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Updated May 1, 2009 - 11:22 PM EDT
US to Drop Israel Lobbyist Spy Case
Obama: 'Respect Pakistan's Sovereignty, but...'
  Obama Opposes House Requests for Constraints on Pakistan Bill
  Major Foreign Tests Likely Over Obama's Next 100 Days
State Dept: Pakistan Violence Soaring
  Army: 55 Militants Killed in Pakistan Fighting
  Militants Capture Another Pakistani Town
  Troops Patrol Karachi After Deadly Ethnic Clashes
Britain Ends Its Military Mission in Iraq
  US Military Says 3 American Troops Killed in Iraq
  Rebuffing Maliki, US General Says GIs Won't Face Trial Over Iraq Raid
  US Officials: Surge in Violence Won't Delay US Withdrawal From Iraq
Gates: Military Can't Halt Iran Nuclear Program
  US: Iran Remains Most Active State-Sponsor of Terror
  Seven Californians Plead Guilty to Supporting Anti-Iran Terrorist Group
50-100 Gitmo Inmates 'Can't Be Tried or Freed'
  Hints That Detainees May Be Held on US Soil
  US Says al-Qaeda Still Greatest Threat to America
  US Keeps Cuba on Terrorism Blacklist
Russia Vows to Defend South Ossetia, Abkhazia
  NATO Expels Two Russian Diplomats Accused of Spying
Israel to EU: Criticism of Netanyahu Govt Unacceptable
A Historic Day for Iraq – but Not in the Way the British Want to Believe  by Robert Fisk
President Obama Looks Unimpressive on Civil Liberties After 100 Days  by J.D. Tuccille
Major Defeat for Bush/Obama Position on Secrecy  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama and DC Dance the Torture Minuet  by Joe Galloway
Kiss the Era of Human Rights Goodbye  by Karen J. Greenberg and Tom Engelhardt
When Barack Meets Bibi  by Simon Tisdall

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Saudi Arabia: US Lied, Saudi King Did Not Meet Peres
Culture of Unpunished Sexual Assault in Military
Hamas Gaining International Legitimacy
AIPAC Set to Push Iran Legislation at Annual Meet
Abu Ghraib Guards Say Memos Show They Were Scapegoats
Former 'Enemy Combatant' Al-Marri Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges in Deal
US Jewish Professor Probed Over Criticism of Israel
Torturing Justice
Obama: 'I Believe Waterboarding Was Torture, and It Was a Mistake'
CIA Torture Began in Afghanistan Eight Months Before DOJ Approval
The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations
Emirates to Probe Sheik on Torture Tapes

Anti-Torture Activists Arrested at White House

Ex-Interrogators Say Human Connection, Not Torture, Yields Results
Churchgoers More Likely to Back Torture, Survey Finds
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Army Blames Deadly Blasts in Baghdad on Saddam Loyalists
Gates: Al-Qaeda Behind Recent Iraq Violence
Iraqi Refugees Stay Put Despite Relative Calm
Report: Sniper Downs Two US Soldiers in Amara
New Gear Puts Snipers in Check in Iraq
US Hands Oil Terminal to Iraqi Navy in First Step
Thursday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Turkish Warplanes Hit Kurd Rebel Targets in Iraq
Sadr to Hold Talks in Turkey: Report
Britain Wants to Help Protect Iraqi Oil Supplies
Iraq Sets Out a Pitch for Major Foreign Investment
The War at Home
Gates Asks Congress for Fast Action on War Funding
In Military, New Debate Over Policy Toward Gays
Most Americans Want End to Military 'Openly Gay' Ban
US Soldier Charged in Fellow Soldier's Death in Iraq
Drawings of 9/11 Attacks Taken Off Kids' Web Site
Gates Grilled Over Fate of Guantánamo Inmates
Europe Seen Willing to Take Detainees
US Lawyer Hopeful on Sudan Gitmo Detainees
'War on Terror'
Italy Frees Hijacker of Achille Lauro Ship
Witness: Oregon Training Camp Aimed for Militancy
Afghan Tribal Leader Gets Life in US Prison
Venezuela Asks Interpol to Go After 2nd Chavez Foe
US Navy Hands Over Three Dead Somali Pirates
Belgian Military to Protect Ships Off Somalia
Ship Captain: Just Arming Crews Won't Stop Piracy
Somali Elders Detained in Eastern Ethiopia
UN Extends Peackeepers' Mandate in Southern Sudan
Sudan, Chad Seek Lasting Peace at Qatar Talks
Darfur Aid Workers Freed for 'Humanitarian Reasons'
Nigeria Arrests Seven Over Canadian Kidnapping
Niger Delta Rebel Leader Asks Court to Drop Treason Charges
Now, US Sees Pakistan as a Cause Distinct From Afghanistan
Villagers Flee Battle Zone in Pakistani Valley
Qaeda Figure Urges Pakistanis to Rebel Against Govt
Cleric Says Anti-Taliban Raids to Spread Insurgency in Pakistan
Taliban Banish Sikhs From Orakzai
Pakistani Military Vows 'Zero Tolerance' in Malakand
Swat Taliban Getting Active Help From Waziristan
Islamic Law in Pakistan: Masked Gunmen in a Reign of Terror
NATO Slaps Restrictions on Foreign Media in Kandahar
A Bomb Greets a New US Unit in Afghan Countryside
In Remote Afghan Province, Mullen Finds Daunting Need
Training Afghans as Bullets Fly
Federal Watchdog: Afghanistan Needs Help in Fight Against Corruption
Mortar Blast Kills Three Afghan Children
Up to 60 Candidates for Afghan Vote
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka President, Rebels Vow to Fight On
UN Council Sees No Need to Punish Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rejects 'Lectures' From Western Countries
Images Show Sri Lankan Forces Bombing Civilian Safehaven
British FM, Sri Lanka DM Meeting Ends in Sharp Exchange
North Korea
Clinton: North Korean Return to Talks Implausible
Why North Korea Is Ratcheting Up Its Sharp Rhetoric
China Reopens Border With North Korea to Tourists
Australia Tries to Placate China Over Navy Expansion
Clinton: Iran Sends 'Mixed' Signals on US Journalist
Iran Presidential Hopefuls Consider Debate
Netanyahu Aides Fear Obama Will Spring 'Surprise' Demands
Israel Arrests Protesters Opposed to Raid on Anti-Draft Websites
UN: Gaza Still Awaiting Aid Pledged for Reconstruction
Airline Glitch Takes Mideast Conflict to New Heights
Hamas: 65% of Gazans Unemployed
Abbas to Name New Palestinian Govt Leader Soon
Netanyahu to Visit Egypt in Early May
Palestine's Holocaust Museum
Two Palestinians Die in Tunnel Collapse in Rafah
Hariri Suspects' Release May Shift Lebanon Balance
Source: Hezbollah Admits Weapons Smuggling
NATO Accuses Russia of Destabilizing Southern Caucasus
13 Killed in Shooting at Azerbaijan Oil Academy
World News
With New Software, Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors
Report Shows Press Freedom Declines Worldwide
Hans Blix Addresses Nuclear Disarmament

Justin Raimondo
The Lobby Wants War

Edouard Husson
The German Dilemma

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Iraq We Leave Behind

Charles V. Peña
To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

David R. Henderson
The Case for Prosecuting Bush

Philip Giraldi
Some Might Call It Treason

Ivan Eland
Obama's First 100 Days: A Mixed Record

Nebojsa Malic
Confessions and Lamentations

Alan Bock
Monotony in the Americas

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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