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War Crimes in Gaza

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The Politics of Palestine

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Obama Good On Detainee Policy So Far

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US/Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

Israel Bombs Central Gaza as Olmert Vows 'Disproportionate' Response    Sharif Returns to Power in Somalia as Militants Advance    India Opposition Would Attack Pakistan    43 Civilians Killed in Pakistan-Taliban Crossfire    Maliki, Allies Gain in Iraqi Elections    Hundreds of Afghans Protest After US Raid Kills Civilians    U.S. Gaza Coverage Echoed Government Support of Israel    Kirkuk: The Province That Couldn't Vote    NFL Orders Retreat From War Metaphors    Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll    Shoe Thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi Votes in Prison    Netanyahu Aims for Unity Government in Israel Poll    Iraq January Death Toll at Lowest Since 2003 War    Khatami to Run in Iran Polls if Former PM Stays Out    Afghan Contractors May Have Killed Canadian Soldier: Report    US Forces Killed 2 Iraqi Police in Shooting    UK Air Chief: Even a US Surge Won't Beat the Taliban    Vladimir Putin Faces Signs of Mutiny in Own Government as Protests Break Out in East    Iraqis Turn Out in Record Numbers for Crucial Elections, but Acts of Intimidation Marr the Vote    Gaza Desperately Short of Food After Israel Destroys Farmland    Iraq Provincial Election Is Most Peaceful Since the Fall of Saddam    Attacks on NATO Soar in Afghanistan    Netanyahu Says Iran Will Not Get Hands on Nukes    Under Obama, 'War on Terror' Catchphrase Fading, but Policies Continue    Afghans Threaten US Troops Over Civilian Deaths    Hard-Liners Strengthened by Gaza War    Power Struggle Suspected in North Korea    Report: Gaza Hamas Heads Furious With Meshal Decision to End Lull    US Envoy Warns Against Russian Base in Abkhazia    CIA Algeria Case May Hurt Obama Initiative    Will the US Stick by Karzai in Afghanistan?    Take Nukes Off the Table    Guns and Butter (Again)    Obama Gathering a Flock of Hawks to Oversee US Foreign Policy    Close Gitmo and Get Out of Cuba    The Torture Ban That Doesn't Ban Torture    Obama and the Al-Marri Case    
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Updated February 1, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST
Maliki, Allies Gain in Iraqi Elections
  Calm Iraqi Election Marred as 1000s Denied Vote
  Iraq Provincial Election Is Most Peaceful Since the Fall of Saddam
  Voting Behind Barbed Wire, Iraqis Hope for Peace
  Iraqis Turn Out in Record Numbers, but Acts of Intimidation Mar Vote
  Iraq January Death Toll at Lowest Since 2003 War
  US Forces Kill 2 Iraqi Police in Shooting
43 Civilians Killed in Pakistan-Taliban Crossfire
  India Opposition Would Attack Pakistan
Afghans Protest After US Raid Kills Civilians
  UK Defense Chief: US Surge Won't Beat Taliban
  Attacks on NATO Soar in Afghanistan
  US-Funded Program to Arm Afghan Groups Begins
  Afghans Threaten US Troops Over Civilian Deaths
  Afghan Contractors May Have Killed Canadian Soldier: Report
IDF Bombs Gaza; Olmert Vows 'Harsh' Response
  Netanyahu Says Aims for Unity Govt in Israel Poll
  Netanyahu Says Iran Will Not Get Hands on Nukes
  Hard-Liners Strengthened by Gaza War
  Report: Gaza Hamas Heads Furious With Meshal Decision to End Lull
Power Struggle Suspected in North Korea
  South Korea Heightens Military Readiness as North Scraps Pacts
Sharif Returns to Power in Somalia as Militants Advance
'War on Terror' Catchphrase Fading, but Policies Continue
Obama Gathering a Flock of Hawks to Oversee US Foreign Policy  by Stephen Zunes
The Torture Ban That Doesn't Ban Torture  by Allan Nairn
Close Gitmo and Get Out of Cuba
by Eric Margolis
End of the War on Terror  by Philip Giraldi
Take Nukes Off the Table
by Gordon Prather
Obama and the Al-Marri Case
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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CIA Algeria Case May Hurt Obama Initiative
Blackwater Mercs Staying in Iraq; Will Hillary Keep 'Em Elsewhere?
U.S. Gaza Coverage Echoed Govt Support of Israel
Kirkuk: The Province That Couldn't Vote
Iran Says Obama's Offer to Talk Shows US Failure
NFL Orders Retreat From War Metaphors
Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll
Iraqi Elections
Shoe-Thrower Votes While in Iraqi Prison
Obama Praises Iraqis on Provincial Elections
In Iraq's Oil-Rich Basra, Voting Is a Way of Settling Scores
Iraqi Christians Caught in Middle of Mosul Vote
For Prominent Iraqi Cleric, a Test of Influence
UN: Iraq Polls Could Help Ease Kirkuk Deadlock
Iraq PM: Border Forces to Transfer Ballot Boxes in Najaf After Problems Arose During Early Elections
Mortar Shells Near Iraq Voting Centers, No One Hurt
Sadr City: Voter Wounded in Attack on Polling Center, Which Was Then Shut Down
Five Arrested for Attempting Attack on Polling Center
Today in Iraq
Policemen Kill Civilian After Explosion in Iraq
Iraqis in Kufa Bemoan Sadr Movement's Diminished Role
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
US Military
Military Struggles to Recruit Hispanics
Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
'War on Terror'
Survey: 73 Percent of Austrians Don't Want Gitmo Inmates
Guantánamo Prisoner Awaits Return to Britain
Sept. 11 a Factor in Florida Terror Retrial
EU Database 'Vital to Trace Terrorists'
Putin Faces Signs of Mutiny in Own Government as Protests Break Out in East
Russian Newspaper Mourns Another Murdered Reporter
Russian Radical Detained in Protests Over Crisis
Georgians Who Can Never Go Home to South Ossetia
US Envoy Warns Against Russian Base in Abkhazia
Northern Ireland
136-Kg Car Bomb Found by Northern Ireland School Possibly Meant for British Base
Car Bomb Find Prompts Fears for Northern Ireland Peace Process
Compensation Plan for Parents of All Killed, Including Terrorists, Unites Both Sides in Northern Ireland
German Officials Warn of Islamist Attacks in Election Year
ETA Vows to Keep Fighting After 50 Years
Somalis Celebrate Election of Islamist President
Somalia's New Moderate Islamist President Sworn in While in Neighboring Djibouti
Officials: Sudan Flashpoint Oil Town Starved of Funding
State Media: Sudan Expels US Aid Group Over Bibles
Madagascar President Denies Opposition Takeover
Madagascar Mayor Declares Himself in Charge
Rwandan, Ugandan Troops to Quit Congo by End of February
Europe, US Pressured to Lift Sanctions, Support Zimbabwe
Americans Keep Dying
Rockland (MA) Soldier, Married Just One Month, Killed in Iraq
Afghan Bomb Kills Brooklyn (NY) Marine and Aspiring Actor
Ranch Kid Who Died in Afghanistan Was Resolute, Driven, Parents Say (MT)
Corona (CA) Soldier Dies in Noncombat Incident in Iraq
Chicago (IL) Soldier With Arizona Ties Killed in 3rd Tour in Iraq
Oregon Soldier Killed in Crash of Two Army Helicopters in Iraq
Soldier With Oklahoma Ties Dies in Afghanistan
Massachusetts Soldier Dies in Accident in Iraq
Blast in Afghanistan Kills Sharpsville (PA) Marine
New Afghan Security Unit to Police Dangerous Areas
Marines Build New Outposts in Afghanistan
UK Soldiers' Mother Calls for Afghan Troop Withdrawal
Afghan Government Reveals Grave of King Killed in 1978
Pakistan: Peshawar Police Launch Operation Against Militants
Pakistan: Lahore PPP Vice President Shot Dead
Seven Militants Among 14 Killed in Pakistan
Bomb Kills 3 Pakistani Soldiers in Northwest
India: Maoists Offer Peace Talks in Chhattisgarh
India to Open Nuclear Sites to UN Inspectors
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Deadline for Civilian Safe Passage Ends
Sri Lanka Military Destroys Tiger Suicide Boat
Tamil Refugees Shelled as Army Closes In
50,000 Join Protest March Through London Over Military Offensive in Sri Lanka
North Korea Angling for Obama's Attention
Thousands of Thai Police Deploy Ahead of Protest
Khatami to Run in Iran Polls if Former PM Stays Out
Iran Watching US Policies in Afghanistan: Foreign Minister
Senator Says US, Russia Must Work Together on Iran
Iran Marks 30th Anniversary of Revolution
After Israel Tanks, Invasion, Gaza Farmers Still Favor Rocket Attacks
Palestinians in Gaza Launch Grad Rocket Into Ashkelon

Gaza Counts the Cost – and Assigns Blame

Gaza Businesses in Tatters, Struggle to Rebuild
Gaza's Motorcycle Boom Signals Enclave Is on Road to Recovery
Gaza Desperately Short of Food After Israel Destroys Farmland
Hamas and Fatah
How Hamas Is Reasserting Itself in Gaza Using Money, Manpower and Force
Abbas Rejects Hamas Leader's Call for New PLO
Hamas Said Persecuting Fatah Men
Hamas Head in Tehran to Meet Iranian Leaders
Abbas Postpones Europe Trip, Flies to Cairo for 'Urgent' Talks
Report: Palestinian Foreign Minister Demands EU Guarantee Israel Won't Strike Gaza
Arab MKs: Iran News Agency Falsified Anti-Israel Remarks Attributed to Us
Livni to Cypriot FM: Confiscate Weapons From Iranian Ship
Israeli Soldiers Recall Gaza Attack Orders
Peres: Hamas Should Learn Lesson Like Nasrallah
Israel Pays 1.5 Million Pounds to Family of British Journalist Killed in 2003 Gaza Shooting
Egypt Installing Cameras, Sensors at Gaza Border
Egypt Overturns Jail Term of Four Journalists
Middle East
US Envoy Mitchell in Saudi on Last Leg of Mideast Tour
Syria's Assad Seeks Dialogue With US Under Obama
Chavez Backers Bar Opposition Mayor From City Hall

Chavez Urges Obama to Hand Over Cuban Exile Accused of Terrorism

Turks and Caicos Islands
Turks and Caicos Islanders Blame United Kingdom for 'Stolen Land'
Weekend Reviews
Our Man in Tel Aviv
The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle Against America's Veterans
Sacrificing Liberty for Safety
The War Behind Me
How False Knowledge Sank the Titanic, Blew Up the Shuttle, and Led America Into War
Insecure With Nuclear Weapons

Justin Raimondo
The Big Stimulus

Ivan Eland
Guns and Butter (Again)

Doug Bandow
Diplomatic Means to Militaristic Ends

Ran HaCohen
What Happened to Hassan

Charles Peña
Terror, Torture, and Empire
on the Silver Screen

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

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Put Torture on Trial

Alan Bock
Sadism, Not Substance,
Behind Torture Advocacy

Nebojsa Malic

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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