The Alternative to Paralysis: Daniel Levy
John McCain's Tragedy at Sea: Mary Hershberger
Pas d'Argent, Pas de Suisse: William S. Lind
Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo: J. Cook
From Guantánamo to the US: Andy Worthington

 Jon Basil Utley

Costs of Soldiers in Iraq

 Jennifer Daskal

The CIA's Somalia Renditions

 Sheldon Richman

Picking a Fight With Russia

 Charles Goyette

Madman McCain and Worse

US Missile Strike Kills Nine in North Waziristan    Serbia Wins Bid to Review Kosovo Independence    US Report Declares Herat Strike 'Legitimate Self-Defense'    North Korea Bars Inspectors, Prepares to Restart Yongbyon Facility    Syria Says 2 Missing American Journalists Arrested    Draft NIE Warns of 'Downward Spiral' in Afghanistan    Petraeus Confirms Peace Overtures to Taliban    US Says Prepared for Anything as South Claims North Korea Developing Nuclear Warhead    North Korea Reportedly Tests Short-Range Missiles    Malaysian Leader to Step Down    Serbia Wins Bid to Review Independence of Kosovo    National Intelligence Estimate Is Said to Warn of Crisis in Afghanistan    FCC Probes Ties Between Military and Pundits    Iran Halts New Sales Tax After Merchants Strike    Investigating John McCain's Tragedy at Sea    Minister: Pakistan to Take Action if Osama Located    From Guantánamo to the United States    Iraqi Parliament Speaker: Presence of Foreign Troops Country's Biggest Problem    Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo    Sri Lankan Military: 20 Rebels Killed in Fighting    Guantanamo Techniques Applied on US Soil: Civil Rights Groups    Turkish Parliament Extends Mandate on Iraq Strikes    Pakistan's Spy Chief Briefs Lawmakers on Terrorism    Attacks on Christians in Iraqi City Raise Concern    Obama Threatens Dire Consequences if Iran Doesn't Change Its Ways    US Officials Fear Terrorist Links With Drug Lords    No Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks, for Now    America as Superpower: Shaken, Not Deposed    Poll: Policy of Restraint Makes US Safer    ACLU: Bush Admin Tried to Create 'Gitmo Inside the US'    Pas d'Argent, Pas de Suisse    Be Concerned About NorthCom's New Army Unit    Many Approved Torture    Georgians, South Ossetians Face Off Over No-Man's Land    'No Timetable' for SOFA as Troop Immunity Remains a Sticking Point    All Hail Vaporware Missile Defense!    
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Updated October 9, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT
Petraeus: Talk With Taliban, Enemies
  US Calls Deadly Afghan Strike 'Self-Defense'
  Draft NIE Warns of Afghan 'Downward Spiral'
  No Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks, for Now
  NATO to Meet as Afghan War Effort Founders
US Missile Strike Kills 9 in North Waziristan
  Bombs Aimed at Police Kill 10 in Pakistan Capital
N. Korea Bars Inspectors, Restarting Nuclear Site
  US ' Prepared for Anything' With North Korea
  S. Korean General: North May Be Developing Small Nuclear Warhead
Poll: Policy of Restraint Makes US Safer
  America as Superpower: Shaken, Not Deposed
Immunity for US Troops a Barrier in Iraq Talks
  Iraqi Speaker: Foreign Troops Are Country's Biggest Problem
  Turkish Parliament Extends Mandate on Iraq Strikes
  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 19 Iraqis Killed; 34 Iraqis Wounded
Guantanámo Techniques Applied on US Soil
FCC Probes Ties Between Military and Pundits
Serbia Wins Bid to Review Kosovo Independence
Be Concerned About NorthCom's New Army Unit  by Matthew Rothschild
From Guantánamo to the
United States
 by Andy Worthington
Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo  by Jonathan Cook
The Alternative to Paralysis
by Daniel Levy
Pas d'Argent, Pas de Suisse
by William S. Lind
Many Approved Torture  Wichita Eagle

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Obama Threatens Dire Consequences if Iran Doesn't Change Its Ways
Federal Deficit Estimated to Hit Record High
US Turns Away Iraqi Allies
Al-Qaeda Clings to Mosul as Violence Falls in Iraq
Iraqi Govt Paying 49,000 Awakening Force Salaries
Malaysian Leader to Step Down
US Officials Fear Terrorist Links With Drug Lords
Syrian Troops Gather on Lebanese Border
Suicide Bomber Kills 11, Wounds 19 in Front of Baquba Courthouse
Today in Iraq
Attacks on Christians in Iraqi City Raise Concern
As Violence Drops, Iraqi Tribes Begin to Make Amends
Iraqi Provincial Elections Likely to Be Held Early Next Year
Iraq Commemorates Saddam's Mass Grave Victims
Muslim Scholars Back Iraqi Christians
Iraqi Police Mobilize Team to Protect Reporters
Three Christians Killed in Iraq's Mosul
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 19 Iraqis Killed; 34 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Iraq General Says Ready to Replace US Troops in Baghdad
Abandoned Homes Used to Shelter Troops Often Prove Deadly in Iraq
Iraq's Neighbors
Turkish PM Vows to Create Buffer Zone in North of Iraq
Iraq Offers Free Returns for Its Syrian Refugees
US Military
All Hail Vaporware Missile Defense!
Pentagon Researches Alternative Treatments for PTSD, Brain Damage
Court Blocks Judge's Order to Free Chinese Muslims
White House Disagrees With Court on Guantanámo Ruling
Uighurs Ask Court to Not Block Their Release
Pentagon Releases Guantanámo Inmate to Sudan
Documents Say Detainee Near Insanity
'War on Terror'
Former CIA Official: 9/11 Could Not Be Averted
Report: Homeland Security Network Has Problems
UN Rights Chief Warning Over Tackling Terrorism
UK: Two Doctors Face Car-Bomb Terror Trial in London
Flat Linked to Bomb Factory Used by 7/7 Terrorists
Prosecutors: Accused London Car-Bomb Doctors 'Motivated by Religion'
UN Force in Haiti Likely to Be Renewed
Snap Election Called in Ukraine
Ukraine Leader Offers More Time to Solve Crisis
Gates Backs Ukraine's NATO Hopes, Yet Unrest Grows
Orange Coalition in Ukraine Crumbles as Old Allies Struggle for Political Dominance
Russian Troops Quit Abkhazia Buffer Zone
Russia, Georgia Disagree Over Troop Pullback
Georgians, South Ossetians Face Off Over No-Man's Land
Georgia Says Handed Over 'Drunk' Russian Soldiers
Russia to Cut Military to 1 Million by 2012
Medvedev Slams US Post-9/11 Foreign Policy
President Medvedev Shows Friendly Side in First Podcast
World Peacemakers Offer Support for Cyprus Talks
Zimbabwe Cabinet Talks Stalled, Opposition Says
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Says MDC Jeopardizing Talks
South Africa
Mbeki Loyalists Threaten Split From South Africa's ANC
In South Africa, the Party of Mandela Faces a Divorce
UN Faults Seven Officials in Algeria Bombing
Eritrea: Arms Ban 'Covers Up Misguided US Policies'
Congo Accuses Rwanda Troops of Crossing Border
Sudan Makes Case Abroad While Still Bombing Darfur
Mauritanian Parties Urge African Pressure on Coup Leaders
Former Taliban Minister Denies Afghan Peace Talks
Ex-Taliban, Karzai's Brother Had Dinner but No Talks
Gates Asks Europe to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Why It's So Hard to Negotiate With the Taliban
Danish FM for Dialogue With Taliban
Germany to Add Troops in Afghanistan, but With Limits
Protest in Afghanistan Over Envoy's Kidnapping
Japan's Opposition Changes Tack on Afghan Mission
US to Give Afghan Army New Vehicles, Weapons
Afghans Reopen Road Despite Threat to Heritage Site
Swat Valley Taliban Offer Amnesty to Politicians, MPs
Pakistan Takes a Swipe at US-India Nuclear Deal
Minister: Pakistan to Take Action if Osama Located
23 Militants Killed in Bajaur Fighting
Pakistan's Spy Chief Briefs Lawmakers on Terrorism
Pakistan 'Clarifies' Kashmir View
Pakistani MPs Call on US to Free al-Qaeda Suspect
Swat Diary: Living on a Frontline
Bush Signs Landmark US-India Nuclear Legislation
Holy War Strikes India
Yahoo Worker Accused of Role in India Terror
North Korea
Rice Insists North Korea Meet Verification Standards
North Korea Reportedly Tests Short-Range Missiles
US Advises North Korea Against Test-Firing Missiles
US Intelligence: No Signs of Korea Leader Crisis
China Envoy: US Should Stop Taiwan Arms Sales
Taiwan Suggests SARS Was China Warfare Plot
Japan Fighters Scramble for Russian Bombers: Official
Sri Lankan Military: 20 Rebels Killed in Fighting
Thai Protesters Seek Revenge After Clashes
Six Powers to Discuss Iran in a Few Days: US
Iran Halts New Sales Tax After Merchants Strike
Does Ahmadinejad Speak for Iran?
Palestinian Unity Is 'Top Objective' for Leaders
Hamas Gives Nod to Egyptian Proposal for Palestinian Reconciliation
Hamas and Fatah Both Deny Affiliation to Palestinian Hezbollah
'Israel Backs Withdrawing From Ghajar'
Smuggling by Tunnel Goes Legit in Gaza
Israeli MPs: Police Can't Fight Settler Violence
Israelis Seal Off West Bank for Holiest Day on Jewish Calendar
Gaza Fuel Crisis Still Pending
Documents: Israel Underestimated Arab Foes' Strength in 1973 War
Syria Says 2 Missing American Journalists Arrested
Bomb Explodes in Northern Lebanon
Hezbollah Says Missing Israeli Airman Died in 1988
Middle East
Four PKK Separatists, One Turkish Soldier Killed in Clashes
Torture Rampant in Jordan's Prisons, Report Says
Mubarak Pardons Editor Over Health Report
20 Killed, 35 Wounded in Mogadishu Shelling
Somali Troops Kill One in Civilian Vehicle Shooting
Somali Pirate Source: Deal Near on Ukraine Ship
Somali Troops Free British Oil Worker; 1 Killed
Pakistani Oil Worker Briefly Kidnapped in Somalia

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