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On The Beach: Gordon Prather
Time Machine: Bomb-bomb Iran: S.J. Masty
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Updated September 13, 2008 - 11:16 PM EDT
Pakistan Hardens Stance Against US Strikes
  Pakistan Could End Cooperation in War on Terror
  At Least 85 Killed in Bajaur Offensive
  Any US Blunder in Pakistan Could Aid al-Qaeda
Pentagon to Assess Georgia's Military Needs
  Medvedev 'Would Attack Georgia Even if on NATO Track'
  US Says It Will Support Ukraine if Threatened
Afghan Governor Dies in Suicide Blast
  US Firm Ambushed in Afghan South, 23 Dead
  Afghans Arrested Over Disputed Air Strike Deaths
Car Bomb in Iraq Kills at Least 32, Wounds 43
  Two US Soldiers to Face Court-Martial in Iraq Deaths
  Iraq, US-Funded Militia at Loggerheads
  Friday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 99 Wounded
Five Bombs Explode in Indian Capital, 20 Killed
Out of Bounds! Palin Confuses Iraq With al-Qaeda
Preteen's Imprisonment: Latest Controversy in Restive Naalin
The Wars of John McCain
by Jeffrey Goldberg
Israel's Dark Art of Ensnaring Palestinian Collaborators  by Jonathan Cook
Time Machine: Bomb-bomb Iran
by S.J. Masty
On The Beach  by Gordon Prather
Did al-Qaeda Succeed?  by Robert Parry
Bush's Bitter Legacy  by Andy Worthington

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Militant vs. Predator
US to Train Nigerian Navy
Figure in Rosenberg Case Admits to Soviet Spying
Cold War Spy Talks After 50 Years
US to Admit 17,000 Iraqi Exiles
Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers
White House Criticizes Woodward Book Anew
More Evidence of Bush's Spying
Congress Asks: Who Misled the Anthrax Investigation by Pointing at Iraq?
Iraqi Women Take Aim
at Expanded Police Roles
Today in Iraq
Kurdish Party Report: US Plotting to Oust Maliki
Anti al-Qaeda Official Says His Group Not Part of Government's Plan to Incorporate Militias
NATO Ready to Rehabilitate Iraqi Security Forces
Two Arrested With 35 IEDs in Their Possession in Kut
Attacks Continue
13 Wounded in Hand-Grenade Attack in Baghdad
Five Wounded as Sticky IED Goes Off in Baghdad
Some Deadly Bombings in Baghdad This Year
Friday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 99 Wounded
US Military
Air Force Urged to Put Nuclear Forces Under Single Command
Army Issues Report on Pregnant Soldier's Death
'War on Terror'
Judge Limits Searches Using Cellphone Data
FBI Outlines Plan to Expand Agents' Tactics; Hill Hearings Set
Mexico, US Find No al-Qaeda Links Since 9/11
FBI Wants New Tools in Terrorism Assessments
Yet Another Twist in the Case of the Dead Anthrax Suspect
ACLU Challenges FISA Update With First Legal Brief
Survey Finds Holes in US Disaster Preparedness
IAEA Probe Stalls, Iran Slowly Boosts Atom Enrichment
Russia: Moscow-Tehran Ties Don't Harm Israel
Russia's Medvedev: Armed Action on Iran Unacceptable
Iranian Foreign Minister in Russia for Talks
Iran Calls US Sanctions on Shipping Line Illegal
Abbas: Peace Deal Would Have to Include Right of Return
Israeli Military: 12-Year-Old Took Part in Violent Protest
12-Year-Old Palestinian Jailed by Israeli Military Receives Warm Welcome From Fellow Inmates
Palestinian, Israeli Films Look Beyond Conflict
Israelis Detain Palestinian Police for Questioning
Syrian-Russian Naval Cooperation Grows
EU Sees Possibility of More Syria Partnership Talks
Zimbabwe Deal Gives Opposition Cabinet Majority, Police
Mugabe to Keep Major Powers Under Deal
Some Unhappy With Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
Who Gets Real Power in Zimbabwe Deal Still Unclear
Can Unity Deal Turn Around Zimbabwe?
US Reacts Cautiously to Zimbabwe Deal
EU Rethinking Wider Zimbabwe Sanctions After Deal
Court Probing Deadly Darfur Camp Attack
Nine Kenyan Soldiers Killed in Crash
100 Hostages Held by Somali Pirates
Niger Delta Conflict Hurting Local Economy
Venezuela Joins Bolivia in Expelling US Ambassador
US Links 3 Chávez Aides to Guerrillas
US Sanctions Stoke Venezuela Row
US Stops Being Polite as Spat With Venezuela Grows
US Calls Venezuelan Officials Rebel Supporters
Honduras in Diplomatic Snub to US Over Bolivia
Bolivians Tire of Protest in Opposition Stronghold
Bolivian Political Clashes Spark Diplomatic Crisis
Bolivia Violence Abates, President to Talk to Rival
United Nations
UN Atom Watchdog Clears Libya, Sounds Wider Warning
IAEA: Black Market Nuke Network Had Sophisticated Info
UN Chief Denies Failing
Medvedev Condemns Georgia NATO Membership Promise
Russia Puzzled, Angered at West's Georgia Response
Russia Plans Record $46.5 Bln Arms Spending in 2009
Russian Submarines to Test-Fire Missiles in Pacific
Large Portion of Arctic Should Be Ours, Says Russia
Separatist Passions Heating Up in Russia's Restive North Caucasus
Georgia/South Ossetia
Documents: Russia Impeding South Ossetia Monitors
Saakashvili Ex-Ally Demands Probe of Georgia War
NATO Diplomats to Visit Georgia Over Russian Objections
UN Raises Number of Uprooted in Georgia to 192,000
Loan to Georgia Illustrates Asian Dismay With Russia
Poland in Surprise Outreach Visit to Belarus
Polish General Goes on Trial for the Imposition of Martial Law in 1981
Albanian Witness in US Arms Probe Dies Suddenly
Yushchenko: Russia Should Pay Ukraine More for Fleet
Serbian Nationalists Expel Renegade Moderates
10 Militants Killed in Afghanistan
British Soldier Shot Dead in Afghanistan Firefight: Ministry
Militants, Criminals Plague South Afghanistan
Australian DM Critical of Progress in Afghanistan
Bush, Karzai Set White House Talks for Sept. 26
Latest US Drone Strike in North Waziristan Kills at Least 14
Gen. Kayani: Complete Unanimity Against US Attacks
Pakistan Opposition Angered by US Attacks
Pakistan PM: We Can't Wage War Against US
Officials: Pakistan Did Not Agree to America's New Rules of Engagement
Pakistanis Protest in Wake of Latest Drone Strike
Pakistan PM: We Are Capable to Tackling Terrorism Ourselves
Higher-Tech Predators Targeting Pakistan
Pakistan Cites Anti-Terrorism Need for F-16s
Pakistani Governor: NATO Working on Weakening Pakistan
Pakistan Formally Warned US Against Ground Attack Before General's Statement
General: Pakistan Won't Be Used for Terror Against Neighbors
Taliban Positions Pounded in Swat Valley
Two Killed, 80 Wounded as Police Fire on Kashmir Protesters
Kashmiri Militants Chop Nose of 'Indian Informer'
Pakistan PM: Kashmiris Must Be Part of Dialogue With India
World Nuclear Trade Group Agrees to Restrict Sales to India
US Lawmakers Caution Against Rushing Vote on Indian Nuclear Deal
Orissa Tribal Lands, a Factory of Hindu Foot Soldiers
Police Search for Suspect in Death of Hindu Leader
Thai Party Withdraws Backing for Prime Minister
A Look at Candidates for Thailand's Next Premier
Worries Simmer Over Absent North Korean Strongman
Japan Welcomes Deployment of US Aircraft Carrier
Dalai Lama Calls Special Meeting to Discuss Tibet
Malaysian Opposition Lawmaker, Two Journalists Held
Two Die, 10 Wounded in Twin Myanmar Blasts
Weekend Reviews
A Secret White House History 2006-2008
The Folly of Interventionism
We Who Dared to Say No to War
A Policy of Deliberate Cruelty
Outside the Green Zone, the Human Dimension
U.S. vs. Them
The Ashes of American Morality
A Leader Beyond Denial, as War Plans Flounder

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