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Most Secretive Admin Ever?: William Fisher
Dear Leader Goes South: Doug Bandow
Jaffa's 'Renewal' Boots Arabs: Jonathan Cook
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 Chris Floyd

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 Eric Margolis

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Updated September 16, 2008 - 11:17 PM EDT

'Evidence' of Russian Aggression Revealed

  NATO: Georgia Not Democratic Enough to Join

Ukraine's Coalition Also a Casualty of Russia-Georgia War


The West Begins to Doubt Georgian Leader

Pakistan Orders Troops to Fire on US Raids


US Says Funds for F-16s to Pakistan Is Tough Sell

US Plans to Sell Israel 1,000 Bunker-Buster Bombs


Israeli Government Debates Settler Evacuation

Five Ex-Secretaries of State Urge Talks With Iran


IAEA: Iran Blocks Probe Into Alleged Atom Bomb Work


Nuclear Agency Says Iran Has Improved Enrichment

Petraeus Hands Iraq Command to Odierno

  Row Over Kurdish Fighters in Iraq Escalates

Gates' Iraq Visit Marked by Bombings


Gates Foresees Narrower US Combat Role in Iraq

  Monday: 1 US Soldier, 38 Iraqis Killed; 68 More Wounded

Zimbabwe Deal Sees Mugabe Cede Some Power

The Most Secretive US Administration Ever?

So, the President May Kill Anybody He Pleases, Right?  by Robert Higgs
Jaffa's 'Renewal' Aims at Expulsion of Palestinians  by Jonathan Cook
What Illegal 'Things' Was the Government Doing?  by Glenn Greenwald
Bloom Off the Rose  by John Laughland
Dear Leader Goes South  by Doug Bandow
Terrorism & Tyranny  by James Bovard

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Conflict Over Spying Led White House to Brink

Cheney Shielded Bush From Surveillance Crisis

FBI to Defend 'Intrusive Investigative Techniques'

Georgia Offers Fresh 'Evidence' on War's Start

Israeli Websites on Draft-Dodging to Be Probed

Tutu: Israel's Gaza Shelling May Be War Crime

Minister: India Now a Big World Player Thanks to Nuclear Nod

German Spy Chiefs 'Don't Have the Guts for Covert Ops'

India Suggests Pakistani Hand in New Delhi Blasts That Killed 21
Today in Iraq

Pentagon Chief in Iraq to Transfer War Command

Iraqi PM, Gates Discuss Security Condition in Iraq

Iraq Says Does Not Need US Financial Aid

Iranian Foreign Ministry Stresses Iraq's Sovereignty

Search for Safety Revives Baghdad Housing Market

Suicide Bomber Hits Party After Release in Iraq

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 38 Iraqis Killed; 68 More Wounded
'War on Terror'

US Public Opposes Increased Presidential Power

Afghanistan Frees al-Qaeda Suspect's Young Son

Australian Jury Finds 6 Muslims Guilty of Terrorism


Petraeus: More Than Troops Needed in Afghanistan

British Envoy: Iran Arming Taliban

Afghanistan Is in Its Worst Shape Since 2001, European Diplomat Says

Afghan War Costs Could Be Thorny Canadian Election Issue


Air Strikes Kill 24 Militants in Bajaur

Militants Free 25 Pakistani Soldiers and Police

US Envoy: Pakistan Spy Agency Must Be Reformed


New Delhi Bombings Seen as Declaration of 'War'

Abdul Subhan Qureshi, Known as India's bin Laden, Named as Bombing Suspect

Indian Mujahideen Islamic Militant Group

Indian Soldiers Among Eight Killed in Kashmir

Indian Christians Flock to Makeshift Relief Camp

Rights Group: Army Abuses Fuel Revolt in India's Manipur

North Korea

No Sign of North Korean Leader During Key Holiday

North Korea Tests Missile Engine at New Site


Kazakhstan, NATO Hold Joint Military Exercises

US to Help Fund Cambodian Genocide Tribunal

Myanmar's Junta Eases Restrictions on Opposition Leader Under House Arrest

Emergency Lifted in Bangkok


Bolivian Rivals See Progress in Talks to End Violence

Colombia's FARC Rebels Battered, but Surviving


Nigerian Militants Launch New Attacks in 'Oil War'

Troops Die in Mauritania Ambush

Displaced Kenyans Rethinking Return Home

EU Backs Aid Push, Monitors for Georgia

Key Facts on EU Monitoring Mission to Georgia

NATO Envoys: Russia Must Leave Georgia

Medvedev: Imposing Sanctions on Russia 'Double-Edged'

Russian Fleet Kicks Off Exercises in Baltic Sea

Russia Says OSCE Must Listen to South Ossetia

Russia Shows Off the Spoils of War in Georgia

Israeli Aid Groups Bring Relief to War-Torn Gori

Georgians Blame Russia for Fires in Beloved Preserve


Russian Navy Top Brass Want to Keep Ukraine Port

Georgia War Sparks Political Battle in Ukraine

Ukraine Coalition Likely to Be Pronounced Dead


Iran Holds War Games to Test Defenses

US Prods Iran to Stop Uranium Enrichment


IDF Officer: Hezbollah Wants to Down Israeli Plane Over Lebanon

UN Deminers in Southern Lebanon to Be Honored With Top Award

EU: Possible Syrian Military Operation in North Lebanon Acceptable

Gun Battle Erupts in Palestinian Camp in South Lebanon

Syrian Reform Party Says Aide to Hamas Chief Shot Dead in Street

Syrian Authorities Turn Away Delegation From Reporters Without Borders

Israeli Military Intelligence: Syria Strengthening Ties With Radical Axis


Barak to Reconvene 'West Bank Forum' Following Settler Rampage

Olmert Makes 11th-Hour Pitch for Palestinian Deal

Abbas Set for What Could Be Final Meet With Olmert

Jordan, Russia Urge Israel to Stop Settlement Activity

Hamas: Egypt May Open Rafah Crossing for Two or Three Days in Ramadan

Israel's Kadima Race Enters Final Stretch

Key Facts About Israeli Leadership Candidate Mofaz

Egypt Hunts Cell Planning to Kidnap Israelis in Sinai


EU Welcomes Zimbabwe Deal, Eyes Possible Aid

Zimbabwe Police Fire Warning Shots at Unruly Crowd

Zimbabwe Deal: White Farm Seizures 'Irreversible'

Tsvangirai's Party Calls for British Troops in Zimbabwe

Major Points in Zimbabwe's Power-Sharing Agreement


AU Troops Killed in Somalia

2 More Aid Workers Kidnapped in Somalia


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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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Occupation by Another Name

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The Security Blanket

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