The American Empire, RIP: Justin Raimondo
Financial Death of the US Empire: Doug Bandow
Afghanistan: The Surge That Failed: Anand Gopal
Systemic Bias in Gitmo Trials: Andy Worthington
Afghan Talks Widen US-UK Rift: Gareth Porter

 Joe Cirincione

Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Russia

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End of the Empire?

 Jon Basil Utley

Costs of Soldiers in Iraq

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Updated October 10, 2008 - 11:24 PM EDT
Mullen: Afghan Situation Will Worsen
  US Calls Deadly Afghan Strike 'Self-Defense'
  Afghan Peace Talks Widen US-UK Rift on War Policy
  Iran Slams West for Seeking Taliban Reconciliation
  Pentagon Sees Reconciliation With Taliban, Not al-Qaeda
Bomb Kills 44 Anti-Taliban Pakistanis, 100 Hurt
  US Drone Strike Kills 9 in North Waziristan
  Pakistani Governor: Evidence of Militant Infiltration From Afghanistan
Maliki Meets Sistani: Troop Immunity Still at Issue
  Talabani Touts New US Concessions on Iraq Pact
  Sadr Bloc Accuses US in MP's Assassination
  US Fears Iran-Backed Killings Ahead of Iraq Polls
  Friday: 40 Iraqis Killed; 88 Wounded
US, Koreas Trade Warnings as Tensions Escalate
  North Korea Bars Inspectors, Restarting Nuclear Site
  North Korea Said to Be Deploying Missiles
Justice Dept: Courts Can't Free Gitmo Detainees
  China Says It Won't Torture Guantánamo Detainees
NSA Agents Admit Spying on Americans' Calls
Crisis Could Put Crimp in US Defense Spending Plans
New Evidence of Systemic Bias in Guantánamo Trials  by Andy Worthington
Iran, Israel, and American Disinformation  by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
The Great Game in the Caucasus: Bad Moves by Uncle Sam  by Conn Hallinan
Afghanistan: The Surge That Failed
by Anand Gopal and Tom Engelhardt
Tortured by the Federal Savior
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Democracy Needs Spontaneity
by John Ozimek

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Serbia Wins Bid to Review Kosovo Independence
Blackwater to Watch Itself on US Arms Export Law
Iran Bombs Cross-Border Areas in Iraq
Blast Kills US-Allied Sunni Militia Chief in Iraq
Corruption Blamed as Cholera Rips Through Iraq
Russian Official Blasts 'Secretive' UN-NATO Deal
NATO Says Russia 'Fully Informed' of UN Deal
French Army Chief Agrees Afghanistan 'Cannot Be Won'
Some at Gitmo See US as Ally
Bombs Aimed at Police
Kill 10, Hurt 14 in Pakistan
Iraq Occupation
US Army Says It Has Disrupted Iraq Weapons Network
Use of 'Sticky IEDs' Rising in Iraq
MPs: US Using Debts to Blackmail Iraq
Iraqi Interpreters Fear Being Unmasked
Today in Iraq
As Fears Ease, Baghdad Sees Walls Tumble
Iraq PM Vows to Find MP's Killers
Security Sources Says 50 Christian Families Flee Mosul
Thursday: 26 Iraqis Killed; 35 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Iraq Kurdish Leader Warns Turkey Over Buffer Zone
Iraqi Who Risked All for Britain Is Left to His Fate in Basra
US Military
Air Force Decides 'Cyber War' Not Worth Separate Command
Panel to Study Military Eavesdropping
Canada Turns Away Another US Deserter
Court Weighs Concerns on Whales and Military
'War on Terror'
UK Used Anti-Terrorism Law to Seize Icelandic Bank Assets
US: Libya Begins Payments for US Terror Victims
Menezes Operations Room Was 'Chaotic'
Russian Scientist May Have Aided Iranian Nuclear Program
Russia Indicates No S-300s for Iran
Syria Frees Two US Journalists Who Entered State Illegally
Syria Troops Kill Three in Clashes at Refugee Camp
Clashes in Acre
Clashes Erupt in Mixed Arab-Jewish City in Israel
Israeli Arab MP: Acre Violence Is Jewish Pogrom Against Arabs
Israeli MP Accuses Arabs of Pogrom Against Jews
Hamas Agrees to Form National Reconciliation Government
Fatah Says Hamas Stalling on Palestinian Unity Plan
Fatah-Hamas Talks Set for October 25 in Cairo
Jews Help Protect Palestinian Olive Harvest From Settlers
Sudan's Beshir Rejects 'Made Up' War Crimes Claims
Bashir: Most of Darfur Is 'Very Normal'
DR Congo
DR Congo Rebels Capture Army Base
Rwandan Attack on DR Congo Town of Goma 'Imminent': DRC Envoy
NATO to Send Ships as Somali Pirates Ease Demands
Zimbabwe Inflation Hits 231 Million Percent
Montenegro, Macedonia Recognize Kosovo's Independence
EU Parliament Calls for Easing Belarus Sanctions
Suicide Attacks a Growing Threat in Pakistan
Four Foreigners Among Nine Killed in US Drone Attack
21 Millitants Killed in Swat Valley
Pakistanis Repudiate Violence
British Pakistanis Concerned Over NATO Strikes
Tribes Torch Taliban Hideouts in Bajaur
Zardari Briefed on Nuclear, Missile Plans
Three Militants Among Five Killed in Bajaur

US Warns Citizens Against Traveling to Pakistan

36 Militants, 10 Civilians Said Killed in Afghanistan: US Forces
NATO Considers Afghanistan Reinforcements Despite Financial Crisis
Will the Afghan Taliban Join Peace Talks?
Nations Balk at US Anti-Drug Plan for Afghanistan
NATO Seeks to Overcome Divide on Afghan Drugs Plan
'Biggest Threat' to US in Afghanistan Is Aided by Pakistanis
Brother of Afghan President to Give Up Seat in Parliament
UK Special Forces Soldier 'Had No Chance of Survival'
US Appears Poised to Remove North Korea From Terrorism List
North Korea Navy Warns of Possible Sea Clash With South Korea
North Korea Warns South Against Provoking Warfare
US Warns North Korea Against Raising Tension With South
US to Take North Korea Off Terrorist List in October: Report
Report: Time for a New Arms Race With China
China Warns US Presidential Rivals on Taiwan Arms
Protesters Reported Beaten, Detained in China
Thailand's Political Drama Spirals Into Violence, Financial Crisis
Thai Protest Leaders Say They Will Surrender
Thai Court Drops Treason Charge Against Protesters
Sri Lankan Minister Escapes Suicide Blast Unhurt
Tit-for-Tat Religious Conversions Haunt India
Early Elections in Ukraine Set for December 7
Ukraine President Says Dec Election Is 'No Tragedy'
Gates Says Ukraine Wants Warships, but Has to Wait
Russia Plans to Boost Military Spending
In Georgia, Russia Saw Its Army's Shortcomings
Russian Tycoon Khodorkovsky Sent to Isolation Cell Over Esquire Interview
Putin: US Image Damaged Forever Over Economy Woes
UN Mission in Georgia Extended
Georgian Villages 'Torched', Satellite Study Shows
A Slow, Wary Return for Georgian Refugees
Abkhaz Youth Hail Independence

Justin Raimondo
The American Empire, RIP

Doug Bandow
Economic Collapse: The Financial Death of the US Empire

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Palin Goes Ballistic

Alan Bock
Evidence of Decline

Ivan Eland
In Politics, If You Have to Be Honest, Wait Until the End of Your Term

Nebojsa Malic
The Harsh Constant

Charles Peña
The Pakistan Dilemma

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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