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Updated April 11, 2009 - 11:24 PM EDT
UN to Condemn North Korea Launch
Growing Anger at US Killings in Afghanistan
  Afghan, Pakistani Envoys Dissatisfied With Obama's War Plan
  Holbrooke Reaches Out to Hekmatyar
  Afghan Battles Kill Six Police, 32 Rebels
5 US Deaths in Iraq Bombing Worst Toll in a Year
  Suicide Bomber Kills 12 US-Allied Sunni Fighters in Iraq
  In Mosul, Fundamentalists Cracking Down on Celebrations
Militants Agree to Keep Swat Valley Deal Intact
  Slain Pakistani Politician Helped Free American
Both US, Pirates Sending More Ships to Standoff
  Pirates Hijack Second US Vessel
  US Warship With Helicopters Joins Pirate Standoff
  Pirates Recapture US Hostage After Escape Attempt
  Officials: Pirates, Terrorists Not Linked Directly
Obama Echoes Bush on Detainee Court Access
  Panetta Rejects Discipline for Interrogators
  Obama Supports Throwing Out Warrantless Wiretapping Suit
Counterinsurgency Back In Vogue?
  Obama Team Mulls Threat From Somali Extremists
Iran's 'Outlawed' Nuclear Program
by Jeremy R. Hammond
Return to What Negotiations?
by Gordon Prather
Fujimori's Lesson for Bush
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Can US Courts Free Innocent Gitmo Prisoners?  by Daphne Eviatar
Droned Out  by Ximena Ortiz
The Father of Guantánamo  by Marie Cocco
The Feckless Alliance
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Dennis Ross's Iran Plan
by Robert Dreyfuss

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Reports: Russia to Buy Israeli Spy Drones
Rep. Woolsey Blasts Obama's War-Funding Request
How Obama Voted on War Funding Bills in Congress
Budget Deficit Triples to $957 Billion for Fiscal Year
VA Agrees to Return Investigative Reporter's Sound Equipment
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Sadrist Cleric Slams 'Political' Arrests
Deadliest Attacks on US Troops in Iraq Since 2008
Friday: 5 US Soldiers, 10 Iraqis Killed; 84 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Russia, Iraq Aim to Revive Pre-War Deals
Iran to Build Two Power Plants in Iraq
Lawsuit: Firms Sold Poison Gas Ingredients to Iraq
Six Years After Iraq Invasion, Jordan Still Playing Host to Thousands of Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
Federal Budget Deficit Sets March Record $192.3 Billion
Court Revives Suit Over Iraq Work
Pentagon May Force Some Bush Appointees Out With Ethics Pledge
American Victims of Hezbollah Rockets Sue North Korea
Congresswoman Wants Answers on KBR Contract
McCain Backs Obama's Call to End Nuclear Weapons
UK 'War on Terror' & Pakistan
Spat as Pakistanis Quizzed in British Terror Probe
Pakistan, UK Discuss Anti-Terror Raid
UK Rejects Pakistan Criticism on Counter-Terrorism
Searches Expanded in British Terror Case
Israel Wants Time Limit on Iran Nuclear Talks
France Concerned Over Iranian Nuclear Boast
Iran Hangs Three Men for Deadly Mosque Bombing
Abbas to Quartet: Israel Must Commit for Talks to Resume
Egypt Offers Palestinian Rivals New Unity Ideas
Soccer, a Link to Normalcy for West Bank Palestinians
Israel Hopes Pope Will Bring in More Tourism, Boost Image
Investigations Pose Threat to Lieberman's Career
Nasrallah Says Egypt Suspect Hezbollah Member, Denies Plot
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Running Guns to Gaza Through Egypt
Report: Egypt Arrests 15 for Building Rockets
Turkish PM Sets Conditions to Armenia Reconciliation: Report
The Emerging Secrets of Guatemala's Disappeared
Sending a Brutal Message About Human Rights
Weekend Reviews
Keeping Africa Poor With Foreign Aid
Killer Robots—What Could Go Wrong?
The Rites of War
Warlord Politics
The Fisherman Rules: Angler, the Cheney Vice Presidency
Afghan Envoy Defends Civilian Casualties From US Raids
A Weak Taliban Battles an Even Weaker Afghan Government
Top US General Meets Tribes Ahead of Afghan Surge
Afghan Law Ignites Unprecedented Debate
Australian FM: No Afghanistan Request Yet From US
Polish President Approves Afghan Mission Increase
Balochistan Mourns Slain Leaders
Bajaur Taliban Ban Shaving of Beards
Bajaur-Based Journalists Concerned Over Military Operation
Sri Lanka
Group: Sri Lanka's Civilian Deaths Skyrocketing
Sri Lankan President Accuses Tamil Rebels of Using Human Shields
North Korea
Japan to Scrap Plan for North Korea Resolution
North Korea's Kim Brings Close Relative to Center Stage
Thai Protesters Vow to Return Unless PM Resigns
Thai Political Turmoil Spreads to Asia Summit Site
Indian PM: Taliban Infiltration a 'Serious Threat'
Bomb Explodes in Southern Philippine Town
Indonesian President's Party Holds Smaller-Than-Expected Lead
Taiwan Groups, Suspicious of China, Seek US Help
Pirates of Somalia
Pirates Holding US Hostage Demand Ransom
Navy Relying on Patience in Pirate Standoff
Officials: Pirate Fired Weapon in Foiled Escape
French Free Sailboat From Pirates, 1 Hostage Dies
A Look at Pirate Attacks on French Boats
Congressional Report: 5 Groups Conduct Most Piracy
Two Killed in Somalia Clashes
Niger: Tuareg Rebels to Disarm
Algerian Bouteflika Wins 3rd Presidential Term
Georgian Protesters Keep Up Pressure on President
Georgian Leader Again Rebuffs Calls to Resign
Georgia Protesters Plan 'Disobedience' Campaign
US-Russian Crew Says No Disputes on Space Station
Russia-Turkmen Gas Conflict Looms: Report
Moldovan Court Postpones Election Recount Request
Dutch TV Show Exonerates Osama bin Laden
Fiji Strongman Bainimarama Back in Charge

Justin Raimondo
The Suicide of the West

Ivan Eland
China's Threat to the U.S. Is Exaggerated

Edouard Husson
Dollar Hegemony and the Economics of Unilateralism

Nebojsa Malic
Wrong Again

Philip Giraldi
Goodbye, Bill of Rights

Alan Bock
Iraq Disaster Still a Mystery to Some

Charles V. Peña
Is Missile Defense Obsolete?

David R. Henderson
To Reduce Violence,
End the Drug War

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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