September Surprise: Justin Raimondo
Bush Checkmated in Georgia: Klare/Engelhardt
Dialogue Missing as Kashmir Erupts: Praful Bidwai
Village Faces Reign of Terror: Jonathan Cook
Israel of the Caucasus: Arnaud de Borchgrave

 Lew Rockwell

Smash the Warfare State!

 Abdulkadir Abdirahman

America's Brutal Regime Change in Somalia

 Luke Ryland

The CIA, the Neocons and the Nuke Black Market

 Adam Isacson

Biden's Plan Colombia

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Updated September 3, 2008 - 9:23 PM EDT

20 Pakistani Civilians Killed by US-Led Forces


10 Civilians Killed as Pakistani Jets Strike Swat Valley

Report: Israel Planned Georgia's Help to Hit Iran
  Cheney Departs on Caucasus Tour

Georgians Eager to Rebuild Army

Officials: Six Iraqis Killed in Friendly Fire

  Iraq Kurds and Government End Standoff Over Northern Town
  Iran Tightens Screws on Iraq's Kurds
  Baghdad Still Besieged by Violence

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 18 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded

US: 7, Not 90, Civilians Killed in Herat


British Soldiers Kill 200 Taliban in Afghan Dam Operation

Political Prisoner Sami al-Arian Released

Internal Report: Gonzales Mishandled Top-Secret Info

Bush Checkmated in Georgia
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Palestinian Village Faces Army Reign of Terror  by Jonathan Cook
Miliband and Cameron Blunder Over Russia  by Peter Millar
Israel of the Caucasus
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
McCain's Interventionist Schizophrenia  by Matt Welch
The Courts and Mr. Arar  New York Times

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Palin Meets With AIPAC

250 Antiwar Protesters Arrested in St. Paul

Hundreds to Be Charged in Court After RNC Protests

US Releases 3 From Guantanamo; About 255 Left

Dialogue Missing as Kashmir Erupts

Events in Iraq Likely to Be Key Theme for McCain

Medvedev: Georgia Regime Has Collapsed

Iraq Begins Campaign
to Evict Baghdad Squatters
Today in Iraq

Iraqi MP Accuses Peshmerga of 'Kurdizing' Mosul

Would-Be Iraqi Girl Bomber Wanted to Be Doctor

Baghdad's Schoolchildren Can't Wait for Summer to Be Over

China to Charge $6 a Barrel to Develop Iraq Field

Iraq: Key Figures Since War Began

Attacks Continue

Iraq Militants Plotted Bomb Attack on Govt Using Tunnel

Baghdad Hospital: One Killed, 11 Wounded in IED Attack

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 18 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded

Occupying Iraq
Maliki Says Security Pact With Washington Will Go to Parliament 'Within 10 Days'

Iraqis Take Control of Once-Bloody Anbar Province

Petraeus Sees 'Enormous Progress' in Iraq

'War on Terror'
Pakistani Scientist Indicted in NY for Attack on US Soldiers in Afghanistan

Controversy Snarls Upgrade of Terrorist Data Repository


British Government Censored Media on Afghan Operation

Britain Delivers Turbine in Afghan Rebel Stronghold

Bomb Blasts, Taliban Attacks Kill Six in Afghanistan

Aussie Troops Wounded in Afghanistan

Australian Troops Held Taliban Suspects in Dog Pen


Pakistani Elders Vow to Protect Vital Khyber Pass

Pakistan Pursues Cases Against Opposition Leader

Pakistani Prosecutor Seeks Action on Sharif Case

Pakistan Politics Testy Ahead of Presidential Vote


A Secondary Role for US in India's Nuclear Future

Atomic Supplier States Urged to Hold Line on India

Indian State Leader Escapes Rebel Assassination Attempt


State of Emergency Declared in Bangkok

Thailand PM Struggles to Keep Order as Crisis Deepens


UN Says North Korea Needs $503 Million in Food Aid

Officials: Rebels Not to Blame for Deadly Philippines Bombing

Uighurs on Both Sides of Conflict in China

Sri Lankan Troops Capture Key Rebel Town


Despite US Drug War Aid, Coca Cultivation on Rise in Andes

Canada Looks Poised for Third Parliamentary Election in Four Years


Russia Criticizes EU Threats Over Georgia Conflict

Russia Exploits Division in Europe

Putin Vows 'Answer' to NATO Ships Near Georgia

Britain: Russia to Suffer Economically and Politically

Swedish DM: EU Steps Needed if Russian Troops Stay

UN Worried About Refugee Situation in Georgia

Russia to Press Moldovan Separatists for Deal

Cheney Glowers at Russia

Cheney to Rally US Allies in Russia's Backyard

Cheney to Take Fight Against Russia's Oil Dominance to Azerbaijan


Russian Police Break Up Demo Over Kremlin Critic's Death

US Urges Probe of Journalist's Death in Ingushetia

Violence Spreads in Caucasus Region After Police Kill Journalist


Iranian Air Force Announces Extensive Drill

Iran and Bolivia Pledge Cooperation, Defying US

Arabiya TV Says Iran Expelling Bureau Chief


Biden: Obama and I Will Be Strong on Protecting Israel

Hamas Denies Its Damascus-Based Politburo Will Move to Sudan

Court Convicts Two Israeli Guards of Killing Palestinian

Israel, Egypt Won't Let Blair's Sister-In-Law Leave Gaza by Land

Israelis Fire Warning Shots Near Gaza Fishermen, Foreign Activists

Mossad Let Mengele Get Away to Catch Eichmann


Assad: Door Is Open to Peace With Israel

Syria to Host Four-Way Talks on Peace Process With Israel

Seeking Peace, Yearning for Golan

Sarkozy Visit to Consolidate Ties With Syria

Sarkozy: Peace in the Middle East Passes Through France and Syria

Middle East

Lebanon Accepts Ghajar Proposal

Students Flock to Jordan to Study in Tamer Mideast

Gadhafi: No Future Attack on Libya From Italy Base


Somali Islamists Clash in Southern Town

Somali President Says Djibouti Agreement 'Violated'

EU to Set Up Anti-Somalia Pirates Coordination


African Union Wants Zimbabwe Crisis Deal Now

US Journalist Arrested in Nigeria


Serb Nationalists Block Deal With European Union

Slovenian Premier Denies Taking Bribes From Finnish Arms Maker

IRA Ruling Army Council May Be Disbanded


Justin Raimondo
September Surprise

Praful Bidwai
Dialogue Missing as Kashmir Erupts

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The Larger Picture

Ivan Eland
Don't Worry About Dependence on Foreign Oil

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Georgian Fantasies: Where are the Americans?

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Mystery in Moscow

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Occupation by Another Name

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The Evil Empire Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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