Back to the Future by Justin Raimondo
NATO: Dangerous Anachronism by Doug Bandow
Goodbye to Defense's Gilded Age?: Travis Sharp
'City of Coexistence' Shows Its True Colors: Cook
US Journalists and War-Crime Guilt: Peter Dyer

 John L. Esposito

Who Speaks for Islam?

 Shashank Bengali


 Douglas Valentine

The Phoenix Program

 Tim Dickinson

Maverick? Lunatic.

Daniel Ellsberg: The President Is Not a King    Commander Says Taliban Won't Fight Pakistani Forces in Waziristan    Iraqi Clerics Speak Out Against US Security Pact    Spies Worry Hackers Could Fuel Financial Panic    Rice: US Will Never Allow Syrian 'Military Intervention' in Lebanon    Army Cancels 9.2-Billion-Dollar Helicopter Contract    US Officials: Surge Needed to Beat Taliban    Turkish Military Says 35 PKK Rebels Believed Killed    Has the 'Amber Light' Turned Green?    At Least 60 Killed in Swat Valley Bombardment    Two International Soldiers Killed in Afghan 'Friendly Fire': Military    Will Transplanting the Strategy in Iraq to Afghanistan Save the Day?    How the Recession Could End the Iraq War    Palin Omitted From White House Iraq Troop Briefing    Tehran Mayor Backs Talks With US    Baffle Them With Warfare    Pakistani Govt Split on Terror Policy    Maliki in Damage-Control Mode    Nuke Detection Is Latest Fallout From Georgia War    US Says North Korea Stuck to Nuclear Promises    Troops Would Face Different Kind of Court in Iraq    Afghanistan: Not a Good War Gone Bad    Iraq's PM Slams Top US Soldier Over Comments    Afghan Authorities Probe Civilian Deaths in Battle    Report: Bush Offered to Push for Golan Pullout if Syria Cuts Iran Ties    Civilian Dead Are a Trade-Off in NATO's War of Barbarity    America's National Strategy of Global Intervention    
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Updated October 17, 2008 - 11:24 PM EDT
Pakistani Govt Split on Terror Policy
  Pakistan Says Kills 60 Militants in Air Strike
  US Drone Attack Kills Six in Pakistan
  Violence Wounds Pakistani Trust in US
NATO Air Strike Kills 25 Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Forces See Growing Defections to Taliban
  Petraeus Warns of 'Longest Campaign' in Afghanistan
  Afghan Policeman Attacks Convoy, Kills US Soldier
  New British Army Head: 30,000 More Troops Needed to Beat Taliban
US-Iraq Pact Faces Uphill Fight in Parliament
  Al-Qaeda Number Two Killed by US Was Swedish Citizen
  Iraq Allows Doctors to Carry Guns for Security
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded
Analysts: Al-Qaeda Has Funds Despite Economic Woes
  Terrorists Hate Commuting
US Policies May Have Contributed to Iran Revolution: Study
Despite Reforms, Congress Hides $3.5b in Defense Earmarks
America's Coup D'État in the Making: Deception and Self-Deception  by Claes G. Ryn
Israel's 'City of Coexistence' Shows Its True Colors  by Jonathan Cook
Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Looks Irreversible  Amy Goodman interviews Nir Rosen
Iran Readies Its End-Game Iraq Strategy  by Robert Dreyfuss
Goodbye to Defense's Gilded Age?
by Travis Sharp
A Mad Scramble Over Afghanistan
by M.K. Bhadrakumar

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US Afghan Review to Be Completed After Election
North Korea Threatens to Freeze Ties With South
Release of 17 Guantánamo Detainees Sputters as Officials Debate the Risk
Swedish Lawyer Questions US Killing of al-Qaeda Number Two in Iraq
Shi'ite Split Could Complicate US Security Pact
GOP Donor Is Accused of Overcharging Pentagon
Is Israel's Booming High-Tech Industry a Branch of the Mossad?
The Worst Is Over,
but Colombia's War Goes On
Iraq Occupation
Bush Team Pushes Hard for Iraq Security Deal
Gates Consulting Congress on Iraq Agreement: Pentagon
Pentagon: Iraq Pact Adequately Protects Troops
Sadrists Refuse Presidential Invitation to Discuss US Security Pact
US Unveils Iraq Culture Aid
US Army Arrests al-Qaeda Members in Mosul
Baghdad Puppy Ratchet Is Free to Go to US
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Not as Secure as Government Claims, Residents Say
As Iraq's Oil Flows Freely, Profits Are Stuck in Bureaucracy
Blankets and Food Sent to Christians Fleeing Mosul
Trial of Iraqis Suspected in US Killings Delayed
Sandstorm Causes Havoc in Baghdad
Reclaiming an Iraqi Life After Exile
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq's Neighbors
Iran Condemns Attacks on Christians in Iraq
Red Cross: Iran, Iraq Agree to Trace War Missing
Jordan's Ambassador Takes Up Post in Baghdad

'War on Terror'

UK and European Police Link Child Porn, Terrorism
Glance at Islamic Terror Money
High-Security Research Labs Not So High Security
Russia & Her Neighbors
EU: Russian Troop Pullout From Georgia Not Enough
EU Delays Decision on Russia Partnership Talks
Russia Plans Major Military Reform
UK Envoy: Will Press Russia in Litvinenko Case
Spanish Police Arrest 13 Suspects in Terror Raids
Spanish Civil War Crimes Investigation Launched
Arms Witness Death Accidental, Albania Probe Says
Czech Politicians Debate Foreign Missions
Sarkozy Accuses Ex-Spy Chief of Violating His Privacy
Rebels Absent as Sudan Holds Darfur Peace Meeting
Victims of Darfur Conflict, Bashir's Political Opponents Ridicule 'Sham' Peace Initiative
Darfuris Say Sudan Initiative Dead in Water
Deadlocked Zimbabwe Cabinet Talks to Resume
Report: Mugabe Plans Changes to Appease Opposition
Protesters Are Beaten in Southern Zimbabwe
At Least 23 Killed in Mogadishu Fighting: Witnesses
Report: 405 People Shot Dead in Kenya Post-Election Violence
Venezuela Buying Russian Tanks, Armored Vehicles
Colombia's Uribe Said to Hinder Militia Probes
In Nicaragua, Political Dissidents Targeted
Suicide Attack Kills Four at Pakistani Police Station
US Plan to Help Pakistan Fight Insurgents

Pakistani Police Shoot Dead Four Prisoners in Riot

40 Uzbek Militants Held in Kohat
Recent NATO Commander Touts Afghan 'Progress'
German Parliament Backs Extra Troops for Afghanistan
General: Taliban Gets Foreign Help but Won't Win
Indian Police Shying Away From Maoist Heartland
India Opposition Says Tamil Quit Threats a 'Farce'
Officials to Meet Over Deadly Thai-Cambodia Border Gunbattle
Thailand-Cambodia Agree to Joint Border Patrols
Thai Army Chief Urges PM to Resign
Azerbaijan Leader Re-Elected, OSCE Criticizes Vote
US Welcomes 'Progress' in Azerbaijan Election
CIA Behind Bali Bombs, Claims Cleric
Sri Lanka Fighting Forces UN Aid Convoy Back
Maoists Among Bhutan's Nepali Refugees Ready for War
China Blocks New Iran Sanctions Talks: Diplomats
Iran's Army Air Force Begins Military Exercise
Iran's Reformist Ex-President Back in Spotlight
Iran's Khatami Stays Mum Over Mooted Presidential Bid
US Treasury Plans More Iran Terror Finance Actions
Iran Blames US 'Hegemony' for Financial Crisis
Iran Has Changed, Says Former Middle East CIA Agent
Argentine Prosecutor Accepts Demand for Embargo on Iran
Report: Israel Ready to Free All Prisoners Hamas Demands for Shalit
Israel's Livni Facing Religious Reservations in Coalition Talks
Latest West Bank Deaths Prompt Fears of Resurgent Violence
When Settlers Strike, Palestinians Point and Shoot Video
Olmert and Abbas Will Not Meet as Announced: Erakat
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian, Wound Another in West Bank
Report: Israeli Troops Seized Hebron Home, Forced Family Into Small Enclosed Room for Days
In Gaza, Gunmen Taking Advantage of Ceasefire to Get Married
Extremists Turn Their Wrath on Syria, Lebanon
25 Years Later, Bombing in Beirut Still Resonates
Middle East
Clashes Kill 5 Turkish Soldiers and 5 PKK Rebels in Iraq
Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing to Allow Patients Into Gaza

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Palin Goes Ballistic

Ivan Eland
In Politics, If You Have to Be Honest, Wait Until the End of Your Term

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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