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Updated September 12, 2008 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Missile Strike Kills 14 at Home in Pakistan
  Pakistan-US Tensions Escalate Over Raids
  Fear of Losing Drove US Ground Raid in Pakistan
  NATO Won't Participate in US Strikes in Pakistan
  Tribesmen Threaten to Scrap Peace Deal if US Strikes Continue
  Pakistani Army Ordered to Retaliate Against Foreign Troops in Country
  Pakistan Kills 100 as Tension With US Grows
US Firm Ambushed in Afghan South, 23 Dead
  Karzai Opposes Long-Term NATO Presence
  2008 Already Deadliest for US in Afghanistan
  Afghans Say Life No Better After Invasion
Israel Asks US for Arms, Corridor to Attack Iran
Putin Warns West Against Starting Arms Race
  Cold War Echo: Russian Military Maneuvers With Venezuela
Palin: War With Russia Possible
  Palin Backs America's 'Righteous' War in Iraq
  Palin Links Iraq to 9/11, a View Discarded by Bush
Car Bomb in Iraq Kills at Least 32, Wounds 43
  Friday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 82 Wounded
  Petraeus: Iraq War Will Never End in Victory
Ukraine: Latest Political Battleground Between West, Russia
The Value of One,
the Value of None
 by Tom Engelhardt
They Lied With Their Boots On
by Jeff Huber
No 'Victory' in Iraq  by Aaron Glantz
A Better Way to Have Handled 9/11
by Jacob G. Hornberger
A 9/11 'What If?'  by Peter Dyer
Danger in South Asia  by Conn Hallinan

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ABC Interview With Sarah Palin
Mbeki: Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal Struck
Seven Years On, and Still No Sign of bin Laden
Indonesia: West Makes Terror Fight Harder
Syria: US Policy Post 9/11 Has Increased Terrorism
Analyst: Al-Qaeda and US Fail to Alter Middle East's Perspective
Israeli Army Warns Settlers Out of Control After Attack
Fear and Mistrust Plague Iraq's Mosul
Iraq Occupation
US Thanks Departing Japan as Iraq Coalition Shrinks
US Troops Already Out of Cities of Most Iraqi Provinces: Petraeus
US-Iraq Deal Still Facing Hurdles
Iraq Still Awaiting US Response on Pact Proposals: Deputy PM
Transfer of US-Backed Patrols a Test for Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Government Reassures the Awakening, but Fighters Are Wary
Iraq's Parliament to Pick New Flag in November
Unknown Gunmen Slay Three Member Family in Nineveh
Iraq: Death Toll in Cholera Outbreak Rises to Five
IED Injures 11 Civilians in Karbala
Thursday: 27 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi MP Seeks Ties With Israel

Iraq Ends Talks With French Oil Company

The War at Home
Pentagon to Campaigns: Troops, Bases Aren't Props
More Voters Perceive Progress in Iraq
Biden: US, Israel Joined at the Hip
Rosenberg Transcripts Raise Possibility of Perjury
'War on Terror'
Trial Shows al-Qaeda Is Still Gunning for West – but Failing
Delving Into the Mind of Osama bin Laden
In Drug Trial, Sharply Differing Portraits of Afghan With Ties to the Taliban
At UN, a Bolder Approach to Terrorism
Gitmo Judge Postpones Trial for Canadian Detainee
Australian Muslim Leaders Call for Review of Anti-Terror Laws
Taliban: US at the 'Edge of Historical Defeat'
Karzai Welcomes Increased US Focus on Pakistan
US General: Afghan Army to Reach 134,000 Soldiers in Four Years
US Attacks Haqqani Network Again in Afghanistan
British Soldier Killed in Blast in Afghanistan
Graft Undermines Support for Karzai
Deadly Incidents for US Troops in Afghanistan
Security Still Main Obstacle for Afghan Business
Suicide Blast in Afghan South, Two Dead
Bajaur's Displaced Resent Pakistani Participation in 'America's War'
Pakistan Premier Backs Army Chief's Rebuke to US
Taliban Kill Three Bajaur Tribesmen for 'Spying'
EU Planning Anti-Terror Aid for Pakistan
India-US Nuclear Deal
Bush Sends US-India Nuclear Deal to Congress
Top Senate Democrat to Push US-India Nuclear Deal
India Starts Negotiating Global Nuclear Deals
India, US Companies Discuss Nuclear Sales
Report: North Korea's Kim Recovering From Brain Surgery
North Korea's Kim Recovering Quickly, Still Rules
Life Without Kim? North Korea Thinks the Unthinkable
South Korea on Alert for Possible Changes in North
New North Korea Missile Site 'Confirmed'
At China Border With North Korea, Business Trumps Kim Rumors
Nepal Urged to Punish Human Rights Abusers
Nepal Says to Deport Illegal Tibetans Back to Tibet
Power of the People Fights Democracy in Thai Protests
Military Harassment Threatens Sri Lanka's Oasis of Peace
Russia in the Caribbean
US to Watch Russia's 'Cold-War Era' Warplanes in Venezuela
Russia Says Bomber Flight to Venezuela Proves Global Reach
Reports: No Nukes for Russian Bombers in Venezuela
US Navy Commander Dismisses Russia Bombers as US Threat
Russia in the World
Putin: Russia Has No 'Imperial Ambitions'
Putin Harshly Defends Russian War in Georgia
Stung by Criticism Over Georgia, Putin Asks West for a Little Understanding
Russia Concerned at Ukraine's 'Unfriendly' Policy
Poland Is Warned by Russia on Pact
Lavrov: Missile Shield Targets Russia
Putin Tells Britain: Relations Can Only Improve When You Remove Dissidents
Despite Posturing, Russia's Military Equipment Largely Outdated
Medvedev: Defense Is Top Priority After Georgia War
Georgia's Saakashvili Warns NATO on Russia
NATO to Launch New Georgia Commission on Visit to Tbilisi
South Ossetia/Abkhazia
Russian FM: South Ossetia Not Joining Russia
South Ossetian President Denies Plan to Join Russia
Lavrov: EU Observers Will Not Work in Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Abkhazia Expects Deal on Russian Military Bases
Rights Groups: Looting, Fires Rage in South Ossetia
Spanish High Court Rejects Basque Referendum
Spanish Town Struggles to Forget Its Moment on the Brink of a Nuclear Cataclysm
Cypriots Split Over Island's Future
UN Prosecutor Optimistic on Mladic Arrest
Israeli Settlers Annexing Extra West Bank Land, Report Says
Olmert Says Will Quit Immediately After Party Vote
Gaza Ceasefire Rattled by Explosions Along Border
A West Bank Ruin, Reborn as a Peace Beacon
US Official: 1967 Borders Are Basis for Negotiations
Israel: Jerusalem Not on Negotiating Table
Crash Grounds Israel Helicopters
Blair Sister-in-Law: Gaza World's Largest Concentration Camp
Police: Bomb Kills Pro-Syria Lebanese Politician
Lebanon Leaders Call for Unity After Car Bombing
Cracks Seen in Lebanon's Ruling Coalition
Lebanese Sects Aim to End Clashes
Middle East
Iran Ship Firm Dimisses US Charges, Sanctions
Yemen Releases 12 Southern Opposition Activists After Riots
DR Congo
UN Troops Mobilize as Fighting Flares in Congo

Call to Prevent New Congo War

What Happens Next in Zimbabwe After Deal?
Flawed Vote Further Entrenches Angola's Ruling Party, Critics Warn
Desperate Somalis Fleeing to Arabian Peninsula
Release for Morocco Blogger Jailed as Royal Critic
Eight Killed in Bolivia Clashes, US Tensions Rise
Fresh Violence in Bolivia Stokes Civil War Fears
US Expels Bolivian Ambassador in Diplomatic Row
Alleging Plot, Chávez Expels US Diplomat

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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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Occupation by Another Name

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The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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