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Updated May 6, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Kills 100 Afghans, 'Mostly Civilians'
  Clinton: US 'Deeply' Regrets Afghan Deaths

Afghan Taliban Spokesman: We Will Win the War


Afghanistan's Divided Opposition Boosts Karzai's Election Bid

Fighting Erupts as Swat Peace Deal Crumbles


Taliban Seize City as Up to 500,000 Civilians Flee


US Mulls Halting Drone Strikes on Pakistan


Holbrooke: Pakistan Not a Failed State

Iraqi Army Kills US-Allied Sunni Militiaman


15 Dead in Baghdad Hospital Bombing, Say Iraqi Police


Awakening Chief Says Arrest 'Violates' US Amnesty


Iraq Says Kills Over 30 Militants in New Strike

Torture Memo Prosecutions Increasingly Unlikely

Torture Memo Probe May Lead to Disbarments


Former Bush Officials Work to Soften Ethics Report on Interrogations

AIPAC Conference Pushes Hard Line on Iran
  Israeli President: US Outreach to Iran OK for Now

Israel 'Enraged' by UN Gaza Report


UN Inquiry Critical of Israeli Attacks in Gaza

Pentagon: Georgia Coup Attempt 'Fairly Isolated'
Obama's Afghan-Ignorant Policy Guide  by Michael Scheuer
Obama Must Break From Past Israel Policy  by Jonathan Steele
The AIPAC Spy Case: Where's the Justice at the Justice Dept?  by James G. Abourezk
Who Is Watching the Watchmen?
by Gene Healy
Still a Nation of Laws, Not Men?
by Nat Hentoff
US Hides Behind Iran Sanctions Threat  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

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Why the Obama Attention on Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Skepticism of Afghan Leader Shapes Policy

Advances by the Taliban Sharpen US Concerns

Iraqi Report on Corruption Cites Prosecutors' Barriers

UN Revises Refugee Guidelines, Citing Iraq's 'Safety'

US Wants Israel, India in Anti-Nuclear Arms Treaty

Today in Iraq

Iraq to Probe Soldier's Killing of US Troops

PM: Iraqis Need Help With Intelligence Gathering

Nineveh Governor Expresses Concern for Local Palestinian Families

IED Kills Civilian in Western Mosul

Civilian Body Found in Southern Kirkuk

Tuesday: 33 Iraqis Killed

Iraq Protests Iran Air Raid on Kurd Villages

Iraqi Kurds to Hold Election on July 25

US Fears Violence Ahead of Kurdistan Regional Elections

The War at Home

Army Extends Immigrant Recruiting

Congressman's Nephew Got Defense Contracts

US Needs 'Digital Warfare Force'

'War on Terror'

The Reluctant Enablers of Torture

Britain Secretly Recruited Gitmo Detainees by Offering Protection From Americans

DHS Pulled Extremism Dictionary

US Allies Losing Asylum Bids Over Definition of 'Terrorist'


Lavrov Pulls Out of Russia-NATO Meeting

Georgia Alleges Russian Role in a Coup Plot

Pentagon Calls Georgia Mutiny an Isolated Incident

Croatia Accepts EU's Border Dispute Proposal, Slovenia 'Cautious'

Serb's War Crimes Jail Term Tripled by UN


US Plays Down Incident at Sea With Chinese Vessels

North Korea Builds Up Cyber Warfare Unit

Thai Leader Struggles at the Center of a Storm


Islamic Courts Soldier Killed in Mogadishu

French Judge Wants to Investigate 3 African Leaders

Zimbabwe Judge Sends 18 Activists Back to Prison

Paraguay President Lugo Says Dictatorship-Era Aide Must Tell of Bodies

Bolivian Opposition Denies Alleged Tie to 'Plot'

In Other News

Gulf States Moving Toward 'Monetary Union,' Unified Currency

Spain: Basque Leader to Fight Armed Separatists


Afghan Official Sees 30 Bodies Killed in Airstrike

US, Karzai Seek to Mend Fraying Relationship at Summit

Afghan Lawmakers Seek Northern Ireland Peace Lessons


Militants Occupy Government Offices in Swat Valley

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 in Northwest Pakistan

15 Militants Killed in Mohmand Agency

Taliban Warns Pakistani Doctors to Stop Wearing Pants

What the Pakistani People Would Tell Obama

Sunnis Want Treason Case Against Militant Chief

South Asia

India: Pakistan 'Taking US for a Ride'

India War Games Near Pakistan Border Conclude

Sri Lanka Says Rebel Leader Trapped

Boat to Safety Is Death Trap to Sri Lankans


US Envoys Head Back to Syria as Ties Warm

Syria Looks to Lebanon War for Tips on Arming Hezbollah

Ahmadinejad in Syria

Iranian President Strikes Defiant Tone in Damascus

Ahmadinejad, Assad Vow Support for Palestinians

Iran Leader Visits Syria, Will Meet Hamas Chief


Nuclear Talks Not Election Issue in Iran

Iran Court to Review Journalist's Conviction

US Presses Iran on Cases of Two Americans


UN Backs Off Gaza Investigation Amid Israeli Outrage

UN Seeks Access to Secret Israeli Jail

UN Demands Israel Compensation for Strikes in Gaza

Barak: Israel 'Did Not Mean' to Shoot at UN Facilities in Gaza

Israel Says UN Report Ignores Devious Hamas Tactics

Israeli FM Demands Italy Demand Russia to Stop Talking to Hamas
Israel May Revoke Citizenship of Arabs Who Lived in 'Enemy States'

Israel Must Accept Palestinian State, Joe Biden Says

Israel's Cash Limitations Threaten Gaza Banks


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