The Presidency in Wartime: John R. MacArthur
In Politics, Honesty Comes at the End: Ivan Eland
Bomb-Bomb Iran: To Avert EMP Attack?: Prather
Israel's Army and Settlers Fall Out: Jonathan Cook
When Is a Holocaust Not a Holocaust?: Wm. Blum

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 Charles Goyette

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Updated October 5, 2008 - 11:20 PM EDT
US Raid Kills 11 Members of Mosul Family
  Iraq: As Dust Settles, Specter of Violence Returns
  2 US Helicopters Collide, Iraqi Killed, 2 Americans Wounded
  Turkey Presses Iraqis After Attack by Rebels
  UAE Firms Start Pumping Kurdish Gas Over Iraq Objections
Russian Pullout From Georgia Appears on Track
  Georgian Coast Guard to Train on US Warship
  Senior Russia Peacekeeper Died in South Ossetia Blast
Changing the Conventional Wisdom About Iran
  Rice: US Still Considering Diplomatic Outpost in Iran
War on Taliban Can't Be Won, Says UK Army Chief
  Britons Accused Over Roadside Bomb Network
  Relentless Taliban Just Keep Coming
Arabs Among 20 Killed by US Strike in Pakistan
IAEA Nations Urge Non-Nuclear Mideast in Bitter Vote
Turks, Kurdish Rebels in Worst Clashes in 8 Months
Israel: North Korea Has Helped Arm 6 Middle East Nations
The Presidency in Wartime: George W. Bush Discovers Woodrow Wilson  by John R. MacArthur
Bomb-Bomb Iran: To Avert EMP Attack?  by Gordon Prather
The Death of GOP Electoral Tactics on the War  by Glenn Greenwald
Oslo at 15 Years – a Vanishing Dream  by Daniel Levy
Israel's Army and Settlers Fall Out
by Jonathan Cook
Fanning the Flames in Georgia
by Charles Scaliger

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Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion to National Debt
New, Controversial FBI Guidelines Go Into Effect
Standard Warfare May Be Eclipsed by Nation-Building
Jewish 'Modesty Patrols' Sow Fear in Israel
Uighur Detainees May Be Released to US
British Government Will Spy on Every Call and E-Mail
Uighur Detainees May Be Released to US
Despite Ruling, Guantánamo Detainee Cases Facing Delays
UN: 80 Dead, 100 Wounded
in Somalia Fighting
Iraqi Army Takes Over Kurdish Party Headquarters
Iraq Denounces Kurdish Rebel Attack Near Turkey
Source: All Operations Against PKK Took Place Within Turkish Borders
Iraq Calls on Turkey to Practice Self-Restraint After Attack
Iraq Occupation
Negroponte: US Close to Security Deal With Iraq
Tight Security Ahead of Negroponte's Visit to Iraq's Kirkuk
Poland Marks the End of Military Mission in Iraq
Poland Leaves Iraq but Doesn't Give Up Helping US
Today in Iraq

President: Iraq Election Law to Be Ratified After Eid

Iraq Too Dangerous for Many Professionals

Iraqi Political Play Draws Thousands
Baghdad Museum Treasures Still Locked From View
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed; 2 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
DoD Civilians to Fill Some War-Zone Jobs
Family Suspects Cover-Up in Airman's Death
Drug Runners Had Coast Guard Maps of Patrols, Prosecutors Say
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Blames Georgia for South Ossetia Blast
Russia Boosts South Ossetia Security
Rags to Riches for Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov Who Switched Sides
Bomb Explodes in Spain's Basque Country
Protesters March Against Basque Party Bans in Spain
EU Powers Mulling 'New International Financial System'
EU Leaders Divided About Global Financial Crisis
Money Soothes Tensions in Bosnian City Before Vote
Iran: Natural Gas Conference in Tehran Proof US, Israel Pressure Ineffective
Olmert to Head to Russia for Talks on Missiles Sale to Iran
UN General Assembly Chief: Some Security Council Members Worse Than Iran
Israeli Settlements
Israeli Army Chief Slams Settler Attacks
A Piece of the Peace: the One Thing Mideast Talks Are Producing Is More Settlements
Israeli Settler Leader: Shin Bet Behind Attack on Sternhell
Major Fatah Assault Against Hamas Is Expected Soon
Palestinian Authority on Alert for Hamas Takeover of West Bank
New Islamist Armed Group Set Up in Palestinian Territories
Olmert's Concession Call Went Too Far: Kadima Lawmaker
French FM Says Considering Proposal to Deploy International Monitors in Palestinian Territories
Tunnels Feed Besieged Gaza
French FM: Middle East Peace Process Could Be Forgotten
Christian Man Killed in Sectarian Clash in Egypt
Egypt Endorses US Proposal to Host Israeli-Palestinian Peace Conference
Turkey Vows Strong Action as 38 Killed in Kurdish Rebel Violence

Who Are the PKK?

UK Govt 'Utterly Condemns' PKK Attack on Turkish Troops
Jordan King Choses Mainstream Politician as Advisor
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (CA) Set to Rotate Home in Weeks Killed in Afghanistan
Conway (SC) Soldier Killed in Iraq Days Before Going on Leave
Florida Soldier, Former Sailor, Killed on Fourth Tour in Afghanistan
Soldier (TX) Killed in Iraq Helo Crash Was Expecting First Child
Slain Memphis (TN) Soldier Had Hoped to Attend Univ. of Tennessee
Slain Oklahoma Soldier Remembered at Funeral
Belleville (IL) Soldier Killed in Vehicle Accident in Iraq
Special Forces Sergeant From Clay County (WV) Dies in Afghanistan
Avon Lake (OH) Mourns Soldier Killed in Iraq
Thousands Remember National Guard Officer (OK) Killed in Helicopter Crash
Green Beret From South Carolina Killed in Afghanistan
Grim Reality of Life Beyond Helmand
Reports Link Karzai's Brother to Heroin Trade
US Coalition Kills Five Militants in Afghanistan
Britain: Afghanistan Mission Not Doomed
UK Official: Taliban Part of Afghan Solution
Interpol Aims to Bring Afghanistan Police Up to Speed
Pakistanis Bury US Strike Dead

Pakistan: Seven Militants Gunned Down by Tribals

Pakistan's Mysterious New Spymaster
American al-Qaeda Figure Says US Still Runs Pakistan
Al-Qaeda: Pakistanis Should Unite Against Enemies, Establish Islamic State
UK Minister: Military Rule at the Root of Pakistan's Problems
India: Kashmir Gunbattle Ends, 14 Killed
Kashmir Separatists Plan to Defy Ban, Hold Rally
Rice in India Amid Hitches With Nuclear Pact
India Tilts to the US With Nuclear Deal
US and Indian Diplomats Laud Nuclear Deal
Merchants in India Nervously Look to Bombproof Premises
India: Two More Killed in Orissa Violence
Sri Lanka
Fighting Kills 42; Food Aid Reaches Sri Lanka War Zone
Sri Lanka Advances on Capital of Rebels
Sri Lanka's Civil War Rages in the Shadows
US Arms Deal to Taiwan Riles China
Taiwan Welcomes $6.5 Billion US Arms Package
Taiwan Says US Arms Package Signals Warming Ties
North Korea
North Korea's Kim Makes First Appearance Since Illness
A Look at North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il
IAEA Assembly Urges North Korea Return to Atom Shutdown
US Nuclear Envoy Holds North Korea Talks in Beijing
Myanmar Junta Suspends Two Weekly Publications
In Myanmar Crisis, an Old Dissident Sees Hope
Aftermath of a Revolt: Myanmar's Lost Year
Cambodian, Thai Troops Said Hurt in Border Clash
Cambodia Warns Thailand After Border Clash
Thai Police Arrest Top Anti-Government Protest Leader
Rice Sets Sights on Energy-Rich Ex-Soviet Republic
Philippines Farmers' Rag-Tag Army Takes Aim at Muslim Rebels
Somali Gunmen Raid British Aid Group's Office
Somali Pirates Vow to Stand and Fight Against US Navy
Freed Malaysian Crew Tell of Somali Hijacking Drama
Zimbabwe on the Brink of New Crisis as Food Runs Out
Zimbabwe Opposition, Mugabe Fail to Reach Agreement: Officials
Gunmen in Nigeria Kidnap Six Filipinos in Delta Attack

Kidnapped Briton Freed in Southern Nigeria: Military

Command for Africa Is Established by Pentagon
South Africa's Ruling Party at Brink of Split
Ethiopia Returns Suspected Militants, Kenya Says
Chavez Ally-Turned-Critic Is Detained by Venezuelan Military
Diplomatic Breach Widens Between Colombia, Ecuador
Bolivia's Morales Ups Rhetoric Against US Anti-Drug Aid
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