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Trojan Horse by Christopher Ketcham
The Story of Katharine Gun: Norman Solomon
'Militants Are Not Taliban, We Are': Ashfaq Yusufzai
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Updated September 26, 2008 - 11:29 PM EDT
US, Pakistani Troops Exchange Fire
  Pakistan's President Condemns US Attacks
  US Military Chief: Big US Effort Needed in Pakistan
  Marine Colonel Accuses Pakistani Military of Supplying Taliban
Dems Bury Iran Blockade Resolution, for Now
  Report: Bush Warned Israel Against Iran Attack in May
  Peres: US Has No Choice but to Save World From Ahmadinejad
'Dangerous Gulf' Opens Between Russia and West
  US Official Warns of Punitive Measures Against Russia
  As Crime Increases in Kabul, So Does Nostalgia for Taliban
Iraq OKs Elections – Except in Oil-Rich Kirkuk
  US Army Denies Injuring Iraqi Civilians in Baghdad
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 15 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded
Top US Officials Knew in 2002 of Harsh Interrogations
ElBaradei: Syrian Official Involved in Probe Assassinated
Asking 'Surge'-ical Questions
by Sean Gonsalves
The Whistleblower Who Tried to Prevent the Iraq War  by Norman Solomon
Truth and War Mean Nothing at the Party Conferences  by John Pilger
Trojan Horse  by Christopher Ketcham
A Landmark Torture Trial
by Joanne Mariner
Blue Helmets in Haiti  by Judith Scherr

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'Militants Are Not Taliban, We Are'
In Baghdad, Even the Hospitals Are Sick
Far-Reaching US Plan Impaired North Korea Deal
Interrogator Details Pre-Abu Ghraib Abuses
French Diplomat: Europeans Waiting Out Bush
Chief US Drone Maker Tapped Out
ACLU: Military Prison Photos Confirm Widespread Abuse
Religion, Politics Make Najaf
Focus of Iraqi Power
Today in Iraq
Questionnaires Stir Unease in a Baghdad Enclave
Sons of Iraq Get a New Boss
Iraqi Christians Claim Loss of Rights in New Elections Law
Iraqi Red Crescent Paralyzed by Allegations
Iraqi PM Aims to Improve Military Standards
Iraq's Political Prisoners Demand Equal Treatment
Govt: Al-Qaeda Failed After Facing Awakening Fighters
Iraq Touts Improved Security, Invites Nations Back In
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 15 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded
Palin's Foreign Policy
Palin: Iraq, Afghanistan Presence Makes US Secure
Palin Defends Alaska-Russia Foreign Policy Remark
US Has Achieved 'Victory' in Iraq, Palin Tells Couric
Palin to Peres: I'm a Longtime Friend of Israel
Zardari Tells Palin She's Gorgeous
US Military
Air Force Disciplines 15 Senior Officers for Taiwan Nuclear Shipment
DoD Names Generals Punished for Nuke Errors
With Gouache and Guns: US Marines Master the Art of War
Troops Bound for Afghanistan, Iraq Train Together

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Prosecutors Seeks Immunity for Testimony
Lawyer Accuses Pentagon in Gitmo Evidence Case
UK Government Shows Off New ID Card for Foreigners
De Menezes Tragedy 'Could Happen Again'
Man Found Guilty in Canada Terror Plot
At Canada Terror Trial, the Accused Take on a Less Sinister Cast
Diplomats: Assad Aide Killing Hurts UN Probe in Syria
US Asks IAEA for Full Syria Report
Iran: No Obligation to Answer US Claims
Iran's Leader Criticizes US Policies Around World
Iran's President: Nation Must Control Nuclear Fuel
Israeli Anti-Settlement Academic Wounded in Attack
Radical Settlers Take on Israel
Israeli Prisoner Exchange Plan Rebuffed by Hamas
Aid Groups: Quartet Is Failing to Improve Palestinians' Lives
Bush Pledges to Keep Working With Abbas on Peace Deal
UN Security Council to Debate Israel Settlements
Israeli Envoy Condemns UN Assembly President as 'Israel Hater'
Middle East
Yemen Rejects Some US Requests on Extremists
Lebanese President to Bush: Palestinian Refugees' Future Is in Their Homeland, Not Lebanon
Insurgents Take Upper Hand in Somalia
Four Simultaneous Attacks in Baidoa
Crowds Loot Food From UN Trucks in Somalia: Official
Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal Faces Collapse
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Urges West to Lift Sanctions
Mugabe Accuses Britain, US of Genocide at UN
Some See a Time Bomb Ticking in Darfur Camps
Sahara Kidnappers and Hostages in Libya: Sudan
South Africa Picks President, but Uncertainty Remains
NGO Suspends Activities After Congo Attack
US Visa Service in Pakistan Suspended Over Security
Pakistani Leader: Only Flares Fired at Helicopters
Pakistan Faces 'Existential Threat': US General Petraeus
Text of Zardari's Address to UN General Assembly
Pakistani Attack Kills 16 Taliban, Two Civilians in Bajaur
Zardari: Citizens Must Support Terror War
Pakistani Troops Kill Militants; Airports on Alert
Marriott Hotel Investigation Team Sends More Evidences to Lab
Kabul Expects New Taliban Onslaught Before Winter: Minister
Tribesmen Chase Taliban Out of Pakistani Border Area
New Efforts to Free 150 Afghan Hostages: Official
Afghan Army Slowly Pulls Itself Up by Bootstraps
Bombs Kill 2 Policemen, 1 Civilian in Afghanistan
Afghan Journalist: 'How Bagram Destroyed Me'
US General Says Afghan Challenges Unlike Iraq
India Faced With Home-Grown Terrorism
Indian PM Meets Bush as Congress Weighs Nuke Deal
Bush Tells Singh 'Working Hard' on Nuclear Deal
One Killed as Religious Violence Flares in India
Report Clears India State of Role in Deadly Riots
Sri Lanka
Fighting Claims 15 Lives in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Conscious of 'Collateral' Damage in Offensive: FM
Seoul Says North Korea Nuclear Deal Could Break Down
US: Nuclear Demands on North Korea 'Not Onerous'
Six Hurt as Blast Rocks Myanmar
Generals Still Rule Myanmar With Firm Grip
Hmong Heroes May Have Seen CIA Nod for Coup
US Nuclear Warship Arrives in Japan Amid Protests
Negotiations Set With China and Taiwan
19 Rebels Killed in Renewed Philippines Fighting
Ukraine Far From Ready to Join NATO, Despite US Support
Ukraine Warns Russia Not to Encourage Separatists
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Spies Accused of Agitating Czech Public
Rival Accuses Pro-Kremlin Chechen Leader of Murder
Putin Calls for South Ossetia Open Border
OSCE Chief Hopeful Monitors Can Enter Ossetia Soon
Bomb Strikes Abkhaz Capital
Georgians Question Saakashvili's Reform Pledge
Jorg Haider Expects to Return to Power After Sunday's Elections
Russia in Latin America
Chavez Due in Moscow as Russian Warships Head to Venezuela
Russia's Putin Back Nuclear Talks With Chavez
Putin: Ties With Latin America Priority for Moscow
Colombia Finds Seized Memory Stick Has Names of 9,000 Rebels
Secret Meeting Sparks Inquiry in Colombian Scandal
Colombia Arrests Brother of Interior Minister

Justin Raimondo
Iran: And the Beat Goes On

Charles Peņa
The Pakistan Dilemma

Philip Giraldi
Ashes of Empire

Alan Bock
Time for a New Pakistan Policy

Ivan Eland
Worry About bin Laden, Not the Taliban

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

Nebojsa Malic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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