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Updated October 3, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT
VP Debate: A Foreign Policy Breakdown
NATO Airstrike Kills 20 in North Waziristan
  Pakistani PM: US Border Attacks Are Terrorism
  Pakistan Official Says Country at War
  Militants Flourish in Pakistan's Tribal Area
  Islamabad After the Marriott Bombing: The Baghdad Effect
Car Bomb Kills 7 Russian Soldiers in S. Ossetia
Taliban Rejects Karzai Call for Talks
  Chorus of Failure Grows Louder Over Afghanistan
  Karzai Wants Mullah Omar to Return to Afghanistan
  Official: French Troops Wound 4 Civilians in Kabul
Iraq Attacks Belie Steps on Reconciliation
  Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents
  10,000 Iraqi Christians Demand Self-Rule
  US to Fund Pro-American Publicity in Iraqi Media
  Report: Iraqi Presidential Council Did Not Approve Election Law Yet
  Thursday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
Iran May Rethink Enrichment for Fuel Guarantees
  US Group Granted Rare Approval to Set Up Office in Iran
Senate Passes Nuke Deal Over Escalation Fears
Report: Israel Believes Syria 'Renewing' Nuclear Activity
Heeding the Lessons of Another
 by Maleeha Lodhi and Anatol Lieven
The Rapid Decline of Transparency and Privacy in America  by Jonathan Turley
Justice Delayed and Denied at Guantanámo  by Aziz Huq
Never Trade Liberty for Safety
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Syria-Lebanon Gets Hot
by Robert Dreyfuss
Terrorist State, Abroad and at Home  by Arthur Silber

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Iran Says Won't Go Down 'Unending Road' With IAEA
Restrictions on Iraq Spending Are Noteworthy, but Not for Their Timing
Soldier Suicides
US Tries to Keep Iraqi Refugees Out of Michigan
US Candidates Grapple for New Foreign Policy Approach
BBC's Dilemma Over Who Would Announce a Nuclear Attack
FBI Prevents Agents From Telling 'Truth' About 9/11 on PBS
Eid Holiday Bombings Kill
Up to 24 People in Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
UK Special Forces Man Was Killed in Iraq by Bullet Used by British Troops
US Court-Martial Jails Soldier for Eight Months for Baghdad Murder
US Troops in Iraq Encouraged to Vote in November
Today in Iraq
Amid Progress in Iraq, Sides Have Scores to Settle
Baghdad Seeks to Buy Weapons From Europe
Iraqi Political Situation Fragile
Iraq MP Warns Against Pressing Sadr Loyalists
As Bombs Fall Silent, Iraqi City Rebuilds
Graft Allegations Hinder Red Crescent Aid to Iraqis
Thursday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
US Military
Military Needs Hackers, Stratcom Chief Says
The Latest Star Wars Woes: Launching Fake Targets
Africom Takes Off, in Germany
Military Recruiting Bonuses Grow by 25 Percent
US Embassy Security
Security Fears Cause US to Build New Embassy in Suburban London
Some Attacks on US Missions Overseas
'War on Terror'
Tales of Torture Overseas in a Case Testing US Law
Appeals Court Overturns Two Terrorism Convictions, Citing Errors by Judge
Italy Court Upholds Terror Conviction
Suspected Islamist Militants Tried in France Over Bomb Plot
Pope Says Laws Against Terrorism Must Be Just
Russia's Putin and Ukraine's Tymoshenko in Energy Talks
Putin Accuses Ukraine of Aiding Georgia During War
Assembly Moves to Revive 'Orange' Team in Ukraine
Ukraine Missiles Go Wrong in New Test
Russia Spares Ukraine From Gas Shock Despite Row
EU Says Georgia's South Ossetia Likely Closed to Monitors
Official: Georgian Village Set Ablaze by Militia
Inside Buffer Zone, Georgians Await EU Monitors
In Georgia, Refugees Wait for Promised US Aid
Merkel to Russia: Georgia Territory Non-Negotiable
Russia Says US Financial Hegemony Is History
After War, Russia's Influence Expands
Russia to Deploy New Nuclear Missile
Russia to Build Eight New Nuclear Submarines
Russia Prosecutors Wrap Up Journalist Killing Case
Medvedev Upbeat About Russian-German Ties
Czech Govt Approves Framework Agreement on Strategic Co-Op With US
Belfast Power-Sharing Mired in Deadlock
Poland's Last Communist Leader Pleads Not Guilty
US Encourages Brazil to Buy F-18 Fighter Jets
FARC Operations Increasingly Targeted
Top NATO General in Afghanistan Backs Recruitment of Tribal Forces
Afghans Back Taliban, Says Abducted Senator
Women Who Took on the Taliban – and Lost
Bomber Kills Three; UN Children to Leave Pakistan
Suicide Blast Kills Four at Pakistani Politician's Home
US Watches for Payoff From Pakistan Intel Move
Army-Backed Bajaur Tribesmen Kill Several Taliban
India PM: Time Will Tell if Zardari Will Fight Terror
UN Raises Pakistani Capital Security Level
Next US Leader Must Revamp Pakistan Policy: Study
Indians Question Police Response to Recent Bombings
Rice Going to India Now That Nuke Pact Approved
Nuclear Deal Bolsters India, but No Kowtowing to West
Chronology: Twists and Turns in the India-US Nuclear Deal
Nations Eye India's Vast Nuclear Market
Death Toll Rises to 224 in Indian Temple Stampede
Koreas Quickly End First Talks Since Lee in Office
North Korea Demands End to Propaganda From South
US Says No Compromise on Verifying North Korea's Nuclear Program
US Envoy Seeking to Save Nuke Deal Extends Stay in North Korea
North Korea Preparing to Test New Long-Range Missiles: Report
Sri Lankan Military Bombs Rebel Headquarters
US Calls for 'Free, Fair and Transparent' Vote in Azerbaijan
Cambodia's Genocide Trial Delayed Until Next Year
Pakistan Demands Rights to Nuclear Power After India Deal Is Sealed
Top Israeli General: Don't Be Fooled by the Quiet in the North
Israeli Army Officer Lambasts Rising Jewish Extremism
Palestinian Official Says Conditions for Peace Have Not Changed
Settlers Cleared From West Bank Outpost, Palestinian Olive Grove Set on Fire
Settler Suspected of Shooting at Palestinian Village
Middle East
Bahrain Calls for Middle East Bloc to Bring Together Iran and Israel
Bahrain Activists Slam FM Call for Grouping of Arabs and Israel
Mideast Peace Meet Planned for November
Somalia Pirates
Somali Rebel Chief Advises Pirates to Sink Arms-Laden Ship if Ransom Isn't Paid
UN Seeks New Fight Against Somali Pirates
Kenya Arrests Maritime Source Over Somalia Piracy
Arrest Threat Bad for Darfur Talks: Bashir
Japan to Send Military Officers to UN in Sudan
Mugabe Demands Right to Appoint All Key Ministers
Rebels Deter Investors in Chad
Rebel Leader Calls on Congolese to 'Stand Up' to Govt

Justin Raimondo
The Bubble Boys

Doug Bandow
America Between the Wars

Nebojsa Malic
The Harsh Constant

Alan Bock
No Matter Who Wins,
Expect More Wars

Ivan Eland
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right

Charles Peña
The Pakistan Dilemma

Philip Giraldi
Ashes of Empire

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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