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No Worry About Dependence on Foreign Oil: Eland
A Semblance of Justice: Andy Worthington
The Stupidest Guys on Earth: John Taylor
Extraordinary Mistake by Sangitha McKenzie Millar
Real ID Laws Are a National Catastrophe: J. Harper

 Lew Rockwell

Smash the Warfare State!

 Abdulkadir Abdirahman

America's Brutal Regime Change in Somalia

 Luke Ryland

The CIA, the Neocons and the Nuke Black Market

 Adam Isacson

Biden's Plan Colombia

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Updated September 1, 2008 - 10:50 PM EDT

US-Led Troops Kill More Afghan Kids

  NATO Hopes Probe Will Ease Strained Relations
  Afghan Commission: US Troops Were Fired on First
  Afghan MP: 500 Civilian Casualties in 5-Day US Operation in Helmand
Russia Defends Actions in Georgia
  US Ally Saakashvili Proves Volatile
  Russia Promises Military Aid to South Ossetia
  Cheney's Georgia Trip Brings Message to Russia

US Partially Returns Control of Anbar to Iraqis

  As Iraq Takes Over US Patrols, Doubts Persist
  Standoff Over Iraqi Town Stokes Tension With Kurds
  Sunday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded

Decoding Pakistan's Perplexing Ceasefire

  Pakistan Military Air Strikes Hit Border Sanctuaries
  At Least 95 Killed in Kurram Clashes
  Swat Valley Taliban Reject Govt Truce Offer

Tens of Thousands March Against War at RNC

Dutch Report: US to Strike Iran in Coming Weeks

Thousands Pass Through Rafah Crossing in Brief Opening

The 'Stupidest Guy on the Planet' Has Lots of Company  by John Taylor
British Court Rules Against UK and US in Guantánamo Case  by Andy Worthington
Extraordinary Rendition, Extraordinary Mistake  by Sangitha McKenzie Millar
Talking to Russia  by Doug Bandow
A Choice of War Criminals
by Arthur Silber
When Desertion Is a Duty
by William Norman Grigg

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McCain Suggests Bush Has Endorsed Torture
Russian Support for Separatists Could Have Ripples
Medvedev Insists Russia Retains a Sphere of Influence
Georgia Refugees Appear Free to Return but Fearful
Chávez Threatens to Expel American Ambassador
Report: Anti-Kremlin Website Founder Died in Police Custody
Lebanon Deminers Hang Up Their Detectors as Funds Dry Up
Today in Iraq
Iraq PM Says Ramadan to Celebrate Victory Over 'Terrorists'
Qaeda Defectors Claw Way Back Into Iraq Mainstream
Iraqi Military Asserts Right to Launch Operations in Khanaqin
Policeman Wounded, Wife Killed in Attack in Iraq
Diyala's Officials Upbeat Over Military Crackdown
Sunday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Attacks Continue
Bahrain Names Envoy to Iraq Amid Warming Gulf Ties
Baghdad Airport Receives Fourth Plane Carrying Iraqi Refugees From Cairo
'War on Terror'
Australia Warns of High Risk of Terror Attacks on US Flights
Indian Doctor 'Delighted' Aussie Police No Longer Think He's a Terrorist
Terrorism Suspect Is Returned to Philippines
UK Military
British Defense Ministry Agrees to Payout Over Farm Animals Killed, Injured by Jets
Families Sue 'Negligent' British Defense Ministry for Nimrod Explosion Deaths in Afghanistan
British Military Wasted Over $1 Billion Leasing Aircrafts
Russia's Nuclear Chief Cancels Visit to Tehran
Iranian Conservative Attacks President on Economy
Palestinians Reject Partial Peace Accord
Olmert Turmoil Slows Mideast Peace Effort
Shin Bet Chief: Abbas' Time as PA President Is Running Out
Israel Denies PA Claim They Agreed to Release Barghouti
Gaza Students Denied Chance to Study Abroad
Woman Who Wore a Suicide Bomb Takes Up Fight for Middle East Peace
Former Israeli Envoy: Govt Must Move to Ensure Jewish Majority in North or Face South Ossetia-Style Secession
Livni Rival Accuses Her of Planning to Divide Jerusalem
Imam Killed in Lebanon Village Gunfight
Massive Lebanon Rally Reflects Missing Cleric's Continuing Influence
Syria Arrests Two Kurdish Leaders
Four Soldiers, Two Rebels Killed as PKK Attacks Turkish Base
Uncovering Turkey's Dark Past
Rebels: Fighting Killed 29 Soldiers; Nigerian Military: What Fighting?
Zimbabwe Talks End Without Deal
UN: Mines Killing Many Chad Children
Georgian Leader Says Russia Trying to Redraw Europe
Russia's Medvedev on Foreign Policy, Georgia
A Light-Hearted Venture Into Georgia War Led to Humiliation in South Ossetia
Global Ossetia Fallout
Russia Seeks to Avoid EU Wrath Over Georgia

EU Faces Tough Test of Unity on Russia

Putin Reminds EU of Russia's Pacific Oil Pipeline
Albright Slams US Handling of Georgia Crisis
Georgia Conflict Resounds at Chess Championships
Russian MP: NATO Should Cooperate With Russia on Georgia Issue
Ukraine Denies Deploying Missile Launchers
US-Led Forces Say Week-Long Afghan Battle Kills Over 220 Militants in South
Taliban Ambushes Threaten NATO's Vital Logistics Route Into Afghanistan
Medvedev Offers Officers to Help Train Afghan Police
German Army Convoy Comes Under Attack in Afghanistan
Romanian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Reborn Afghan Air Force Takes Off
Barking Afghanistan Warriors in It for Tennis Balls
FATA Elders to Govt: Target Militants, Not Civilians
Party Sources: Some Press Zardari Not to Reappoint Judges
Pakistani Taliban Vow to Strike During Ramadan
Six Dead, Eight Injured in North Waziristan Missile Strike
Imran Khan Urges Opposition Parties to Unite to Challenge Zardari
Pakistan Envoy Wishes US Saw Them as More Than Just a Terror War Ally
No Progress on Pakistan Party Alliance Talks
Taliban Kill 'Spy' in Pakistani Tribal Area
Pakistan's Political Prospects
Chronology: Pakistan's Tumultuous Politics
Candidates for Pakistan's Sept. 6 Presidential Vote
Diplomats Warn US Revision on India Nuclear Deal Doesn't Go Far Enough
Hindus Call Off Protest in Indian Kashmir
In Kashmir, Conflict's Psychological Legacy
Christians Hide in Forests as Hindu Mobs Ransack Villages
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army Accused of Killing Civilians
Three Soldiers, 22 Rebels Killed in Northern Sri Lanka
Thai PM's Allies Hit Street as Debate Begins
Thai Crisis on Hold as Parliament Debates Protests

Justin Raimondo
Obama's Cheney

Ivan Eland
Don't Worry About Dependence on Foreign Oil

Doug Bandow
Georgian Fantasies: Where are the Americans?

Praful Bidwai
US-India Nuclear Deal Headed for Fiasco

Charles Peņa
Georgia On My Mind

Nebojsa Malic
Mystery in Moscow

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Philip Giraldi
The Evil Empire Revisited

Alan Bock
Blowing Opportunities

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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