The Economics of War: David R. Henderson
It Can Happen Here!: Uri Avnery
An Amicus Brief for Neville: Patrick Buchanan
Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden: G. Porter
Inside Iran's Fury: Stephen Kinzer

 Sydney Schanberg

John McCain and the POW Cover-Up

 Scott Horton

Taxi to the Dark Side

 Ken Menkhaus

Somalia: The Worst Crisis in the World

 Frida Berrigan

Keeping Iraq

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Updated September 30, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT

Pakistan Appoints New Spy Chief

  US and Pakistan: On a Collision Course?
  Pakistan: Militants Infiltrating from Afghanistan

UN: 20,000 Flee From Pakistan Into Afghanistan


Continuing US Losses Will Lead to Military Strikes on Pakistan

Gates: Election Won't Bring GIs Home From Iraq

Maliki Says Security Pact in US, Iraqi Interest


Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 6 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded

Taliban Denies Secret Afghan Peace Talks


Taliban's Omar Offers Deal to US on Withdrawal


Afghan Policeman Opens Fire on US Troops, Kills 1

Olmert Says Peace Requires Israeli Withdrawals
Russia: US Blocks Nuclear Arms Reduction Talks
New Africa Command Raises Suspicions About US Motives
Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden After 9/11
An Amicus Brief for Neville
by Patrick Buchanan
'Munich' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means  by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Is the US Putting Mentally Incompetent Terror Suspects on Trial?  by Joanne Mariner
The Economics of War
by David R. Henderson
It Can Happen Here!  by Uri Avnery
Ahmadinejad Meets US Peace Movement  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Iraq Says Doctors Can Carry Guns for Protection

Former CIA Executive Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Government

Prosecutor Named to Probe US Attorneys' Firings

Netanyahu: I'll Resume Settlement Activity

Afghan Warlord Hekmatyar Claims Attack on French Troops

Australian Government Losing Support for Afghanistan Campaign

Ethiopia Urges UN to Deploy Somalia Peacekeepers
Resigned, Bitter, Iraqis Shop
After Baghdad Bomb
Today in Iraq

Gates Criticizes Conventional Focus at Start of Iraq War

Talabani: No Fears of Arab-Kurdish Conflict

Young Iraqi Girls Turned Into Perfect Weapon

Four Border Checkpoints Set Up in Iraq's Kurdistan

Former Iraqi Army Officer Arrested in Diyala

Iraq Media in 'Business of Death'

In Iraq, the Headband Makes the Man

Iraqi Politics
Iraq Buys 12 US-Made Reconnaissance Planes

Excerpts of Iraq PM Comments on US Deal

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 8 Iraqis Killed; 15 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home

US Urged to Go on Offense in Cyberwar

Bill Would Ban Suspicionless Laptop Searches

Recruiter Suicides in Houston Worry Advocates


Afghan Minister Won't Confirm Taliban Talks

4 Afghan Bodyguards Die in Attack on Politician

Taliban Assassins Kill Ranking Afghan Policewoman

Petraeus: No Winter Halt in War Against the Taliban

Kidnapped Afghan Diplomat Recovered in Pakistan

Britain to Order $1 Billion Worth of Armored Vehicles for Afghanistan Troops

Uzbek Leader Calls for New Afghan Campaign

Karzai: Pakistan Deserves Global Support to Fight Terror

Al-Qaeda Criticizes Pakistani Leaders in New Video

15 Militants Die After Clash With Pakistani Troops

Pakistan Picks New Chief for Intelligence Agency

Petraeus: Pakistan Must Deal With Militant Threat

Some of the Major Attacks in Pakistan Since 2007

Pakistani Tribesmen Join With Army to Fight Taliban Insurgents

Zardari: Osama, Zawahiri to Be Tried in Pakistan if Captured

Swat Valley Curfew Lifted, Taliban Announce Ceasefire

Petition Against US Airstrikes, Curfew in Tribal Areas Dismissed


Bombs Kill 5 in India Cities, Adding to Toll Across Nation

India to Buy Battle Tanks From Russia, Extends Deal

Bomb Kills 1 as Indian Muslims Break Ramadan Fast

Maoists Kill Four Police in Central India During President's Visit

Sri Lanka

Fierce Fighting Claims 21 Lives in Sri Lanka

Two Hurt in Colombo Blast; Fighting Rages in Northern Sri Lanka

New Threats Emerge for Sri Lankan Rights Lawyers

Nuclear Issues

Iran Says Won't Halt Nuclear Work Despite UN Demand

Iran Lowers Level of Participation in IAEA Meeting

UN Nuclear Inspector Urges More Openness From Iran

Israel Slams Fresh Arab Move to Isolate It at IAEA

West, Islamic Nations Split at Nuclear Meeting

Hugo Chavez Wants Venezuela to Build Nuclear Program

France and India Vow to Boost Civil Nuclear Cooperation


Car Bomb Attack on Lebanese Army Bus Kills 5

Iran: Lebanon Bombing Serves Zionist Regime


Sunni Extremists Suspected in Tripoli and Damascus Blasts

Reports: Officer Linked to Hariri Killing Was Target of Syria Blast

Syria Says Islamist Bomber Behind Deadly Blast


Why Israeli Settlers Are Lashing Out

Israel Closes Off Palestinian Territories for Holidays

Jews and Muslims Share Holy Season in Jerusalem

Israel Police: Settlers Were Not Behind Palestinian Teen's Death


EU Georgia Monitors Fully Deployed; Meet Russians

300 EU Monitors in Place to Watch Russian Pullback

Russia Alarms St. Petersburg Residents With Air Raid Test

South Ossetia Prepares a Low Blow for Saakashvili

Mikhail Gorbachev Returns to Russian Politics


Flawed Victory for 'Last Dictator' Lukashenko as Belarus Elections Denounced

Czech Military Spies Say Foreign Agents Interested in US Radar

Bush Tries to Shore Up Lithuania, Ukraine Support


US Diplomat Seeks to Salvage North Korea Deal With Trip

North Korea Likely Fired at Chinese Trawler

Japan to Extend North Korea Sanctions


Sudan: Darfur Aid Flight Shot Down, 4 Crew Dead

Zimbabweans Overwhelm Banks to Withdraw Cash


Fighting Forces 18,500 to Flee Mogadishu

US Navy Watches Seized Ship With Sudan-Bound Tanks

In Other News

President Wins Support for Charter in Ecuador

Dramatic Rescue Frees 19 Hostages Taken in Egypt

Thai Courts Help Shape Political Landscape

Brits Opening Combat Units to Women


Justin Raimondo
The Mischief-Makers

Alan Bock
No Matter Who Wins,
Expect More Wars

Ivan Eland
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right

Charles Peņa
The Pakistan Dilemma

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Ashes of Empire

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

Nebojsa Malic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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