Can Afghanistan Be Won?: Charles Peña
N More Years!: Gordon Prather
Reagan Palled Around With Terrorists, Too: Jim Lobe
Israel: Wedded to War: Ben White
How to Close Guantanámo: Joanne Mariner

 Jacob Hornberger

Operation Keelhaul

 Steve Clemons

Iran, Palestine, Pakistan

 Declan McCullagh

Bailout Law's Police State Powers

 Joe Cirincione

Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Russia

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Updated October 12, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT

Karzai Offers Taliban a Governing Role


Bush to Launch Post-Election Afghanistan Troop Surge


Afghans Say More Than 100 Taliban Killed in Fresh Clashes


US Open to Taliban Peace Talks

US Missile Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan


Pakistan Blast Toll Rises to 82


Coverup: Taliban Leader Killed by UK Attack Was Pakistan Officer


Minister: India Not Against a US-Pakistan Nuclear Deal

N. Korea to Resume Dismantling Nuclear Sites


US Drops North Korea From Terrorism List


North Korea Releases Kim Jong Il Pictures

Ethiopia Pullout Leaves Somali 'Govt' on Brink

  UK Navy to Tackle Somali Pirates

Insider Projects Drained Missile-Defense Millions

Reagan Palled Around With Terrorists, Too  by Jim Lobe
Closing Guantanámo: How to Do It (and How Not to Do It)  by Joanne Mariner
Evidence Grows That Israel, With US Aid, Is Preparing to Attack Iran  by Joel Brinkley
Time to Face Facts in Afghanistan
by Eric Margolis
N More Years!  by Gordon Prather
No Penny-Pinching at the Pentagon
by David Isenberg

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McCain and Obama on US-North Korea Agreement

Latvia Discussing New Military Exercises With US

For Karl Rove, a Busy New Career and a 'Rovian' Legacy

Al-Arabiya Channel's Website Hacked

US Military: New Killer Drones Could Be Piloted by Teenagers

The Downside to the US-India Nuclear Deal

Anger Against US Mounts
as Iraq Shi'ites Bury Slain MP
Today in Iraq

Painfully Slow Progress in Iraq

Sectarian Rioting Erupts in Baghdad After Bomb Kills at Least 14

Serious Ethnic Challenges Appear in Iraq

Sunni Iraqi Islamic Party Official Survives Attempt in Mosul

Iraq Parliament Suspends Session in Mourning for Sadrist MP

Iraq: Calls to Probe Journalist's Murder

Baghdad Wild Ones Turn Into Uneasy Riders With Motorbike Ban

Iraq Human Rights Minister on Surprise Visit to Falluja

Schools Open, and First Test Is Iraqi Safety

Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 14 Iraqis Killed; 15 Iraqis Wounded
Christians Under Attack

Iraqi Group Urges End of Campaign Against Christians

Thousands of Christians Flee Killings in Mosul

Assyrian Christians Fight to Save Themselves From the New Islamic Iraq

Houses Blown Up as Christians Flee Iraq's Mosul

Occupying Iraq

Iraqi PM Discusses US Pact With Muqtada al-Sadr

Feds Investigate Whether Iraq Contractor Overcharged Government


Afghanistan Weakened by Corruption as Fears Grown Over Taliban

Afghan Intel Says Attack on Afghan Prison Thwarted

Afghan President Reshuffles Cabinet

NATO to Target Afghan Drug Lords Who Aid Taliban

UK Soldier Set to Face Charge Over Friendly Fire in Afghanistan


Pakistan Tribes Raze Taliban Houses After Bombing

Pakistan: Taliban Commander Declares Unilateral Ceasefire in Swat?

Pakistani Students Face US Visa Woes, Miss Fall Semester


India Blocks Flow of Chenab River Into Pakistan Again

Kashmir Activists Don't See Guns as the Answer

Kashmir's First Train Flagged Off Amid Separatist-Led Strike

Anti-Christian Violence Spreads Across India

Kashmir Shuts Down in Protest as Indian PM Visits

Sri Lanka

President: Sri Lanka Needs Political Solution to Conflict

Fighting Kills 41 in Sri Lanka


Thai PM Considers Resigning in Wake of Protests

Supporters of Thai Government Rally Near Bangkok

Dangerous Times in Bangkok

The War at Home

Army Orders Pain Ray Trucks; New Report Shows 'Potential for Death'

New Site Details Chemical Warfare, LSD Tests by US Military

Atheist Soldier to Leave US Army, Drops Religion Suit

US Army Trainee Punished in Beating of Jewish Soldier

Family Blames Soldier's Suicide on Anti-Malaria Drug

Americans Keep Dying

Soldier From Highland (IL) Killed by Blast in Afghanistan

Fallen Soldier's Life Applauded (OK)

Kentucky Army Ranger Dies in Iraq While on Patrol

Marine Colonel Dies From Iraq Injuries (MD)

Slain Fulton County (IL) Soldier Brought Home

Queens (NY) National Guardsman. Dies in Afghanistan

Grieving the Loss of a Fiance, Wedding Was Set for Thanksgiving (FL)

Clashes in Acre

Police: 2 Arab Homes Torched Amid Clashes in Israel Town

Three Jewish Rioters Hurt as Acre Violence Resumes on Saturday


Fatah Welcomes Hamas Assent of Egypt's Reconciliation Plan

Middle East Talks Head to Oxford

Father, Forgive Me, I Will Not Fight for Your Israel

Israel Hires PR Firm on 60th Birthday for a Political Facelift

Palestinian Forces Uncover Large Explosives Lab in Hebron


Israelis Carry Out Operation Near Blue Line and Fly Over Lebanese City

Lebanon Christians Must Seek Reconciliation

Lebanon: Bombing Wounds Two People at Ain Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp

Former Parliament Speaker Husseini Leads Calls for Creation of 'Civil State' in Lebanon

Lebanon Cabinet Seeks Common Front on Syria Troop Move

Middle East

Jordan Islamists Protest Imports of Fruit Grown on 'Land Taken by Zionists'

Turkish Planes Hit 31 PKK Targets in Northern Iraq

Four Kurdish Rebels Killed in Western Iran


Russia Says Troops Can Stay in Ossetia Border Town

Russian Compliance in Georgia Is Disputed

Russia and Her Neighbors

Commonwealth of Independent States: Leaders Meet, Minus a Few

Battle Over Early Election Decree in Ukraine

Cult of Putin Endures as Medvedev Struggles in Russia

Russia Test-Fires Ballistic Missile to Mid-Pacific

Uzbek Activist Sentenced to 10 Years in Drug Case


With Spotlight on Pirates, Somalis on Land Waste Away in the Shadows

More Burundi Troops Deploy in Mogadishu

Somali Pirates Attack Two More Ships in Indian Ocean


Zimbabwe Power Deal Crisis as Top Jobs Seized by Mugabe

Nigeria Wants Cameroon to Share Disputed Peninsula's Security

US Warns of 'al-Qaeda' Group Threat in Sudan


Japan Minister Regrets North Korea Removal From US Terror Blacklist

China Sets Plan to Settle 470,000 Tibetan Herders

Thousands Welcome Exiled Rebel in Indonesia's Aceh


Riot Police Prevent Neo-Nazi March in Belgrade

Austria Far-Right Leader Joerg Haider Dies in Car Accident

Would-Be London Bomber Planned to Leave 'Testament' to bin Laden


For Ousted Candidate, Fight Goes on in Venezuela

Leftist Governor Ready to Be Peru's Premier

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