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That Iranian 'Bomb'? Relax: Robert Dreyfuss
Military Action May Be Legal, But Not Smart: Eland
Meeting the Challenges of 2025: Gordon Prather
Kids, Get Your Feet Off the SOFA!: Kelley Vlahos
20 Reasons to Shut Down Gitmo Trials: Worthington

 Joseph Sottile

The Warning

 Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Iranians to US: Please Let Us Be

 Robert Prechter

Predicting Wars With Charts

 Tim Cavanaugh

Death and Deception in South Ossetia

Ringed by Foes, Pakistanis Fear the US, Too    Ingushetia in 'State of Civil War'    Militants and Military Brace for a Winter of War in Afghanistan    Britain Pays Out £700,000 in Compensation to Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan    India Shocked by Discovery of First Hindu Terror Cell    Hillary Demands Obama Purge Her Foreign Policy Critics    US to Provide Lebanon With M60 Tanks    Candidate for US Security Adviser Wants NATO Force in West Bank    Marines Got More Than They Bargained for in Afghanistan    Israeli Roadblocks Holding Back Private Sector: Abbas    North Korea Renews Criticism on Seoul After UN Measure    Dozens Killed in New Afghan Violence    Pirates Will Infest Gulf if US Quits Iraq Too Soon: Minister    Bush Scrambles for North Korea Breakthrough    Iraqi Parliament Vote on US Pact Now Set for Wednesday    Defiant Congo Rebels Stage Rally in Captured Town    US Warship Arrives in Georgian City of Batumi    Iraq's Prime Minister, President in Public Quarrel    US Eyes 'Surge' of Over 20,000 for Afghanistan    Gates: Financial Woes No Excuse in Funding Afghan War    Afghanistan Could Oppose Foreign Troops Without More Cooperation to Defeat Taliban    A Fearful End to Sri Lanka's War?    Dozens Killed as Fighting Intensifies in Somalia    Somali Rebels Take Steps to Attack Tanker Pirates    US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan    Military Action May Sometimes Be Moral and Constitutional, But Not Smart    The List of the Governments That Have Persecuted Journalists    That Iranian 'Bomb'? Relax.    To Each His Own Nuke    Kids, Get Your Feet Off the SOFA!    
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Updated November 22, 2008 - 11:19 PM EST
Mahdi: New Insurgency if US Stays Until 2011
  Iraq's Presidency Demands Suspension of Pro-Maliki Militias
  Iraq's Race for Political Advantage After US Departure
  US to Begin Using Search Warrants in Iraq
  Friday: 3 GIs, 3 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Post
  Gates Meets With Obama Defense Transition Team
  Brennan, Harding Slated for Top Intelligence Jobs
US Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan
  Pakistan Army Practices Shooting Drone Aircraft
  CIA Steps Up Drone Hits on Pakistan
  Blast Kills 10 at Shi'ite Funeral in Pakistan
Gates Wants Troop Surge Before Afghan Vote
  Pentagon Wants British Iraq Forces Redeployed in Afghanistan 'Surge'
Syria Dismisses IAEA Report, Wants Probe to End
  US Says IAEA Hardens Fear of Covert Syria Atom Site
Iran Rejects US Reports It Has Basis for Atom Bomb
Kids, Get Your Feet Off the SOFA!
by Kelley Vlahos
The List of the Govts That Have Persecuted Journalists  by Glenn Greenwald
20 Reasons to Shut Down the Guantánamo Trials  by Andy Worthington
To Each His Own Nuke  by William Pfaff
Meeting the Challenges of 2025
by Gordon Prather
The Vietnam Exposé That Wasn't
by Nick Turse

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Obama to Delay Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
EU Wants Early Foreign Policy Focus From Obama
Islamists Say They'll Fight Somali Pirates
Is Somalia on the Verge of an Islamist Takeover?
Key UN Committee Targets Iran, North Korea, and Mynamar as Rights Abusers
Israel's Newest Bid to Isolate Hamas Pushes Gaza to Crisis
Official: Virus Strikes
Some Pentagon Computers
Russian Ships to Venezuela in Show of Power
US-Iraq Pact
Contractors in Iraq Could Face Charges in Earlier Incidents
Thousands Protest Security Pact in Baghdad
Summary: Pact on Withdrawal of US Forces From Iraq
Summary: Iraqi Parliament to Vote on US Troops Pact
Today in Iraq
Sons of Iraq in Tug of War
Mosul's Christians Make Timid Return After Killings
Iraqi Troops Donate Money to US Wildfire Victims
Friday: 3 GIs, 3 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Associated Press Lifts Ban on Military Photos
More US Soldiers Seek Substance Abuse Help
Tiny Clay Figures Are Reminders of Growing Iraq Death Toll
The Granny Peace Brigade Campaigns to Close All US Military Bases – in Latin America and Around the World
White House Disagrees With Court on Guantánamo
Number of Juveniles Held at Guantánamo Almost Twice Official Pentagon Figure
Five Gitmo Detainees Blame Arrest on 'Political Game'
DR Congo
Congo's Kabila Has Few Options but Talk to Rebels
UN: Congo Refugees Suffer Shooting, Rape, Looting
French Govt Demands UN Troops Use Force in Congo
Mai Mai Fighters Third Piece in Congo's Violent Puzzle
Congo Demands Stronger Mandate for Reinforced UN Troops
UN Expects New Peacekeepers in Congo in Weeks
Somalia Gunbattle Kills 17 in Capital; 6 Wounded
India May Deploy More Warships to Fight Pirates
Summary: Foreign Ships Off Somalia
Study: Fewer Terror Attacks in Algeria This Year
US Sending First Envoy to Libya in 36 Years
Rwandan Presidential Aide Expresses 'Surprise' at Arrest
Sandinistas Party as Nicaragua Opposition Cries Vote Fraud
US Allies and Prospects in Latin America Frustrate Russia's Efforts to Build Ties
Weekend Reviews
Deflating the Churchill Myth
Books Explore Courtroom Battlefield in the War on Terrorism
What's the Matter With Libertarians?
Two Books Reveal What Happened to American Justice After Our Govt Began Practicing Torture and Indefinite Detention
Pentagon Chief Seeks Afghan South Strategy Change
Four Afghan Civilians, Four Insurgents Killed in Separate Attacks
22 Militants Killed in Bajaur Blitz
Army Called in to Quell Angry Mobs After Pakistan Bombing
India Revises Kashmir Death Toll to 47,000
50 Hurt in Kashmir Clashes
Troops Patrol Kashmir to Thwart Anti-Poll Protests
Kashmir Residents 'Sick and Tired' of Curfews
'Hindu Terrorism' Debate Grips India
China, Taiwan Hold High-Level Meeting
China Vows Not to Compromise With Tibetan Exiles
Where Does the Tibetan Movement Go From Here?
Japan, South Korea Pressure North Korea in Nuke Row
Bomb in Southern Nepal Kills Child, Wounds Three
Sri Lanka Troops on Outskirts of Rebel Capital
Fatal Blast at Thai PM's Office
Myanmar Comic Jailed for 45 Years
Olmert Eyes New Commitments on Iran During US Visit
Britain's Miliband Calls Iran World Threat
EU's Solana Says Obama Team Must Engage Iran More
Senator Asks Congress to Press Iran on Missing FBI Agent
Peres Warns Evacuation of Settlers May Lead to Civil War
Haniyeh: if Israel Abides by Truce, So Will Palestinian Groups
Rocket Hits Israeli City, Gaza Still Sealed
Gaza Activists On Hunger Strike
Security Increase in Tense Hebron
Israel in New Bid to Strip Arab Ex-MP of Nationality
Middle East
Shootout With Soldiers Kills 1 in North Lebanon
Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline on Fire After Attack
US Wary on Chances of Normal NATO-Russia Ties
Russian Computer Game Acts Out New Georgia War
UN Extends European Union Force in Bosnia
French Charge Suspected Basque Terrorist Leader
Doctor Accused of UK Bomb Plot Is a Pacifist
Group: Greece, Turkey Failed to Destroy Mine Stockpiles

Justin Raimondo
Stop Hillary!

Ivan Eland
Military Action May Sometimes Be Moral and Constitutional, But Not Smart

Doug Bandow
Learning from John McCain's Mistakes: Supporting Aggression in the Caucasus

Charles Peña
Missile Defense and
the American Empire

Philip Giraldi
AIPAC's Man in
the Obama Camp

Alan Bock
Gitmo Disappointment Coming

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Nebojsa Malic
Obama's Choice

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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