The Presidency in Wartime: John R. MacArthur
In Politics, Honesty Comes at the End: Ivan Eland
Bomb-Bomb Iran: To Avert EMP Attack?: Prather
Israel's Army and Settlers Fall Out: Jonathan Cook
When Is a Holocaust Not a Holocaust?: Wm. Blum

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 Charles Goyette

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 Robert Dreyfuss

Badr Vs. SOIs

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Updated October 4, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
NATO Airstrike Kills 21 in North Waziristan
  Pakistanis Long Have Been Leery of US Presence
2 Blackhawk Helicopters Collide in Baghdad
  US Threatening to Seize Iraq Assets Over Security Pact?
  US Govt Uses Contractors to Probe Iraq Contractors
  US Officials 'Not Interested' in Release of British Hostages in Iraq
  Canadian PM Admits: Iraq War a Mistake
  Report: Iraqi Presidential Council Did Not Approve Election Law Yet
UK Envoy: Need an 'Acceptable Afghan Dictator'
  Taliban Rejects Karzai Call for Talks
Is US Ally Saakashvili a Human Rights Abuser?
  Car Bomb Kills 7 Russian Soldiers in South Ossetia
  Russia to Stage Largest Air Force War Games Since Soviet Times
Israel Fears US Radar Will Leave It 'Naked'
  US Radar in Israel: What's It For, Really?
Syria Won't Open Military Sites to Nuclear Probe
Battle Kills 15 Turkish Soldiers, 23 Kurdistan Rebels
The Presidency in Wartime: George W. Bush Discovers Woodrow Wilson  by John R. MacArthur
Bomb-Bomb Iran: To Avert EMP Attack?  by Gordon Prather
The Death of GOP Electoral Tactics on the War  by Glenn Greenwald
Oslo at 15 Years – a Vanishing Dream  by Daniel Levy
Israel's Army and Settlers Fall Out
by Jonathan Cook
Fanning the Flames in Georgia
by Charles Scaliger

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VP Debate: A Foreign Policy Breakdown
Air Force Grounds Jets Used to Protect Troops in Combat
US Judge Orders Syria to Pay Families of Hostages Killed in Iraq
US Announces Plans to Sell Arms Package to Taiwan
Turkish Jets Hit PKK Positions in Northern Iraq
Company Charged With Fraud in Afghan War Contracts
Beyond French-Angola Arms Trial, Other Iffy Trades
UN: 80 Dead, 100 Wounded
in Somalia Fighting
Today in Iraq
Sadr Repeats Call for US Troops to Go Home
US Forces Release 2,250 Iraqi Detainees
US-Led Forces in Iraq Say They Killed al-Qaeda Leader
Defying a Spate of Bombings, Baghdad Has a Party
Top US Official Negroponte Visits Iraq
Iraq to Reopen Baghdad Bridge Shut Since Deadly 2005 Stampede
Driving Through Iraq, to Samarra
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 3 Iraqis Killed; 3 Iraqis Wounded
US Military
Rare Type of Pneumonia Infecting Troops
US Pilots Take on Lithuania Sky Duty for NATO
US Troops to Staff NATO Base in Hungary
Report: Army Making Toxic Mess in War Zones
Recruitment Costs Rise 25% for Army, Marines
Attorneys: Marine's Delayed Court-Martial Is Ploy
'War on Terror'
Justice Dept. Completes Revision of FBI Guidelines for Terrorism Investigations
British Plans Drawn Up to Deal With Lone Extremists
DHS Satellite Spy Program Going Forward Despite Objections
Ex-Sailor Wants New Trial in Terrorism Case
No Death Penalty for Tanzania Embassy Bomb Suspect

Split Verdicts on Iraq Exports

Ukrainians Deny Giving Wartime Help to Georgia
Russia and Ukraine Jockey in the Black Sea
Russian Opposition Party to Ally With Kremlin
UN in Kosovo Reopens Court in Tense North
Serbian Ex-General Says He Is Innocent
Somalia Deaths Climb, Insurgents Reject Aid Groups
Islamists Declare Sharia Law in Somali Town
Hijackers Off Somalia Show No Sign of Giving Up
Pirate Talks Continue, but Who Would Pay?
Russia: Will Work With US, EU to Stop Pirates
DR Congo
UN Envoy Says Congo Fighting Could Escalate
UN Wants More Troops in Congo as Violence Mounts
DR Congo Peace Program Head Condemns Rebel Call
Congo Army Sends Reinforcements After Militia Attacks
Mbeki to Continue Mediation Efforts in Zimbabwe
Mugabe's ZANU-PF Weeds Out Dissenters
Kenya Terror Suspects in Ethiopia to Come Home
UN Offers to Keep Rwandan in Darfur
Poll: More Australians Want to Leave Afghanistan
Canada's PM: NATO Can't Be in Afghanistan Forever
Six Months in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Wins Spot on IAEA Board After Syria Withdraws
Two Civilians Killed, Four Wounded in Attacks in Afghanistan
US's Rice Seeks Regional Help for Afghanistan
Pakistan Troops Kill 25 Taliban in Tribal Area: Officials
FM: Pakistan Being Made a Scapegoat in Terror War
Polish Engineer Abducted by Taliban in Pakistan
US Think Tank Official: FATA No Longer Part of Sovereign Pakistani State, Can Be Hit by US Forces
Rice Raises Doubts India Nuclear Deal Will Be Signed on Trip
India to Seal Big-Ticket Military Deals
Christian Groups Say Politics Behind India Attacks
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Bombs Rebel Political Chief's Office
North Korea
US Envoy's Visit Did Not Stop North Korea Nuclear Work
US Enovy Says Had 'Substantive' Talks With North Korea
In North Korea, a Port With No Joy
Nuclear Bond for North Korea and Myanmar
Why Syria Will Keep Provoking Israel
Under Western Pressure, Syria Drops Bid for IAEA Board
Palestinian Abbas Plans Syria Visit
Syria, Russia Cooperate on Military Security
Israel Beefs Up Protection for Dimona Nuclear Station
Israel Wants Own Technology on F-35 Stealth Fighters
Settlers Clash With Rabbis Guarding Palestinian Olive Harvest Near Hebron
Israeli General Vows to Use 'Disproportionate Force,' Destroy Lebanese Villages in Future Hezbollah War
Hezbollah: Shaba Farms and Ghajar Will Soon Be Liberated
Middle East
Opposition Party in Egypt Faces Dissent From Within
Tehran Rejects Bahrain FM's Call to Bring Israel in From Cold
Former Defense Minister Detained in Venezuela
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What's Left of the Old Right
A Nation of Sheep
Pakistan Through the Eyes of a Native Son
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Expect More Wars

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Ashes of Empire

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A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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