Why Obama Is Wrong: William S. Lind
Vested Interests Drove New Pakistan Policy: Porter
Stormtroopin': William Norman Grigg
A Battle Against the Imperial Presidency: Bresiger
Campaigning to Restore the Constitution: Nichols

 Dahr Jamail

My Lai is Now

 Gareth Porter

Iran Laptop Fraud; Hands Off Pakistan!

 Steve Connors and Molly Bingham

Meeting Resistance

 Chris Floyd

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Updated September 18, 2008 - 11:17 PM EDT
Gates Defends Right of US to Strike in Pakistan
  Pakistan Drone Attack Mocks Mullen's Assurance
  Vested Interests Drove New Pakistan Policy
  Pakistan: Bajaur Offensive Has Killed 700 Militants
  Tribesmen Warn They Will Fight US if South Waziristan Raids Continue
Karzai-Allied Governor Killed by NATO Troops
  US Wants Sole Command of NATO's Afghan War
  Gates Apologizes to Afghans as Civilan Deaths Soar
Iraqi Parliament Deadlocks Over Elections Law
  Admiral: 'Sons of Iraq' Integration Could Be Bloody
  Wednesday: 10 US Soldiers, 18 Iraqis Killed; 79 Iraqis Wounded
Russia Signs Defense Pacts With South Ossetia, Abkhazia
  Crimean Parliament Calls for Recognition of South Ossetia, Abkhazia
Senate Passes $612 Billion Defense Spending Bill
Neoconservatives Plan Project Sarah Palin to Shape Future Policy  by Tim Shipman
Stormtroopin'  by William Norman Grigg
Campaigning to Restore the Constitution  by John Nichols
Why Obama Is Wrong  by William S. Lind
Rethinking US Role in the World
by Bruce Fein
Georgia in NATO?  by Steve Breyman

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Clinton Cancels Spot at Anti-Iran Rally Over Palin Invite
New UN President Slams 'Acts of Aggression' in Iraq, Afghanistan
Top General Slams Retired Generals in Contracting
Roadside Bomb Casualties Dropping in Iraq
Media Slow to Cover Shocking Iraq Incident: Two US Soldiers Killed by Another
Russia Must Set Borders in Oil-Rich Arctic: Medvedev
Pentagon: Tanker Bids Differed by $3 Billion
16 Die in US Embassy Attack in Yemen
Today in Iraq
Conflicting Reports on Death Toll in Bombings in Baghdad
Iraq in Voting Disarray
Explosives-Rigged Bicycle Kills Two Outside Baghdad
Iraq's Interior Ministry: Violence in Diyala Drops, Mosul the Next 'Target'
Wednesday: 3 US Soldiers, 18 Iraqis Killed; 79 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Iraqi PM: Obstacles Remain to US Security Deal
Odierno: Former Door-Kicker Now the Face of Iraq 'Progress'
Three US Soldiers Charged With Murder in Iraqi Deaths
Soldier in Iraq Held in Deaths of Two Unit Members
Global Iraq Impact
Turkey to Seek New Mandate for Northern Iraq Operations
Syria: New Ambassador to Iraq
Scientist Concedes 'Honest Mistake' About Weaponized Anthrax
Leahy: Suspect Had Help in Anthrax Attacks
Lawmakers Are Seeking Answers in Anthrax Case
'War on Terror'
Poll: Reason for Lack of Terror Attacks Divides Partisans
Panel Says DHS Botching Cyber Security
Woman Accused of Iraq Ties Is Ruled Unfit for Trial Again

UK: Agency Loses Laptop Bearing Personal Info

Britain to Re-Investigate Deadly Northern Ireland Bombing
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia and Georgia Enclaves Deepen Ties, as US Objects
Ukraine President: Russia Encouraging Unrest
US: Russian Markets Paying Price for Georgia Action
Russian Pullout From Georgia Enough to Resume Talks With Europe
Four Russian Police Found Shot Dead in Ingushetia
Russia Harshly Criticizes NATO Visit to Georgia
Georgia Vows to Maintain Iraq, Afghan Commitments
Russian, Azerbaijani Presidents Discuss Caucasus Situation
France Criticizes Lack of European Arms Spending
War Crimes Suspect Karadzic Claims UN-Backed Immunity
Mugabe: Power-Sharing 'Humiliation' to Be Accepted
Tensions Ease but Shortages Rampant in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Deal's Key Items to Take Effect in October
New Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Says Mugabe Can't Be Prosecuted
Tsvangirai Confident the West Will Help Zimbabwe
Darfur Rebels Report Heavy Battles With Government
UN Won't Meet Target for Peacekeepers in Darfur
Sudan Slams UN Rights Expert as 'EU Agent'
In Nigeria 'Oil War,' Militants Step Up Attacks
Nigeria: Militant Attacks Cutting Oil Production
Niger Delta Elders Move to End 'Oil War'
Not Finding WMD
Bush: Embassy Attack a Reminder Nation 'At War'
US Sees Signs of al-Qaeda in Yemen Attacks
US Officials: Yemen Poses Growing Terror Threat
Yemen Faces New Jihad Generation
Chronology: Attacks on US Interests in Yemen
No WMD: World Reaction
Israel's Livni Declares Victory
Israel Leadership Vote and What Follows
Palestinian Authority Officials Pleased With Livni's Win
Key Facts About Israel's Tzipi Livni
Israeli Restrictions Leave Palestinians Dependent on Aid, Says World Bank
Water Shortage Cripples Palestinian Farming
Former Israeli Military Chief Slams Air Force 'Failure' in Lebanon War
Arab League Chief: Settlements Make Palestinian State Impossible
Middle East
Hezbollah Chief Seeks Greater Part in National Dialogue
Israel Postpones Fifth Round of Indirect Talks With Syria
Four US Coalition Troops Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Forgotten Frontline
US Coalition: Two Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Probe Backs Commander Who Removed Marine Unit
Source: Pakistan Helps US Set Up Missile Strike
Another US Missile Strike Inflames Anger in Pakistan
Army: Pakistan Forces Kill 19 Taliban Militants Along Afghan Border
'06 Leak Fuels Concerns Among Critics of US-India Deal
Indian PM Blames Homegrown Militants for Bombings
India Deploys Fighter Jets in Troubled Kashmir
One Dead, 25 Hurt in Kashmir Attacks
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army 'Close' to Key Town
Aid Groups Quit North Sri Lanka
Kim's Consort: A Key Player in North Korea?
South Korean PM Curbs Intelligence Leaks on North Korea
Taiwan Fast Tracks Detente as China Stalls
New Thai PM Reaches for Reconciliation With Rivals
Malaysia PM Says He Might Resign Before 2010
Bolivian President, Opposition Agree to Talks to Defuse Crisis
Bolivian Prez Blasts US Anti-Drug Blacklisting
Bush Lashes Bolivia in Annual Drugs Report
Witness Ties Colombian General to Paramilitaries

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Sarah Palin, Neocon Pod Person

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Alan Bock
Seven Years of Incomprehension

Ivan Eland
Is George W. Bush the Worst President in US History?

Doug Bandow
U.S. vs. Them

Nebojsa Malic
The War That Never Was

Charles Peņa
What $700 Billion?

Philip Giraldi
Feeding on Fear

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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