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US Won't Participate as Cluster Bomb Ban Signed    Obama Urged to Quickly Engage Iran, Syria    Over US Objections, NATO Resumes Contacts With Russia    US and India See Link to Militants in Pakistan    Obama Appointee Adds to Mixed Signals on Gitmo    Pakistan Sees Internal Rapprochement as India Tensions Linger    Victory for Protesters as Thai Court Ousts Ruling Party    Gates, Obama on Same Page on Iraq    Advanced US Warning Adds Fuel to Post-Mumbai Criticisms    US Hopes to Quiet Indian-Pakistani Tensions    NATO Snubs US by Resuming Russia Contacts    The Meaning of Mumbai    Syria-Based Iraqis Protest Against Iraq-US Pact    US-Iraqi Accord Shows Muqtada Sadr's Diminished Clout    Zimbabwe's Meltdown in Figures    Somali PM Wants Ethiopian Troops to Stay    Livni Says Doesn't Want Intervention in Peace Talks    Israeli Strike Kills 2 in Gaza After Mortars Fired    Settlers May Be Israel's Toughest Battle    Clinging to the Wreckage    Iran Holds Naval War Games in Strategic Waterway    India, Pakistan Tread Lightly After Mumbai Attack    Is Iran Policy Still Up for Grabs?    More Security, Less Secure    US Soldiers Re-Enlisting Because of Poor Economy    Campaign for 'Forgotten Refugees' Downplays Palestinian Losses    De Facto Junta?    'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Death in Iraq    Train Explosion in Northeast India Kills 10    Try Tough Love, Hillary    Force Bush to Testify About Pardons    
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Updated December 3, 2008 - 11:21 PM EST

Gates, Obama on Same Page on Iraq


Gates: Military Looks to Accelerate Iraq Pullout


'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Death in Iraq


Tuesday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 49 Wounded

US Warning Adds Fuel to Mumbai Criticisms

  India Says No Military Action Over Mumbai

Pakistan Sees Internal Rapprochement as India Tensions Linger


US Hopes to Quiet Indian-Pakistani Tensions

  US and India See Link to Militants in Pakistan

In Snub to US, NATO Resumes Russia Contact


US Softens Stance on Russia at NATO Summit

Iran Holds Naval War Games in Hormuz

US Won’t Participate as Cluster Bomb Ban Signed

Victory for Protesters as Thai Court Ousts Ruling Party

Obama Appointee Adds to Mixed Signals on Gitmo

Is Iran Policy Still Up for Grabs?
by Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Engelhardt
Nobody's Ever Gone Wrong Invading Somalia  by Daniel Koffler
Campaign for 'Forgotten Refugees' Downplays Palestinian Losses  by Jonathan Cook
De Facto Junta?  by Jeff Huber
Clinging to the Wreckage
by Arthur Silber
Try Tough Love, Hillary  by Roger Cohen

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Obama Urged to Quickly Engage Iran, Syria

After Sharp Words on CIA, Obama Faces Delicate Task

Rove: Obama Security Team Represents Continuity

Indictment Dropped Against Dick Cheney

Obama's 'Team of Rivals' Also Has Some Rival Ideas

Judge: Govt Can't Keep Evidence of Gitmo Detainee's Innocence Secret

Feds to Judge: Don't 'Second Guess' Bush Domestic Spy Program

Today in Iraq

US-Iraqi Accord Shows Muqtada Sadr's Diminished Clout

UN: Rights Abuses Continue as Violence Falls in Iraq

Iraqi, Kuwaiti Navies to Police Waterways Together

Who Is Chemical Ali?

A Lifeline Abroad for Iraqi Children

UN: Human Rights Situation in Iraq Still Remains Serious

Attacks Continue

Iraqi Teens Forced Into Suicide Bombings

Bomb Outside Iraq Primary School Kills 4, Wounds 12

Tuesday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 49 Wounded

Occupying Iraq

Military Contractor in Iraq Holds Foreign Workers in Warehouses

US Military Wants More 'Sons of Iraq' as Police

Japan to End Air Support Mission in Iraq

US Military

Sec. Gates: Stop-Loss Will Continue Through 2009 at Least

US Soldiers Re-Enlisting Because of Poor Economy

Military Probes Possible Detainee Abuse in Afghanistan

US Army Deserter Applies for Asylum in Germany
'War on Terror'

Ex-Prosecutor Says Guantánamo Is 'Stain on America'

Obama AG Pick Defended Guantánamo Policy

UK Defense Chief Praises Pakistan's Role in Terror War

US Can Keep Guidelines for Quizzing Travelers a Secret, Judge Rules

Kentucky Atheists Concerned by Dependence on God in Fighting Terror

Coroner: Menezes Killing 'Not Unlawful'

Muslim Cleric Ordered Back to Jail in Britain


Israeli Strike Kills 2 in Gaza After Mortars Fired

PA Plans to Purge West Bank Councils Controlled by Hamas

Settlers May Be Israel's Toughest Battle

Israeli Settlers Riot in Arab Neighborhood

Haaretz Journalist Amira Hass Arrested for Entering Gaza

Livni Says Doesn't Want Intervention in Peace Talks

Fatah: State Could Omit Hamas-Led Gaza

Israeli Military Court Convicts Palestinian Parliament Chief of Hamas Membership

Israel Welcomes Clinton Nomination, but Mixed Palestinian Reaction


UN Sleuths Find New Evidence in Hariri Killing

Bumpy Path Seen to Tight Lebanon Vote
Middle East

Turkish Warplanes Bombing Kurdish Separatists

Muslim American Alleges Torture in UAE Detention


US Wants North Korean Nuke Verification Deal in Writing

South Korean Groups' Leaflet Launches Taunt Angry North


Thailand's Prime Minister Resigns After Protests

Thai Airport Protests Called Off


Russian Warships Hold Exercises With Chavez's Navy

With Eye on the US, Russia Resists Venezuela's Wooing

No Warming in US-Russia Ties


Indian Navy: 'Systemic Failure' Led to Mumbai Attacks

Indian Police Question Many Over Mumbai Attacks

Search for Mumbai Gunman's Roots Only Deepens Mystery

Police: Mumbai Gunmen Came by Sea From Pakistan

Militant-Linked Charity Fears Indian Reprisal

India's Politicians Commit Mumbai Gaffes and Faux Pas

As Israel Buries Its Mumbai Victims, Accusations Simmer

Fear of Mumbai-Style Attack Prompts UK Security Review

Mumbai Gunmen Used Technology as a Tactical Tool

Train Explosion in Northeast India Kills 10

Indo-Pak Relations

Pakistani Political Leaders Come Together as India Ties Worsen

India Demands Pakistan Hand Over Terror Suspects

Wanted by India, Living in Pakistan

India, Pakistan Tread Lightly After Mumbai Attack

Pakistan Tells India It Wants to Defuse Tension

Zardari: Mumbai Attackers Were Stateless Actors

Top US Military Officer Goes to India, Pakistan

Pakistan Islamists Fan Tensions With India

US: No Evidence Linking Pakistan to Mumbai Attacks Yet

Pakistan, India Assert Right to Self-Defense

Ahmadinejad: Mumbai Attacks Staged by 'Outside Countries'


Pakistani Taliban Bomb Afghan Supply Convoy, 3 Hurt

Six Militants Among 12 More Killed in Swat Valley

Pentagon: Pakistan Force Near Afghanistan Unchanged

Brazil to Sell 100 Missiles to Pakistan


Darfur Rebel Leader Resists Peace Talk Pressure

Gambian Troops Prepare for Darfur


UN Renews Right to Use Force Against Somalia Pirates

Heavy Fighting Takes Place in Central Somalia

Somali PM Wants Ethiopian Troops to Stay


Opposition: Zimbabwe Talks to Resume in Two Weeks

Zimbabwe's Meltdown in Figures

Zimbabwe Faces Water Cuts Amid Cholera Crisis

Harare Diary: 'Too Much to Take'


Congo Rebels Pull Out of Eastern Town

War Crimes Court Delays Hearing of Congo Warlord

In Other News

China to Work With Obama's National Security Team

Obama Free to Change US-Cuba Policy

Amnesty Says Torture Routine in Mauritania

Cluster Bombs
US Stands by Refusal to Sign Cluster Bomb Ban

Ban Against Cluster Bomb Use to Be Signed in Norway

Spanish DM: Nation Among the First to Eliminate Cluster Bombs


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Out of Africa

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A Return to Liberal Warmongering? Peace Advocates Must Continue the Battle

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An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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