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War Crimes in Gaza

 Dean Ahmad

The Politics of Palestine

 Andy Worthington

Obama Good On Detainee Policy So Far

 Gareth Porter

US/Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

'Shoe Monument' in Iraq Taken Down One Day After It Was Unveiled    Can Israel Last?    Gitmo Judge Dismisses Obama Call for Trial Delays, Citing 'Public Interest'    Livni, Netanyahu Both Declare Olmert's Positions Meaningless    White House Dismisses Report of Iran Letter    NATO Chief Slams 'Unacceptable' Leak of Craddock's Position    Karzai's Term Extended by Election Delay    North Korea Scrapping Accords With South Korea    US Looks for Blackwater Replacement in Iraq    Writings Offer Look at Administration Debate on Iran    US Removes Kashmir From Envoy's Mandate; India Exults    Afghan Presidential Poll Delayed for Poor Security    Five Killed in Iraq Election Violence    Hamas: We Will Accept Long-Term Truce if Gaza Borders Opened    Czech FM: US Might Delay Missile Shield    Bush Lawyer Directs Rove Not to Talk to Congress Again    Seven Children Wounded in Israeli Strike on Gaza    US Army: Soldier Suicides Hit Record in 2008    Iraqi Shoe Hurler Inspires Art in Saddam Hometown    Gilani: Drone Attacks Fueling Militancy    The Big Stimulus    How Cooking For the Taliban Gets You Life in Guantánamo    The Iranian Revolution,
Thirty Years On
    Iraq Bans Blackwater    What 'Stimulus' Advocates Learned From the Push for War With Iraq    Iraq's Election: What to Watch For    Out of Iraq in 16 Months: Yes We Can!    Iranians You Don't Know    Diplomatic Means to Militaristic Ends    
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Updated January 30, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST

White House: Attacking Iran Still on Table


Writings Offer Look at Administration Debate on Iran

NATO Chief Slams Leak of Drug War Position

NATO Split Over Order to Strike Afghanistan Drug Smugglers


Karzai's Term Extended by Election Delay


Afghanistan-Pakistan Envoy Holbrooke Going to Region

  Pakistani PM Gilani: Drone Attacks Fueling Militancy
Seven Children Wounded in Israeli Strike on Gaza
  Livni, Netanyahu: Olmert's Peace Offers Meaningless
  Hamas Threatens Response to Continued Israeli Strikes

Doctors Spooked by Israel's Mystery Weapon

  Israel Outraged as Spain Investigates 2002 Attack
Obama Seeks Accord With Military on Iraq
  Five Killed in Iraq Election Violence
  US Looks for Blackwater Replacement in Iraq

US Pulls Kashmir From Envoy's Mandate; India Exults

Gitmo Judge Dismisses Obama Call for Trial Delays
  Close Torture Loopholes, Physicians' Group Urges
North Korea Scrapping Accords With South Korea
The Iranian Revolution, Thirty Years On  by Sadegh Kabeer
How Cooking For the Taliban Gets You Life in Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Out of Iraq in 16 Months: Yes We Can!  by Tom Andrews
Iraq's Election: What to Watch For
by Robert Dreyfuss
Can Israel Last?  by Fred Reed
Iranians You Don't Know  by Rick Steves

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Blackwater Says It Could Leave Iraq Within 72 Hours

Yoo: Bush Okayed Torture to Outwit Defense Lawyers

Bush Lawyer Directs Rove Not to Talk to Congress Again

The Influence Game: Defense Lobby Emphasizes Jobs

Obama Taps a General as the Envoy to Kabul

Military Investigates West Point Suicides

Obama Nominates Cybercrimes Expert to DHS

NATO Sees New Risks in Arctic Thaw

Czech FM: US Might Delay Missile Shield

Iraqi Elections

A Momentous Vote in Iraq After Years of War

Kurds Stand to Lose Seats in Saturday Vote

Kurd-Arab Battle for Power Unlikely to End

First Black Iraqi Candidate Runs in Elections

Sunni Political Voice Gets Tuned for Elections

In Violent Mosul, a Test for Iraq's Democracy

3,000 Detainees in US Custody Vote in Iraq

Iraq's Elections: ISCI's View

Iraqis Stake Hopes on Election

Today in Iraq
As US Troops Leave Iraqi Cities, Drones Will Play a Larger Role

Iraq to Play Pivotal Role at Regional Level, FM Says in Davos

'City of Death' May Be Key to Iraq's Future

UN: 500,000 Iraqi Refugees May Return in 2009

Thursday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
The War at Home

US Army: Soldier Suicides Hit Record in 2008

Report: US Troops Exposed to 231 Shock Incidents

'War on Terror'

Relatives of 2 Saudis Who Died at Gitmo Sue Pentagon

Gitmo Judge Denies Obama Request to Suspend Hearings

London Underground 'Always a Terror Target'


NATO Chief Calls for Probe Into Leaked Afghan Document

Near Kabul, the Economy Outweighs Security

NATO Says Enough Time to Reinforce Afghan Election

Troops Advance as Gunships Pound Swat Valley Taliban Positions

Higher Stakes: US to Seek Afghanistan Help at NATO


Pakistan Claims Arrests of Three Alleged Terrorists Trained in India

Pakistan Interior Minister Vows 'Full Force' in Swat Valley

Pakistan Tackles Swat, a Key Militant Area

Veteran Pakistani Pashtun Leader Defies Taliban

Pakistan Busts Suicide Bomb Gang

UN to Organize Effort to Help Stabilize Pakistan

Faceless Taliban Rule

Sri Lanka

UN Evacuates Wounded Civilians From Sri Lanka

As War Nears End, India's Power Blunted in Sri Lanka


India to Sign IAEA Deal on Monday

After Mumbai, India Boosts Arms Modernization

A Shaky Truce

Hamas: We Will Accept Long-Term Truce if Gaza Borders Opened

Gaza Crossings Should Be Open to Prevent Smuggling: Mitchell

Trying to Aid Gaza

UN Chief Urges Israel to Donate to Gaza Fund

US Lawmakers Urge Clinton to Aid Gaza

Aid Trucks Stranded at Egypt's Gaza Border

UN Seeks $613 Million in Urgent Aid for Gaza War Victims

Gaza War Fallout

Turkish President Walks Off Stage Over Gaza

Report: Israel Threatened to Bomb Syria During Gaza War

My Terror as a Human Shield: The Story of Majdi Abed Rabbo

The Devastation of Gaza: From Factories to Ice Cream

In Rafah, Egypt, Underground Economy Is the Only Economy

For First Time, US Professors Call for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Israeli Front
Israeli Foreign Ministry's 'Army of Bloggers' to Flood Comment Sections With Pro-Israel Slogans

Small Israeli Parties Promote Offbeat Agendas

Middle East

Olmert Offered Abbas East Jerusalem, to Evacuate 60,000 Settlers

PA Accuses Iran, Syria of Trying to Replace It

Iran, Palestinians Dominate Davos Debates on Middle East

Erdogan Says Talks Between Israel, Syria 'Shelved'

Hezbollah: Obama Same as Bush on Israel


North Korea Declares Past Accords With South 'Dead'

Secret UN Deals May Entice Myanmar

Japanese Boys Bring Found WWII Explosive to Class


Zimbabwe Government to Deal in Foreign Currencies

Moderate Islamists Seize Somali Town

Who Do Pirates Call to Get Their Cash?

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Unveils Aggressive Arctic Plans

Russian 'Cyber Militia' Takes Kyrgyzstan Offline?

Opposition Urges Saakashvili to Resign


Bolivia Looks to Restore Ambassadors, Rebuild US Relations Under Obama Administration


Justin Raimondo
The Big Stimulus

Doug Bandow
Diplomatic Means to Militaristic Ends

Ran HaCohen
What Happened to Hassan

Charles Peña
Terror, Torture, and Empire
on the Silver Screen

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Philip Giraldi
Put Torture on Trial

Alan Bock
Sadism, Not Substance,
Behind Torture Advocacy

Ivan Eland
Prosecute George W. Bush for Illegal Acts

Nebojsa Malic

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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