Cherry-Picking from Washington's Tree: Jay Barr
Pakistani Goes Home After 6 Years: Worthington
The Return of the Return of History: Daniel Luban
US' Somalia Policy Likely to Bring Blowback: Lobe
Language, the First Casualty of War: Daniel Larison

 Lew Rockwell

Smash the Warfare State!

 Abdulkadir Abdirahman

America's Brutal Regime Change in Somalia

 Luke Ryland

The CIA, the Neocons and the Nuke Black Market

 Adam Isacson

Biden's Plan Colombia

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Updated September 4, 2008 - 10:24 PM EDT
Sarah Palin: New Face of Neocon Foreign Policy?
  Palin's Evangelical Faith Drives Pro-Israel View
Outrage in Pakistan as US Attack Kills 20
  New Attack: Four Killed by Suspected US Drone Pakistan
  Pakistani Parliament Condemns US-Led Attack
  32 Police Recruits Kidnapped in Pakistan
Russia Warns as US, NATO Look to Aid Georgia
  US to Give Georgia $1 Billion in Aid
  Russia Says US Fanning Instability in Georgia
  Russia Closes Georgia Embassy, Freezes Visas
  Campaigners Criticize Georgia Over Cluster Bomb Use
Petraeus: No Major Iraq Troop Drawdown in '08
  US 'Mistaken Fire' Kills 6 in Iraqi Security Forces
  Iraq Kurds and Government End Standoff Over Northern Town
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqis Killed; 13 Iraqis Wounded
Sarkozy Warns Iran It Risks Israeli Attack
  Israel: Serious About 'Any Option' to Curb Iran
  Russian Official: US Needs Georgia to Strike Iran
Judge: Govt Must Produce Waterboard Memos
  Al-Arian Released After 5 Years to Await 2nd Trial
Police Block Antiwar March to GOP Convention
US' Somalia Policy Likely to Bring Blowback
Cherry-Picking from Washington's Tree  by Jay Barr
Tortured in Egypt, Rendered to Guantánamo, Pakistani Heads Home After Six Years  by Andy Worthington
Bush Pushes for More Police Power
by Nat Hentoff
The Return of the Return of History
by Daniel Luban
The Cost of Saakashvili's Folly
by William Pfaff
Sarah Palin, Foreign Policy Expert
by Robert Dreyfuss

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Cheney Vows Support for Azerbaijan's Security
Palin on the Iraq War
US Says Libya Is a Model for Iran and North Korea
Biden: AIPAC Doesn't Speak for Israel
UK Tory Leader David Cameron Rejects 'Neo-Conservative' Foreign Policy
Ecuador Giving US Air Base the Boot
White House Careful on Cutting Ties With Moscow
Russia Sends Cash, Builders to South Ossetia
Pakistan PM Was Warned in Advance of Assassination Plot
Iraq Occupation
US Forces Detain Reuters Photographer in Iraq
Reuters Seeks Information on Iraqi Photographer's Arrest
UK Envoy to Iraq: We Seek Agreement to Organize Our Troops Presence
US Troops Cast Lines for Elusive Saddam Bass
Today in Iraq
Police-Hiring Feud May Have Led to Diyala Blast
Iraqi Troops Raid Sunni Leader's Offices
In Iraq, Muslims Hope for Calm During Ramadan
Iraq to Reopen Abu Ghraib Prison, Include Museum
Iraqi Security Forces to Leave Khanaqin, Peshmerga to Return
Unknown Gunmen Detonate House of Security Spokesman in Nineveh
Baghdad Rail Traffic Halts Due to IED
Wednesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
The War at Home
Gonzales' Best Defense Is Memory Lapse
Feds Arrest Michigan Man Who 'Planned to Bomb GOP Convention'
US Envoy to UN Defends Pakistan, Afghan Contacts
GOP Senator Runs Antiwar Ad After Obama's Speech
2,183 Iraqi Refugees Admitted to US Last Month
US Military
This Round, Pentagon May Keep General Petraeus Offstage
Air Force Worried Tanker Competition Will Spawn More Protests
Sears to Sell Army-Approved Clothing
'War on Terror'
EU Terror Assets Freeze Overturned
Indictment Hints of Plan to Attack Landmarks
Ex-Tenn. Professor Found Guilty of Passing Military Data
Iran Defends Presence on Disputed Island Amid Gulf Criticism
Iran Jails Four Women's Rights Activists
Sarkozy Reaches Out to Syria on Peace Prospects
Syria Pledges to Help France Solve Iran Dispute
Syria Warns of Global 'Disaster' if Iran Attacked
Palestinians Study Options if Peace Talks Fail
Israeli DM: East Jerusalem Could Be Capital of Palestinian State
Israeli Govt to Debate Compensation Plan for West Bank Settlers
Medics Strike Brings Gaza Health Sector to Halt
Will Summer Fun Foil Gaza's Extremism?
Belgian UN Soldier Killed by Unexploded Israeli Bomb in Southern Lebanon
Israel Warplanes Break Sound Barrier Over Lebanon
Turkish President to Stage Historic Visit to Armenia
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Says New Talks Unlikely Soon
Zimbabwe Talks Deadlocked Over Executive Power: Tsvangirai
At Least 15 Killed as Insurgents Attack Somali Presidential Palace
Somali Islamists Say Govt Can't Take Kismayo
Somali Police Arrest Dozens of Soldiers for Theft in Mogadishu
One Dead in Darfur Camp Food Riot
Peacekeepers Deploy in Darfur Camp After Raid
Key African Elections
Congo Army Leaves National Park, Rebels Stay
Angolan State Bank Accused of Funding Ruling Party's Campaign
Russia & Her Neighbors
Envoy: Georgia Won't Affect Russian Stance on Iran
After Georgian War, Russia Seeks Peace in Moldova
US Calls for Inquiry in Death of Kremlin Critic
Gunmen Kill TV Reporter in Dagestan
NATO to Go Ahead With Plans to Help Georgian Military
Cheney Brings Message of Support to Georgia
English Teacher or Provacateur: Russia Says US Vet Provoked Georgia War
American Says He's a Teacher, Not a US Agent
A Georgian Soldier of the Velvet Revolution
Russia Conflict Hits Emerging Georgia Tourism Trade
Ukraine Government Near Collapse
Ukraine in Snap Election Warning
Ukraine Govt Teeters Amid President Yushchenko 'Coup' Claim
Ukraine PM Asks President's Party to Return to Coalition
Serbian Parliament Opens Debate on EU Pre-Membership Deal
Barroso: Serbia's EU Candidate Status 'Possible' in 2009
NATO States Seek to Reassure Baltics
Rival Cypriot Leaders Upbeat After New Peace Talks
Experts: IRA Is Disappearing in Ireland
German Army Pays Compensation for Afghan Shooting
German DM Says Afghan Pullout Debate Dangerous
Afghanistan Says Bush Regrets Civilian Deaths in Raid
Afghans Accept US Probe Offer on Civilian Deaths
General: US Forces to Up Afghan Winter Offensives
Clashes in Afghanistan Leave 36 Taliban Militants Dead
Three Canadian Soldiers Die in Afghan Attack
How the Taliban Gave a French Lesson
Big Turbine Delivered to Afghan Aid Project
Jude Law Meets Afghan Leader
Pakistani Prime Minister Escapes Attempt on Life

Yousaf Raza Gilani Profile

Pakistan: A History of Political Violence
A Sting in Pakistan's al-Qaeda Mission
Pakistani Military Says Kills 30 Militants in Swat
Chinese Hostages Won't Be Killed: Pakistani Taliban
Four Killed in Swat Valley Clash
US May End Nuke Trade With India if It Tests Bomb
In Secret Letter, Tough US Line on India Nuclear Deal
Violence in India Is Fueled by Religious and Economic Divide
Kashmir's 'Children of Conflict' Rise in Anger
North Korea
Report: North Korea Reassembling Nuclear Facility
US Does Not See North Korea Rebuilding Yongbyon
North Korea Moves Mothballed Equipment at Yongbyon
US Official: North Korea Reactor Moves Send Message
North Korea Rejects South's Seductress Spy Claims
South Korea to Allow Top Defector to Travel Abroad
Thai PM Refuses to Quit or Call Snap Election
Thai Leader Appears Isolated as Protests Continue
Thai Protesters Defy Premier's State of Emergency
Thai FM Hands in Resignation
Strike by Thai Anti-Government Forces Falls Flat
Tibet Unrest Looms in Post-Dalai Lama Era
Succession of the Dalai Lama
Troops Capture Rebel Stronghold in Northern Sri Lanka
Pelosi Wins Praise in Hiroshima for Bomb Visit

Justin Raimondo
September Surprise

Praful Bidwai
Dialogue Missing as Kashmir Erupts

Alan Bock
Kosovo and Georgia:
The Larger Picture

Ivan Eland
Don't Worry About Dependence on Foreign Oil

Doug Bandow
Georgian Fantasies: Where are the Americans?

Charles Peņa
Georgia On My Mind

Nebojsa Malic
Mystery in Moscow

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Philip Giraldi
The Evil Empire Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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