US Navy Snookered in Pirate Hostage Drama    Allies Ponder How to Plan Elections in Afghanistan    Arrests Deepen Iraqi Sunnis' Bitterness    Ten NATO Supply Containers Torched in Pakistan    Pirates Hijack Second US Vessel    UK Minister Says US Foreign Policy on Pakistan Is Damaging Britain    Security Alert in Islamabad Amid Threats    Swat Taliban Chief Vows to Lay Down Arms if Sharia Regulation Signed    Pakistan Parliament to Discuss Swat Peace Accord    Vatican Blocks Caroline Kennedy Appointment as US Ambassador    Rescued French Yacht Captain May Have Died in Friendly Fire    New Fallujah Video Game Infuriates Some Military Families    Sudan Islamist Unwilling to Run for President    Differences With US on Mideast 'Semantic': Israel    Russia Test-Fires Intercontinental Missile    Cost of Iraq War Will Surpass Vietnam's by Year's End    UN Powers Agree to Condemn North Korea Rocket Launch    Some 100,000 Demand Sri Lanka Ceasefire in UK March    Is Gates Channeling Cheney on Iraq With 'Last Gasp' Remark?    Moldova Claims Proof of Romania Role in Riots    Who Are the Somali Pirates?    Horn of Africa Beset by Troubles    US Declines to Take Position on Georgia Protests    US Members of Somalia Extremists Urge Recruitment    PA: Either Israel Declares It Backs Palestinian State, or No Talks    Lavrov: Ties With US on Good Track, Russia Won't Increase Pressure on Iran    66 Afghan Taliban Killed in Raids    British Raids Suggest 'Blowback' From Pakistan    Christian Housing Faces Israeli Encirclement    Suicide Bomber Kills 12 Sunni Militiamen in Iraq    Iran Says It Controls Entire Nuclear Fuel Cycle    US Warship With Helicopters Joins Pirate Standoff    The Father of Guantánamo    Return to What Negotiations?    China's Threat to the US Is Exaggerated    Fujimori's Lesson for Bush    Dennis Ross's Iran Plan    Droned Out    
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Updated April 12, 2009 - 11:21 PM EDT
Iraq War Cost Will Pass Vietnam's by Year's End
  Is Gates Channeling Cheney on Iraq With 'Last Gasp' Remark?
  Suicide Bomber Kills 12 US-Allied Sunni Militiamen in Iraq
  US Navy Snookered in Pirate Hostage Drama
  Pirates Hijack Second US Vessel
  'Rescued' French Yacht Captain May Have Died in Friendly Fire
UN Powers Agree to Condemn N. Korea Launch
  Russia Test-Fires Intercontinental Missile
Pakistan: 150 Militants Attack NATO Supply Line
  Swat Taliban Chief to Disarm if Sharia Signed
  British Raids Suggest 'Blowback' From Pakistan
Iran's 'Outlawed' Nuclear Program
by Jeremy R. Hammond
Return to What Negotiations?
by Gordon Prather
Fujimori's Lesson for Bush
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Can US Courts Free Innocent Gitmo Prisoners?  by Daphne Eviatar
Droned Out  by Ximena Ortiz
The Father of Guantánamo  by Marie Cocco
The Feckless Alliance
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Dennis Ross's Iran Plan
by Robert Dreyfuss

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US Members of Somalia Extremists Urge Recruitment
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Today in Iraq
Arrests Deepen Iraqi Sunnis' Bitterness
As Marines' Exit Gathers Pace, Some Iraqis Fret
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Iraqi PM Welcomes Russian Business
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Indiana Family Holds Hope 4 Years After Iraq Abduction
Contractor Must Pay in Iraq Fraud, Court Rules
US Military
New Fallujah Video Game Infuriates Some Military Families
Newly Returned Soldiers Find Help With Transition
GAO Says Military Expansion Will Tax Guam's Infrastructure
Iran Says It Controls Entire Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Iran Accuses Netherlands of Overthrow Plot: Report
Iranian Women Can Stand for President: Watchdog
US Muslim Organization Calls on Iran to Release Journalist
Blogger Becomes Casualty of Iran Cyber-Wars
Iranian Bloggers Fight Back in Open Letter to Khamenei
New Bid to Find Missing Ex-FBI Agent
Spiegel Interview with Ahmadinejad: 'We Are Neither Obstinate nor Gullible'
Differences With US on Mideast 'Semantic': Israel
PA: Either Israel Declares It Backs Palestinian State, or No Talks
Christian Housing Faces Israeli Encirclement
Israeli Jets Scramble to Escort Delta Flight
Hamas, Fatah Discuss Ending Mutual Crackdown on Supporters
Haifa Terror Victim Dies 7 Years After Attack
Key Dutch Party: Sanctions Against Israel if It Thwarts Peace
Five Palestinians Suffocated in Gaza Tunnel
Israeli Military Violates Lebanese Sovereignty
Lebanon: 220 Spanish Peacekeepers Set to Arrive in Beirut
Middle East
Two Turkish Soldiers, 7 Kurd Rebels Die in Clashes
Egyptian Police Kill Driver of Munitions Truck Headed for Gaza
Pirates of Somalia
US Ships Block Help for Pirates Holding US Captain
Somali Pirates in German Ship Fail to Find Comrades; France Frees Yacht
Somalia: Puntland Court Sends 10 Pirates to 20 Years in Jail
Portugal Joins Pirate Hunt in Perilous Gulf of Aden
Who Are the Somali Pirates?
'I'm a Successful Somali Pirate' – Yassin's Story
What About the Filipinos? Somali Piracy Focus Seen as Hypocritical
Somali Pirates a Far Cry From Buccaneers of Old
Sudan Islamist Unwilling to Run for President
Nigeria Oil Unrest 'Kills 1,000' Last Year
Losing Candidate Rejects Algerian Presidential Result
Fiji President Reappoints Former Coup Leader as PM
Australia's PM: Fiji Virtually a Military Dictatorship
Peruvian Rebels Kill 13 Troops in Coca Region
Bolivia's Morales Keeps Up Hunger Strike
Americans Still Dying
Marine Combat Photographer Killed in Iraq (TN)
Body of Fallen New York Marine Arrives at Dover Air Force Base
Sadness Comes to San Lorenzo (PR) for Soldier Killed in Iraq
Family Mourns Hopewell (VA) Airman Slain in Afghanistan
Buffalo (NY) Soldier Collapses, Dies in Iraq
Virginia Soldier With Ties to New Hampshire Remembered
66 Afghan Taliban Killed in Raids
Allies Ponder How to Plan Elections in Afghanistan
Afghan Cleric Defends Contentious Marriage Law
One-Way Flight to Afghan Outback

Japan Party Leader Ozawa Tells McCain He Opposes Obama's Afghanistan Troop Surge

Pakistan Parliament to Discuss Swat Peace Accord
11 Killed, Property Worth Millions Ransacked in Pakistan
Ten NATO Supply Containers Torched in Pakistan
Security Alert in Islamabad Amid Threats
Pakistan: Film Maker Freed After Four Months, Kidnappers Detained
Pakistan Taliban Consolidates Buner Valley Hold
Pakistan President Concerned Over Balochistan Situation
Pakistan's 'Cottage Industry' in Forged Documents
Pakistan & UK 'War on Terror'
UK Minister Says US Foreign Policy on Pakistan Is Damaging Britain
UK: Quick's Error Forced Seizure of Pakistan Suspects 'Weeks Ahead of Schedule'
You Stopped Us From Vetting People, Says Pakistan Envoy to Brits
UK Police Get More Time to Question Terrorism Suspects
UK Police Release 1 Man Arrested in Terror Raids
UK Terror Suspects Worked for Airport Cargo Company
Pakistan Pledges UK Terror Help
Kashmiri Separatist Leader to Contest India Election
Maoist Rebels Kill 10 Policemen in Central India
Four Killed, Two Bombs Recovered in Northeast India
Sri Lanka
100,000 Demand Sri Lanka Ceasefire in UK March
Sri Lanka Protest: Tamil Hunger Striker Suspends Fast in London
Sri Lankan Media Ban 'A Disgrace,' Says Rights Group
Sri Lanka Conflict: Harrowing Stories of Captured Female Fighters
UN Draft Demands Enforcement of North Korea Sanctions
Text From UN Security Council Draft Statement on North Korea
Images of Frail Kim Jong Il Renew Talk of Succession
North Korean Defectors Staggered by South
Protesters Force Thailand to Cancel Asia Summit
Thailand's 'Red Shirts' Revel After Summit Shutdown
Key Dates in Thailand's Political Unrest
Tibetans Refuse to Sow Spring Crops in Protest Against Beijing
Tiananmen 20 Years Later: A Survivor's Story
Hundreds of Irregularities in Indonesia Vote
Indonesian Second Largest Party Says Not Trust Quick Count Results of Poll
US Seeks New Tack on Myanmar
US Declines to Take Position on Georgia Protests
Georgian President Faces 3rd Day of Protests
Georgia Opposition Leader Has Sights on Presidency
Moldovan Court Postpones Election Recount Request
Moldova Claims Proof of Romania Role in Riots
Moldovan President: Organizers of Violence Must Be Called to Account
Lavrov: Ties With US on Good Track, Russia Won't Increase Pressure on Iran
Spain Says Basque Separatist ETA Suspect Arrested
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Killer Robots—What Could Go Wrong?
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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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