Shoehorning the Bush Legacy: Ivan Eland
Upsetting the Balance of Power: Gordon Prather
Arab Town Blamed for March's Cancelation: Cook
'Bad Apples' Didn't Fall Far From the Tree: Fisher
Maliki's Secret Crackdown: Robert Dreyfuss
 Gareth Porter

The US and Iran

 Roger Charles

Oklahoma City Cover Up

 Justin Raimondo

A New World Order?

 Russell Means

The Independent Republic of Lakota

Israel Launches Global PR Campaign Ahead of Gaza Invasion    Iraq Parliament Vote Would Allow British Troops to Stay Until July    Securing the Khyber Pass: Who Pays?    S-300 to Iran? Russia Says No    Iraq Arrests Still Shrouded in Mystery    'Sock and Awe' Attack Has Bush on His Uppers    Cheney: if President Does It During Wartime, It's Legal    Tanker Destroyed in Khyber Agency    Dear Santa: Bring Daddy Back From Afghanistan    UK Defense Chiefs Plan to Deploy 3,000 More Troops in Helmand    Maliki Claims Man Who Slaughtered Iraqis Behind Shoe Throwing    US 'Can Talk to Some Elements of Taliban'    False Yellowcake Claim Never Justified War Anyway    Hamas Official Dares Israel to Invade    Report: Israel Has Already Made Decision on Gaza Attacks    UN Atomic Chief Calls for Syria to Cooperate With Investigation    Top US General in Iraq Prepares for Troop Decision    More Iraqis Rally to Cause of Reporter Who Threw Shoes at Bush    Taliban Unimpressed by Promised US Surge    A Legacy of Evil    Deterring Torture Through the Law    If Torture Isn't News, What Does That Say?    What Motivates the Torture Enablers?    Bush Shoe Attack a Matter for the Courts: Maliki    PKK Frets About Turkish Pressure on Iraq Kurds    Obama Fans Suddenly Outraged by Bigotry    Report: 60 Sri Lankan Soldiers Killed in Fighting    Iraq Says Iranian Opposition Exiles Must Leave    The Torture Report    One Missing Word Sowed the Seeds of Catastrophe    US to Replace British Forces in Southern Iraq    
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Updated December 21, 2008 - 11:25 PM EST
How a Shoe Put the Boot to Bush's Iraq Legacy
  'Lethal Warriors' in Iraq, Linked to String of Crimes Back Home
Iraq Parliament Compromises on British Troops
  Iraq PM Denies Arrested Officers Were Plotting a Coup
  Conflicting Reports Over Iraqi Officials' Release
  US Commander: We Have 15,000 Detainees in Iraq
  Former UK Army Chief Attacks US Failures in Iraq
Taliban Unimpressed by Promised US Surge
  30,000 More US Troops Going to Afghanistan by Summer
  US Defense Chiefs Say Britain Is Not Pulling Its Weight in Afghanistan
Budget May Decide Whether Israel Attacks Iran
Putin Warns Against Any Attempt to Destabilize Russia
War College Warns Military Must Prep for Domestic Unrest
Maliki's Secret Crackdown
by Robert Dreyfuss
Obama vs. Washington Mythmaking  by Robert Parry
Arab Town Blamed for Jewish Pride March's Cancelation  by Jonathan Cook
What Obama Doesn't Know  by Nat Hentoff
Upsetting the Balance of Power  by Gordon Prather
Does It Matter if You Call It 'Torture'?  by Daphne Eviatar

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Italian General Convicted Over Iraq Suicide Attack
New India Anti-Terror Laws Draconian Say Activists
US House Chair: Give Talks With Iran 2 to 3 Months
Iraq: Two Arrested Police Officers Accused of Violence
UK: Youngest Soldier Injured in Iraq, Ruled Unfit to Fight
Secret Nuclear Sell-Off Storm: British Bomb Factory Sold to US
Book: General Patton Was Assassinated to Silence His Criticism
Shoe Revolution?
Journalist Who Hurled His Shoes at Bush Was Viciously Beaten
Iraqi Sunnis Embrace Shi'ite Reporter Who Threw Shoes at Bush
Bush Attacker 'Incensed by Bullet-Riddled Koran'
Iraq Shoe-Thrower's Family Demonstrates for His Release
Parliamentary Speaker Apologizes, Withdraws Resignation Over Shoe-Lobber
Bangladeshi Protesters Demand Release of Iraqi Shoe-Hurling Journalist
Malaysian Minister's Praise for Man Who Threw Shoes at Bush
Iraq Occupation
Deadly Shootings by State Dept Contractors in Iraq Fall to 1 From 72
Once Arabs Were His Friends, but in Iraq They Were Enemies
Today in Iraq
Abuse of Prescription Drugs Rises Among Stressed Iraqi Soldiers
More Decaying Corpses, Human Bones Found in Baghdad
Iraqi Farmers Back in Business, and Iraqis Love Local Produce
Basra Family Meeting Shocks and Awes Iraqi-Briton
Iraqi Army Kills Senior al-Qaeda Figure in Tikrit
Kurds, Fearing Loss, Say Iraq Vote Hurts Displaced
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
'War on Terror'
Extradition of Terror Suspects Founders
Military to Try USS Cole Suspect
UK Police Insist They Have Sufficient Powers to Combat Terrorism
Fort Dix Plot Jury Asks for Transcripts From Trial
Control Order Lifted on Former Gitmo Prisoner Home in Australia
Russia Says US Seeks Weaker Treaty
Explosion at Moscow Market Hurts 9, Cause Not Yet Known
Pirates, Poverty Mark US Somalia Failure
Ethiopia Readies to Pull Troops From Somalia
Iran Sends Warship to Patrol Against Pirates in Somali Waters
China Deploys Three Ships to Fight Pirates Off Somalia
Mugabe Says His Party Should Be Preparing to Win Early Elections
Mugabe Seen Getting Party OK to Form New Govt, With or Without Opposition
Mugabe Turns Back on Power-Sharing
Mugabe Vows Not to Reverse Seizures of White-Owned Farms
Two Workers Kidnapped at Russian Firm in Nigeria
Nigeria Forces Executed Over 90 in Riot-Hit City: HRW
UN Says Darfur Conflict Shows No Sign of Ending
Angry, Outspoken Youths Become a Force in Darfur
Tuareg Rebels Kill 14 Soldiers in Mali
Weekend Reviews
When Neocons Ruled Washington
The Nazis: a Warning From History
Drawing the Future From the Past
India Debates Siege Suspect's Legal Rights
Interpol Chief in India for Mumbai Attacks Probe
India: Nepalese Ambassador to Pakistan Denies Arresting Mumbai Attack Suspect
India Taking Steps to Boost Coastal Security
Tight Security as Mumbai Hotels Prepare to Reopen
'Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel Will Not Entertain Pakistanis'
A Wounded Stray Inspires Hope in Anxious Mumbai
India Bans Holiday Beach Parties at Goa in Wake of Mumbai Blast
Poll: Pakistanis More Gloomy About Prospects
Pakistan: Coalition With PML-N to Continue, Zardari Tells MPs
Ambush Raises Unsettling Questions in Afghanistan
Official: Nine Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Q&A: Hamid Karzai
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Navy Destroys Rebel Ship; 20 Killed
Defectors Send More Leaflets to North Korea
Police: Myanmar Arrests 19 North Korean Defectors on Way to South
China Says Will Aid Taiwan in Economic Slump
Taiwan to Lift Ban on Civil Servants' China Travel
Taiwan Offers Rival China a Beer
Israel Strikes Gaza Day After Truce Expires
Israel Lets Aid Boat Dock in Gaza
Residents: Israel Has Given Up Its Sovereignty Over Territory Near Gaza'
Gaza Militants Pelt Southern Israel With Rocket, Mortar Barrage
Israeli Blockade 'Forces Palestinians to Search Rubbish Dumps for Food'
Israeli Air Strike Kills Gaza Militant
Egypt Truck Explodes in Gaza Smuggling Bid
Eerie Crossing Into Gaza
'In Gaza, All Dreams and Hope Have Gone'
Palestinian Prisoners Clash With Israeli Guards at West Bank Jail
Israel's Forgetten People: Bulldozing Bedouin
Paralyzed Palestinian Girl Awaits Life-or-Death Ruling
Iran Seeks Expansion of Ties With Latin America
Iran Hopes India-Pakistan Chill Will Not Affect IPI Pipeline
Lebanon's Control of Syria Border Still Tenuous
Lebanon Appoints Ambassador to Syria as Ties Warm
Lebanon to Protest to UN After Israel Seizes Two Men
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier From Senoia (GA) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
The Bubble of Empire

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New Anti-Terror Laws Draconian Say Activists

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Shoehorning the Bush Legacy

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What Foreign Policy Agenda Will President Barack Obama Set?

Nebojsa Malic
There They Go Again

Charles Peņa
Not Home for the Holidays, Again

Philip Giraldi
Israel's 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card

Alan Bock
From the Top,
as We Suspected

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

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