US Drops 'Dirty Bomb Plot' Charge: A. Worthington
Top Ex-Diplomats Slam US 'Militarization': Jim Lobe
Cheap Thrills: Nebojsa Malic
Mexico's Columbian Exchange: Ted Carpenter
Criminalizing Dissent: Matthew Harwood

 Tim Dickinson

Maverick? Lunatic.

 Lawrence Wilkerson

The Cheney Cabal's Lies and Torture

 Jacob Hornberger

Operation Keelhaul

 Steve Clemons

Iran, Palestine, Pakistan

Report: NATO Air Strike in Helmand Kills 25 Civilians    North Korea Threatens to Freeze Ties With South    US Drone Strikes Kill at Least Six in South Waziristan    US Military: Afghan Policeman Attacks Convoy, Kills US Soldier    Top Ex-Diplomats Slam 'Militarization' of Foreign Policy    Justice Dept. Drops 'Dirty Bomb Plot' Allegation Against Binyam Mohamed    Petition Seeks Impeachment of Iranian Interior Minister    Former FM: Taliban Won't Allow Al-Qaeda to Block Peace    Pakistani Taliban Willing to Lay Down Arms for Peace    88 Militants, Six Afghan Police Killed in Helmand Clashes    Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law    Petraeus Mounts Strategy Review    NATO Modifies Airstrike Policy in Afghanistan    Federal Deficit Hits Record $455 Billion    To Fight Taliban, US Eyes Afghan Tribes    Army Joins Probe of Eavesdropping on Troops    Heavy Fighting in Northern Sri Lanka Kills 53    Pentagon Bans 'Coercive' Interrogation Techniques    Iraqi Govt Slams Gen. Odierno Over Bribe Accusations    Internet Phone Systems Really Make Spying on Phone Calls Inconvenient    Cheap Thrills    Solidiers Killed in Cambodia/Thailand Clash    Afghan Aid Blunders 'Waste Millions'    The Reality of War in Afghanistan    Criminalizing Dissent    War Hero or War Criminal?    US, Iraqi Negotiators Finalize SOFA, Pact Still Faces Long Road to Final Approval    Are You Palling Around With Terrorists?    Iraq Finds 22 Bodies Dumped in Mass Grave    Swede Killed by US Forces in Iraq: Swedish Govt    Gitmo Lawyer Consulted Priest on Trials' Fairness    Mexico's Columbian Exchange    MP: US Troops Close Down Outlets of Sadr City to Prevent Demonstrations    Russia, Georgia to Hold Dueling Peace Talks as Planned Meeting Collapses    Pakistan's Risky Militia Strategy    US Says Number-Two Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq Killed    British Forces: A Token Army of Occupation    
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Updated October 16, 2008 - 9:58 PM EDT
NATO Air Strike Kills 25 Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Taliban May Split With al-Qaeda
  US Military: Afghan Policeman Attacks Convoy, Kills US Soldier
  88 Militants, Six Afghan Police Killed in Helmand
  NATO Modifies Airstrike Policy in Afghanistan
  Afghan Aid Blunders 'Waste Millions'
  To Fight Taliban, US Eyes Afghan Tribes
US Drone Attack Kills Six in Pakistan
  Pakistani Taliban Offers to Disarm for Peace
  22 Killed in Bajaur Amid Reports of Major Offensive
  Pakistan's Risky Militia Strategy
US, Iraq OK Draft for GIs to Stay Through 2011
  MP: US Troops Shut Outlets to Sadr City to Prevent Demonstration
  Al-Qaeda Number Two Killed by US Was Swedish
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded
North Korea Threatens to Cut Ties With South
Georgia-Russia Peace Talks Collapse
Federal Deficit Hits Record $455 Billion
Pentagon Bans 'Coercive' Interrogation Techniques
Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law
Justice Dept. Drops 'Dirty Bomb Plot' Allegation Against Binyam Mohamed  by Andy Worthington
Are You Palling Around With Terrorists?  by Nat Parry
British Forces: A Token Army of Occupation  by David Chandler
The Reality of War in Afghanistan
by Stephen Kinzer
Mexico's Columbian Exchange
by Ted Galen Carpenter
War Hero or War Criminal?
by Robert Richter

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Top Ex-Diplomats Slam 'Militarization' of Foreign Policy
Petraeus Mounts Strategy Review
Internet Phone Systems Really Make Spying on Phone Calls Inconvenient
Army Joins Probe of Eavesdropping on Troops
US Says #2 Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq Killed
Iraq Criticizes US Commander for Bribe Comments
Falling Oil Prices Make Iraq Revisit Budget
Iraq Finds 22 Bodies
Dumped in Mass Grave
Iraq Occupation
US More Cautious in Iraq Appraisals
UK General Says Iraq Has Not Sought Force Removal
US Soldiers in Iraq Can Find Stress Deadlier Than Enemy
Alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq Members Charged With Killing US Soldiers
Today in Iraq
Heads of Churches in Mosul Urge Media to Stop Stirring Up Sectarianism
Baghdad Housing Prices Soar Under Sectarian Shadow
Shi'ite Cults Seek to Wreak Havoc in Iraq
Christian Families Fleeing Mosul Number 1,390
Iraq Urges Coordination With Turkey on PKK Rebels
Wednesday: 1 Swede, 41 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
US Military
Widow Says Husband's Slaying Not Army's Fault
Reverse! Air Force Wants More Flyboys, Fewer Jets
US 'War on Terror'
Gitmo Lawyer Consulted Priest on Trials' Fairness
Bogus Anthrax 'State of Emergency' Protects Drugmakers, Not Public
Dirty Bomb Allegations Against Terror Suspect Withdrawn
14 Accused of Sending Illegal Profits to Mideast
Muslim Man Wants Review of Security Clearance Revocation
In Many US Airports, Guns Are Okay Outside Security
UK 'War on Terror'
UK Government Considering Huge Telecoms Database
UK Govt Monitoring 'Another Great Plot': Security Minister
Muslim Convert Admits Botched Suicide Attack in Exeter
Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Wins Legal Victory
Russia & Her Neighbors
UN Court Tells Russia, Georgia to Protect Minorities
Russia Should Join EU, Berlusconi Says
Russian Lawyer Suspects Mercury Poisoning
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Pessimistic About Talks
Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Drag, but Signs of Progress
Somali Islamist Leader Backs Rival Leader's Replacement
Somali Pirates Rethink Blowing Up Ship
NATO Ships Head to Join Anti-Piracy Operations Off Somalia Coast
Nigeria Concerned Over Falling Oil Price: Minister
Nigerian Court Orders Shell to Hand Over Oil Terminal Land
Recent Fighting in Eastern Congo Has Uprooted 100,000 People, UN Says
Reported Detention of Darfur Crimes Suspect Welcome: UN
Former South African Provincial Head Joins ANC Rebels
Decisive Action in Bajaur 'Likely'
Saudi Hosts Taliban Talks to Bolster Pakistan
Bomb Threat Grounds Jetliner in Pakistan
Pakistani Intelligence Agents Re-Arrest American
Pakistani, Chinese Presidents Meet in Beijing
Pakistan, Afghan, US Top Commanders Meet
Afghanistan: Pakistan's Ex-Spymaster Outlines Taliban Demands
Gates: International Effort in Afghanistan Falling Short
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Blast: Ministry
39 Indian MPs Threaten to Resign Over Sri Lanka
India Ask UN for Strong Measures to Fight al-Qaeda, Taliban
Sri Lanka
Heavy Fighting in Northern Sri Lanka Kills 53
Minister: Sri Lanka Arresting Any Tamils With ID Cards From Rebel Held Areas
Bomb Blasts Kills Three in Southeast Nepal
Nepali Police Detain 10 Over Blast
South Korea Defends US Nuke Deal With North Korea
North Korea's Seductress Spy Sent to Prison
Solidiers Killed in Cambodia/Thailand Clash
Azerbaijan's Aliyev Sweeps to Re-Election Victory
Petition Seeks Impeachment of Iranian Interior Minister
Iranian Reformers Wonder if Khatami Can Rise Again
List of Possible Challengers to Iran's Ahmadinejad
Iran to Mull Over Military Budget Hike
Iran to Flex Muscles in Aerial Drill
Australia Puts More Sanctions on Iran
Australia Drops Legal Threat Against Iranian President
Israeli Labor MP Slams 'Pathetic' Coalition Agreement
Palestinian Group Threatens Israeli Minister
West Bank Settlers' Rage Grows
Israeli Arab Gets House Arrest for Yom Kippur Drive
Israeli Troops Shoot Second Palestinian 'Firebomber' in Two Days
Thousands of Christians March in Jerusalem Parade
Damascus Says Lebanon, Syria Face Same Threat
US Protests to Syria Over Detained Journalists
Syrian Rights Group Accuses Security Forces of Killing Activist
Middle East
Turkey's Military Rejects Criticism Over PKK Attacks
Up North, Hothouse of Tension in Lebanon
As Election Looms, Chávez Steps Up Rhetoric
Chilean General Sentenced in Human Rights Case

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