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The Draft: Just Say No: Rep. Ron Paul
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition: Philip Giraldi
'Anti-Semitic Pandemic': Ran HaCohen
'Reckoning' for Bush?: William Fisher
Cease-Fire Squeezes Hamas: Mel Frykberg

 Dahr Jamail

Iraq Violence Down, Nothing Solved

 Chris Floyd

Barack Obama's Empire

 Philip Giraldi

The Terror War

 Aaron Glantz

Winter Soldier

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Updated February 17, 2009 - 9:17 PM EST

Obama OKs More Afghan Troops


3,000 Troops Near Kabul Mark Start of Surge

Report: Israel Assassinating Iranian Scientists

  Israel Seizes Land for Settlement Expansion
  Kadima, Lieberman Mulling Non-Religious Bloc

Hamas Pushed to the Wall Over Cease-Fire

At Least 31 Killed as US Drones Attack Pakistan
  Militants, Locals Both Welcome Malakand Pact

Pakistan Seethes After Killer Drone Disclosure

Despite Obama Pledge, Justice Defends Bush Secrets


Democrats Divided Over 'Reckoning' for Bush

Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'  by Ran HaCohen
Obama Defends Torturers and Wiretappers  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Israel Is Trapped, and the Chance of Peace Is Ever More Remote  by Bruce Anderson
Crises vs. Liberty  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Forget About Bombing Iran  by Gideon Levy
Attack of the Killer Robots  by Eric Stoner

More Viewpoints

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Justice Department Probe Blasts Bush Lawyers Over 'Torture' Memos

Re-Evaluation of National Security Ordered

US Spokesman Won't Comment on Killing of 303 Iraqis in 2008

Iraq Vets Blame KBR for Illnesses

Pentagon Rethinks Photo Ban on Coffins Bearing War Dead

Tony Blair Wins Million-Dollar Israeli Prize for Global Leadership

UN Nuclear Watchdog Seeks Hefty Budget Increase

Will There Be Another Russian Revolution?

Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Submarine Collision Raises Serious Questions: Vessels Had Enough Material to Carry Out 1,248 Hiroshima Bombings
Today in Iraq
Iraq Spends $5 Billion Rebuilding Its Military

A Peace Sign: Iraq's Sunnis Joining Shi'ite Pilgrims

Zebari Makes Case for Iraq's Credibility as Sovereign State

Obama Offers Support for Turkey-Iraq Relationship

Attacks Continue

Roadside Bombs Target Iraqi Shias

Monday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 41 Wounded

Occupying Iraq
Missing Iraq Billions Could Be 'Greatest Fraud in US History'
Top British Commander Justifies Losses in Iraq

Drop in Iraqi Detainees in US Jails

US Helps Restore Iraqi Fish Market

'War on Terror'
Report: UK and the US Have 'Actively Undermined' International Law With Anti-Terror Tactics

Pelosi: US Won't Press Allies on Guantánamo Inmates

Report: Terrorist Threat Exploited to Curb Civil Liberties
Israeli Politics

Who Will Be the Next Israeli Defense Minister?

Israeli Arab MP: Livni Is 90% Lieberman, 10% Netanyahu
Abbas Urges World to Isolate Likud Like It Does Hamas

Kadima Okays Yisrael Beiteinu's Demands

Lieberman as Wildcard in Israel's Political Poker

Gaza Aftermath
Officials: Israel Used Gaza Op to Perfect Defense System

Gaza Truce Hinges on Prisoners Swap

Israel Wants Some Swap Prisoners Exiled

Two Rockets Fired From Gaza in Southern Israel, Slight Damage Reported

Israeli Aircraft Bomb Suspected Gaza Tunnels

Gaza Man Killed Trying to Smelt Possible Israeli Ordnance

Jews in Muslim Lands Anxious Over Gaza War

Arabs Promise $1.5 Billion to Rebuild Gaza

Mine-Clearing Teams in Gaza Waiting for Israeli Okay


Abbas Won't Start Over on Peace

Netanyahu: Palestinians Should Have Sovereignty, Sort Of

Netanyahu: Israel Needs to Strengthen Fatah Forces

Livni: Israel Needs to Relinquish West Bank, Gaza


Hezbollah Says Has Right to Possess Air Defenses

Lebanon Arrests Man Suspected of Spying on Hezbollah for Israel

EU Offers to Send Observers to Lebanon Polls


Iran Moves to Boost Its Air Defense Capabilities

Russia Won't Toughen Policy on Iran


Canada Wants 'Frank' Talks on NATO in Afghanistan

Texas Base Simulates Afghan Summer for Canadian Troops
Pakistan Tribal Areas

Pakistani Army to Abide by Truce Deal

Peace Talks Could Split Pakistani Taliban

Islamic Law to Be Imposed in Parts of Pakistan

Malakand Residents Are Happy With Peace Deal, but the West Isn't
How Did Islamist Militancy Emerge in Pakistani Paradise?
Taliban Threats Reach From a Pakistan Valley to New York

Swat a Threat for All of Us, US Envoy Tells India

Military Claims Killing Five Militants in Bajaur

Pakistani Politics
Musharraf: Armed Forces Being Maligned in Conspiracy

Book: Musharraf Was Playing 'Double Game' With US

Sri Lanka
Defense Secretary: Tiger Leader Still in Sri Lanka, Holding Civilians Hostage

Red Cross Evacuates 400 From Sri Lanka War Zone

Sri Lanka Rebels Forcibly Recruit Children, Says UN

Sri Lanka Rebels Urged to Spare Civilians Fleeing War Zone

US Envoy in India to Talk Pakistan, Afghanistan

Mumbai Police to File Charge Sheet Against 21 Suspects

North Korea to Press Ahead With Missile Test

Clinton Warns North Korea During Tokyo Visit


China Announces Military Dialogue With US

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Evict US Troops

Cambodia Genocide Trial to Begin


One Year On, Kosovo's Stability Remains Fragile

Kosovo's Year of Independence Celebrated


Somalia's New PM Wants to Talk to Insurgents

Sudan, Darfur Rebel Faction in First Step to Talks


Emboldened Chávez to Speed Up His Revolution

Chávez Scores a Decisive Victory in His Bid to Lift Term Limits in Venezuela

DEA Charters Private Jet to Fly Its Chief to Colombia

Bolivia to Get Russian Helicopters to Fight Drugs


Justin Raimondo
Hold Them Accountable

Philip Giraldi
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Alan Bock
The War Recession

Ivan Eland
Battling Christian Terrorists

Charles Peńa
Obama Wants a Surge
of His Own

Doug Bandow
Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty: The Battle Continues

Nebojsa Malic
Not Done Yet

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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