials Fear Hezbollah Presence in Venezuela

Families of Detained Islamists Protest in Downtown Beirut

Sleepy Valley Is Unlikely Focus of Mideast Tension


West Bank Mayor Jailed for Aiding Hamas

Israeli DM Arrives in Egypt for Talks With Mubarak

A Summer Camp for Political Dissenters in Israel

Israel Arrests Peace Activist for Entering Gaza

Israel Settlement Surge Draws Rice Criticism

Israeli Group Reports Sharp Increase in Settlement Activity

Abbas: We Can't Lose Another Seven Years Searching for Peace


Mugabe Jeered at Parliament Opening, Still Hopeful

MDC Says Mugabe Has No Right to Address Parliament


Kenya Urged to Snub Amnesty Calls for Politicians Linked to Violence

Niger Delta Militants Accuse Troops of Killing 12 Civilians in Boat Attack

In Congo, a New Twist on 'Blood Diamonds'

UN Alarmed at Reports of Attack on Darfur Camp

Libya Says Sudanese Jet Hijackers Want to Fly to Paris


Justin Raimondo
Foreign Lobbyists and the Making of US Policy

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Philip Giraldi
The Evil Empire Revisited

Alan Bock
Blowing Opportunities

Ivan Eland
Missile Defense May Cause Downward Spiral in US-Russian Relations

Doug Bandow
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

Nebojsa Malic
Krajina, Not Kosovo

Charles Peña
My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

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