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Updated February 4, 2009 - 11:27 PM EST

More Worries, Less Consensus on Afghanistan


Pentagon Reports Surge of Violence in Afghanistan


UN: 2,100 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan in 2008

  Security Peddlers Eye Afghan Windfall

Pakistan: 10 Trucks Torched on US Supply Line

  Pakistani Taliban's Influence Expands on Border
  Pakistani Taliban Free 29 Police and Soldiers
  Pakistan Militant Attack Halts US, NATO Supplies
Israel Rules Out Hamas Contacts, Threatens Force
  Hamas Reiterates: End of Gaza Siege Is Price of Truce

US Sold Phosphorus Shells to Israel


Politically, Hamas May Have Won

Kyrgyzstan President Orders US Air Base Closed

Somali Islamists Urge Jihad After AU Forces Kill 39 Civilians
52 Civilians Killed After Sri Lanka Cluster Bomb Attack

For Obama's Iran Plan, Talk and Some Toughness

Neocons Spin Pentagon Budget Increase as Cut  by Glenn Greenwald
How Elizabeth Cheney's Senior Thesis Foretold the Bush Presidency  by Zac Frank
Dennis Ross Back at State? Has He Been Vetted for Conflicts of Interest?  by Robert Naiman
Ministry of Truth and Peace (Part II)
by Jeff Huber
Obama's Defense of Rumsfeld and Yoo  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Are We Still at War?
by Norman Solomon

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Pentagon Pick Shows Challenges of Obama's Ethics Rules
Suicide Claiming More Utah Guard Members Than Combat
Dozens of Secret Bush Memos Found; Could Be Made Public

Obama Seeks Russia Deal to Slash Nuclear Weapons

Blackwater Under Review in Afghanistan

Army Recruiting Cheerleaders for Afghanistan

US Mideast Envoy Wants Regional Office

Israeli Antiwar Oscar Bid Draws Arabs Despite Ban

Iraqi Elections

Iran Accused of Interfering in Iraqi Election

Iraq's Provincial Elections Show the Power of the Tribe

Kurdish Leader Barzani Praises Iraqi Elections

Iraqi Parliament Still Trying to Decide on a Speaker

Attacks Continue

Iraq: Woman Arrested for Recruiting Female Bombers

Some Attacks by Female Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded

Occupying Iraq

Likely US Envoy to Iraq Is a Fan of Direct Diplomacy

Russian Newspaper Warns of Surprises After US Withdrawal From Iraq
US Military

Marines' New Ride Rolls Out 10 Years Late

Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany


Top Navy Official to Review Guantánamo Operations

Gitmo Detainee-Informer Presents Quandary for Government

EU Lawmakers Cite Guantánamo Inmate Security Risk

EU Aid May Go to Members Taking Guantánamo Inmates

3 Uighurs at Guantánamo Ask Canada for Asylum


Clinton Says Meeting Will Review Iran Strategy

Pentagon 'Gravely Concerned' by Iran Satellite Launch

With Obama in White House, North Korea Steps Up War Talk

North Korean Activity Stirs Fears of a Missile Test


China Spreads Its Peacekeepers

With Unusual Candor, China Reports Shoe Throwing


UN Struggles to Find New Peacekeepers for Congo

Key UN Council Members Reject Pullout From Darfur

Witnesses Says Ethiopians Are Back in Somalia 

West Shifts Policy on Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Leader Says He'll Stick to Power Deal

Mugabe Blames Western Sanctions for Zimbabwe Crisis

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia, Belarus to Create Joint Air Defense System

Report: Russia to Offer Financial Incentives to Close US Airbase in Kyrgyzstan
Top Israeli Defense Official: We Must Strive for Peace With Syria

Syria Says Lifting Sanctions Key for Normal US Ties

In Other News

Free Cellphones to Fight Maoists in Indian State

In Bolivia, Untapped Bounty Meets Nationalism


US Supply Routes in Afghanistan Squeezed Two Ways

US to Emphasize Security Goals in Afghanistan

Suicide Bombing Ring Is Brought Down in Afghanistan, Officials Say

Pride and Despair Mix in Return to Afghanistan

Polish Soldiers on Trial for Killing Afghan Civilians

UN Launches $600 Million Aid Appeal for Afghanistan


Swat Taliban Turn Their Guns on Lawyers, Judges

Police Hunt for Militants Ends in Wedding Massacre in Balochistan

Two Boys' Schools Blown Up in Bajaur

Pakistan's Orakzai Agency Becomes New Haven for Taliban
Sri Lanka

Tamil Rebels Lose Last Airstrip to Sri Lanka Army

US, EU Urge Sri Lanka's Tigers to Surrender

Sri Lankan Rebel Leader's Fate a Mystery

Sri Lanka War Seen Escalating as Truce Declared Dead

A Fragile Truce

Hamas Willing to Tie Captive Soldier to Truce

Hamas: Israel Offered to Let in 75 Percent of Gaza Aid in Exchange for Shalit

Medium-Range Rocket From Gaza Hits Israeli City

Hamas Chief Thanks Iran for Support While on Regional Tour

Israeli War Crimes?

War Crimes Accusations Rattle Israel

World Court Takes First Step Toward Gaza War-Crimes Probe

Palestinians Move for Gaza War-Crimes Probe

Gaza Detainees Allege Israeli Mistreatment

Gaza Suffers
EU Envoy: Israel Must Ease Aid Restrictions on 'Hell-Like' Gaza
Israel-Hamas War Deals Blow to Schools in Gaza

In Shattered Gaza Town, Roots of Seething Split

Obstacles in Gaza

Israeli Front
Extremist Religious Groups Are 'Penetrating' Israeli Army
Israel Instructs Airlines Not to Fly to Turkish Resort Amid Strained Ties

Israeli Restrictions on al-Jazeera

Israel Wants EU, US Navies to Seize Arms Ships

Lieberman Ex-Member of Israel's Banned Racist Kach Movement
Israeli Elections

Netanyahu Promises to Topple Hamas if Elected

Low-Key Israeli Election Campaign in Final Week

Middle East

Hamas Says Egypt May Open Border for Gaza Rebuild

Clinton: No Talks With Hamas

Irish FM Hinted EU May Need to Be Flexible on Hamas

Israel Threatens Lebanon Over Hypothetical Revenge Attack

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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