US Drone Strike Kills at Least 10 in South Waziristan    At Least 41 Killed in Baghdad Shi'ite District Bombings    Holder: 30 Gitmo Inmates Approved for Release    Taliban Kidnap Dozens of Pakistani Security Forces    Lebanon Tribunal Orders Release of Generals    Iraqi Cabinet: US Kut Attack Violated Security Pact    At Least 70 Militants Among Dead as Pakistan Winds Down Lower Dir Offensive    Gazans Desperate for Medical Care Denied    Pakistan, US Pressure One Another for Action    Court Reins in 'State Secrets' Privilege    Hawks Look for New Ways to Package Iran Views    Pakistan Launches Buner Offensive    Australia to Send 280 More Troops to Afghanistan    Attacks Kill 7 Mexican Police in Tijuana    1 Year in Prison for Soldier Who Deserted Army    Recriminations After Nyc Jet Flyover Photo Op    Conyers, Nadler Request Special Prosecutor on Torture    Maliki Urged to Pardon Shoe-Thrower al-Zeidi    Visiting Daddy in Prison: a Palestinian Ordeal    Israel Says It Shares Water Fairly With Palestinians – World Bank Find Their Claim Hard to Swallow    Israel Remembers 22,000 Killed in Wars and Attacks    Sri Lanka Has 200,000 Refugees Displaced by Conflict, UN Says    Israel Marks Memorial Day as Peace Remains Elusive    Partisans Mark Saddam's Birthday With Anti-Us Chants    Congress Looks to Bolster Iran Sanctions    DOD Can't Handle the Truth?    Calamity Jane Harman Shoots Herself in the Foot    The Wrong Argument Over Torture    Whose Century Was That?    Obama's First 100 Days: The Madmen Did Well    To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?    Leahy Defies Obama, Calls for Bush 'Truth Commission'    Listening to Ahmadinejad    Torture and Truthiness    The US Should Cut Military Spending in Half    
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Updated April 29, 2009 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Missile Strike Kills 10 in South Waziristan
  Taliban Kidnap Scores of Pakistani Forces
  At Least 70 Militants Killed in Pakistan Offensive
  Pakistan Launches Buner Area Offensive
  Pakistan, US Pressure One Another for Action
  Zardari, Kayani Discuss Swat Invasion
Bombs Kill at Least 41 in Baghdad Shi'ite Area
  Iraqi Cabinet: US Kut Attack Violated Security Pact
  US Audit: Costs Soar for Iraqi Military Training

Wednesday: 63 Iraqis Killed, 108 Wounded

Lebanon Tribunal Orders Release of Generals

Holder: 30 Gitmo Inmates Approved for Release

  Conyers, Nadler Want Special Torture Prosecutor
  Leahy Defies Obama, Calls for 'Truth Commission'
  Court Reins in 'State Secrets' Privilege
Congress Looks to Bolster Iran Sanctions
  Iran Denies Jailed US Journalist on Hunger Strike
Whose Century Was That?
by Andrew J. Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
The US Should Cut Military Spending in Half  by Benjamin H. Friedman
DOD Can't Handle the Truth?
by William S. Lind
The Wrong Argument Over Torture
by William Pfaff
Listening to Ahmadinejad  by Dana Goldstein
Torture and Truthiness  by Joe Conason

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Congresswoman on Gitmo: Paid Contractors Interrogate, Not the Military

A Revolt Against al-Qaeda Began With Four-Man Hit Squad

US Steps Up Effort on Digital Defenses

Hawks Look for New Ways to Package Iran Views

Recriminations After NYC Jet Flyover Photo Op

White House Was Updating Air Force One File Photo

3 Men Acquitted of Helping 2005 London Bombers

Gazans Desperate for Medical Care Denied

Today in Iraq

Iraqis Display Photo of Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader

Maliki Urged to Pardon Shoe-Thrower al-Zeidi

What Capture of Iraqi Insurgent Might Mean

Partisans Mark Saddam's Birthday With Anti-US Chants

Iraq's Awakening: Two Tales Illustrate Force's Birth and Slow Death

Iraq Seizes Group Accused of Baghdad Car Bombs

Tuesday: 1 Iraqi Killed

The War at Home

Iraq War Video Game Canceled

1 Year in Prison for Soldier Who Deserted Army


US Senators Favor Sanctions on Iranian Gas Trade

French Group Urges Iran to Free US Journalist

Presidential Hopeful Says Ahmadinejad Isolated Iran


Somali 'Vigilante' Fishermen Fight Back Against Pirates

Russian Navy Seizes 29 Pirates Off Somalia

Belgian MSF Doctor Confirms Release in Somalia

Violence Against Aid Workers in Somalia


US Claims Terrorists Finding Safe Havens in East Africa

Ethiopia Opposition Says Reports of Coup Plot Fabrications by Govt

ICC-Wanted Warlord in UN-Backed Congo Offensive


Albania Applies for EU Membership

EU Must Obey Nicosia's Rulings, Even in North Cyprus, EU Court Says
Scottish Court Hears Appeal in 1988 Blast on Jetliner
Russia and Her Neighbors

Lavrov: Russia 'Worried' by EU's Eastern Plans

Russia Criticizes NATO Georgia War Games, Urges Boycott

Russia to Axe About 36,000 Officers in 2009


Attacks Kill 7 Mexican Police in Tijuana

Chávez Withdraws Peru Envoy After Rival Obtains Asylum

Colombian Woman Arraigned in US on Terror Charges for Supporting FARC

Former Ecuador Coup Leader Back in Spotlight

In India, Shadows of Past Violence Cling to a Politician on the Rise
A Tibetan Blogger, Always Under Close Watch, Struggles for Visibility

Japan FM Outraged by Most Recent Indiana Jones Movie


US Sets Fight in the Poppies to Stop Taliban

Australia to Send 280 More Troops to Afghanistan

Afghans Celebrate Victory Over Soviets Behind Closed Doors

Pakistan Takes Revenge for Taliban 'Withdrawal Sham'

30,000 Pakistani Displaced in Lower Dir Attack

Pakistani Offensive Puts Truce on Shakier Ground

NWFP Govt Invites Militant Group to Peace Talks

Zardari: 'War Merchants' Behind Unrest in Balochistan

Pakistani Reporter Captured by Spy Agency

Militants Occupy Sikhs' Houses, Shops in Orakzai Agency

Former Saudi Spy Chief: Pakistan at Risk of Coup

US Cheers Pakistani Buner Raid

US Congress Discussing Emergency Aid to Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Shelling Reported in Sri Lankan War Zone

Sri Lanka Says It Is Still Fighting Rebels

Sri Lanka Has 200,000 Refugees Displaced by Conflict, UN Says

Swedish Foreign Minister Denied Entry to Sri Lanka


Israel Marks Memorial Day as Peace Remains Elusive

Israel Remembers 22,000 Killed in Wars and Attacks

Barak Says Netanyahu Will Bend on Two-State Solution

Israeli President Peres to Meet Obama Next Week

Hamas and Fatah Talk Palestinian Unity in Egypt

Egypt Puts the Bite on Gaza Tunnel Smugglers

Visiting Daddy in Prison: A Palestinian Ordeal

Revisiting the Photo That Exposed a Shin Bet Lie


Clinton Says US Never Will 'Sell Out' Lebanon

Hezbollah Warns Lebanon Over Israeli-US Maneuvers

Assad Weighs in on Hezbollah, Hariri

Middle East

Turks Offer Help on Iran-UAE Islands Row

Turkey Eyes S-400 Missile Shield

UAE Is World's Third-Biggest Arms Importer


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Calamity Jane Harman Shoots Herself in the Foot

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

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The Case for Prosecuting Bush

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Some Might Call It Treason

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Obama's First 100 Days: A Mixed Record

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The United States of Europe?

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Ill Veterans Demand Answers

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Confessions and Lamentations

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Monotony in the Americas

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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