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Meeting Medvedev Halfway: Patrick Buchanan
Eyes Wide Shut: Uri Avnery
Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift: Robert Parry
The End of Ideology, Again: Glenn Greenwald
Group Calls for Changes in Americas Policy: Lobe

 David Henderson

Ethics in Finance and Foreign Policy

 Ron Paul

Against Empire

 Joseph Sottile

The Warning

 Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Iranians to US: Please Let Us Be

Hemispheric Group Calls for Major Changes in Americas Policy    At Kremlin, Optimism on US Ties Under Obama    Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows    Court Backs Warrantless Searches of Americans Abroad    NATO Distances Itself From US Drone Strikes    Report: US Asked Israel Not to Start Any Major Wars Until Obama Takes Office    ElBaradei: No Legal Basis for Curbing Syria's IAEA Rights    US Struggles to Rescue Pakistani Military Ties    Israeli DM: Hezbollah Has 42,000 Rockets, Some Can Hit Reactor    Obama's Unusual Transition: Already a Co-President    Despite Obama's Pledges, Future of Guantanamo Inmates Unclear    Nuclear Abolition Attracting Mainstream Policy Thinkers    Russia's New Presence in Latin America    Iraq MP: US Should Pay Compensation for Invasion    Baghdad Bombs Kill 20, 1 Hits Green Zone Entry    Sri Lankan Rebels Say They Killed 43 Soldiers    Meeting Medvedev Halfway    Influence Wanes for Followers of Iraq's Sadr    US: Administration Change Gives Iran New Chance    Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift    Venezuelan Opposition Gains in Vote    Frozen Scandal    Somali Islamists Threaten Pirates    Controversy as Zardari Rules Out Nuclear First Strike    Media Protest at Israeli Ban on Gaza Strip Access    Israel Lets Limited Aid Into Hamas-Run Gaza Strip    Eyes Wide Shut    The End of Ideology, Again    The New Welfare State    Kabul 30 Years Ago, and Kabul Today. Have We Learned Nothing?    
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Updated November 25, 2008 - 11:26 PM EST

Obama to Name Gates, Clinton, Jones

  US Tells Israel No Wars Until Obama in Office
  Despite Obama's Pledges, Future of Guantánamo Inmates Unclear

Opposition Grows as Iraq Pact Vote Looms

  Maliki to Gain Power With US Pact

Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows

  Iraq MP: US Should Pay Compensation for Invasion

Tuesday: 3 GIs, 6 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis Wounded

NATO Distances Itself From US Drone Strikes


US Struggles to Rescue Pakistani Military Ties


Pakistan Veterans Group: Govt Should Cut NATO Supply Line

IAEA: No Basis for Curbing Syrian Nuclear Rights

Meeting Medvedev Halfway
by Patrick Buchanan
The End of Ideology, Again
by Glenn Greenwald
Kabul 30 Years Ago, and Kabul Today. Have We Learned Nothing?  by Robert Fisk
Eyes Wide Shut  by Uri Avnery
Frozen Scandal  by Mark Danner
The New Welfare State  by Doug Bandow

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Hemispheric Group Calls for Major Changes in Americas Policy

Nuclear Abolition Attracting Mainstream Policy Thinkers

Obama's Unusual Transition: Already a Co-President

US-Based Muslim Charity Found Guilty of Funding Hamas

Court Backs Warrantless Searches of Americans Abroad

Report: Iran Dismantles Israel-Linked Spy Network

Today in Iraq

Influence Wanes for Followers of Iraq's Sadr

Iraq Says Kurds Can Seek Arms, but Must Inform Govt

Progress in Iraq's Kurdish Region Leaves No Room for Some

Iraqi Court Acquits Legislator for Making Trip to Israel

Iraq Troops Pact

Iraqi Foes of Security Deal Seek to Shield Assets

Sunni Party Denies Anti-Pact Arm Twisting

Iranian Leaders Speak on US-Iraqi Pact

Attacks Continue

Bomb Attacks in Baghdad Underline Insurgent Defiance

Iraqi Official: Female Bomber Was Disabled; Vest Ignited by Remote

Monday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded
US Military

Special Forces Get Stealth Robocopter

Army Launches $50 Million Video Game Push

'War on Terror'

Court Refuses to Intervene in Young Gitmo Detainee Case

Court Mulls Early Release of Uighurs From Gitmo

Can US Judges Order Detainees Released?

Osama bin Laden's Driver 'to Be Moved From Guantánamo Bay'


US: Administration Change Gives Iran New Chance

India Emphasizes Deeper Ties With Iran

Ahmadinejad Calls UN Resolutions Against Iran Worthless

Gaza Chokes

Israel Lets Limited Aid Into Hamas-Run Gaza Strip

Media Protest at Israeli Ban on Gaza Strip Access

Hungry Gazans Resort to Animal Feed as UN Blasts Israel

Egypt Bolsters Gaza Border Force

Palestinians Line Up for Dwindling Cash in Gaza


Israel's Olmert Urges Obama to Pursue Mideast Peace

Israeli Minister Urges Backing for Arab Peace Plan

Bush, Olmert Have Last Meeting Before Ending Terms

Bush Insists Vision of Palestinian State Lives

Israeli DM: Hezbollah Has 42,000 Rockets, Some Can Hit Reactor

Hamas Leader Rejects Early Elections

Palestinian Meet in Syria Highlights Refugees' Right of Return

Officials: Palestinian Troops Headed to Bethlehem

Israel, Settlers Reach Outpost Compromise

Israeli Activists Video Police Headbutting Woman


At Kremlin, Optimism on US Ties Under Obama

Blast in Kosovo Chafes Bond With Germany

US Intel File Held on Blair While He Was PM


Commander: More NATO Forces Needed in Afghanistan

NATO Hopes for Obama Boost to Afghan Effort

Afghans Say Obama Promises More US Military Help

UN: Afghan Children Being Recruited as Fighters

UN Security Council to Review Afghan Mission


Top al-Qaeda Man al-Masri Was Missile Target

Lawyer Denies Pakistani Militant Died in US Strike

Pakistan Says Militants Pushed Back From Peshawar

15 More Killed in Swat Valley Operation

Locals Suffer as Curfew Tightens in Pakistan Tribal Villages

Eight Hurt in Peshawar Bomb Blast

Musharraf Wants to Start Peace Think Tank

IMF Board Approves $7.6 Billion Credit to Pakistan

South Asia

Controversy as Zardari Rules Out Nuclear First Strike

Pakistan Senator Accuses US, India, Afghanistan of Creating Trouble in Balochistan

Sri Lankan Rebels Say They Killed 43 Soldiers


Somali President Rejects Ethiopian Troops' Withdrawal, 11 Ethiopians Killed

Somali Islamists Threaten Pirates


Refugees: Troops Go on Looting Spree at Congo Camp

UN Envoy Says Congo Rebels Want to Join Army

UN Envoy Urges Congo Leader to Talk to Rebel Chief


Zimbabwe May Soon Collapse, Say Annan, Carter

Zimbabwe Rivals in New Talks to End Deadlock


North Korea to Curtail Cross-Border Contacts With South

Economy, Not Rights, Rules the New China-US World

China Maintains Hold on Tibet and Tests Dalai Lama

Thai Protesters Surround Parliament


Russia Denies Troops Fired at Georgian and Polish Presidents

Vladimir Putin Urges Barack Obama to Drop Missile Shield

Russia Says US Mercenaries, Others Fought for Georgia

Israeli Politics

Four Killed in Chechnya Explosion

NATO Eyes Face-Saver for Ukraine, Georgia

Dreaming of Oil, Greenland Votes on More Autonomy

Russia in Latin America

Medvedev: Russia to Revive 'Privileged' Ties With Latin America

Russia Challenges US Dominance With Venezuela Naval War Games

Russia's New Presence in Latin America


Curaçao Buffeted as It Plays Host to US Military Site, Venezuelan Business Interests

Venezuelan Opposition Gains in Vote

Once Considered Invincible, Chávez Takes a Blow

Venezuela's Chavez Faces New Challenges


Justin Raimondo
Obama's Foreign Policy:
The Case for Pessimism

Ivan Eland
Military Action May Sometimes Be Moral and Constitutional, But Not Smart

Doug Bandow
Learning from John McCain's Mistakes: Supporting Aggression in the Caucasus

Charles Peña
Missile Defense and
the American Empire

Philip Giraldi
AIPAC's Man in
the Obama Camp

Alan Bock
Gitmo Disappointment Coming

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Nebojsa Malic
Obama's Choice

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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