US Military Officials Concede That They Killed Civilians in Afghan Strike    Karzai Demands End to US Air Strikes    Settlement Expansion Seeing Biggest Boost Since 2003    Officials Admit Pakistanis Reject US Priorities    Palestinians Rebuild With Mud    Af-Pak Troubles Coming to a Head    Unwieldy Terror Watchlist Hits a Million    Psychologists Under Fire for Role in Interrogations    Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby?    Brisk Activity Reported at North Korean Nuclear Test Site    Future of Guantánamo Dominates War Spending Debate    Nukes and National Independence: The French Example    Pentagon Budget Seeks More Weapons Spending    Pentagon: Afghan War Costs to Overtake Iraq Next Year    Gates Assures Marines They Won't Be Sent to Pakistan    Afghan Civilian Deaths Present US With Strategic Problem    Pentagon's Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion    Afghans Riot Over Air-Strike Atrocity    Pakistan Vows War Against Swat Valley 'Terrorists'    CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'    Iraq: Firm Once Known as Blackwater Exits Baghdad    US Terror Watchlist Has 35% Error Rate    Obama to Fire Gay Arabic Linguist    US Missile Data Found on eBay Hard Drive    Egypt Brushes Off Reports on Finding Nuclear Traces    Huge US Camp Arises in Afghan Desert of Death    Losing Hearts and Minds and Lives in Afghanistan    Israel's Bad-Faith Negotiating Position    Pentagon Girds for Cyber Warfare    Gates: Afghan-Bound US Troops Outpacing Equipment    Secretary Doomsday and the Empathy Gap    The Other Dangers in Pakistan    The Uniqueness of America and the Dangers of Going to War Precipitously    Video Shows Sri Lanka Rebels Forcing Civilian Help    Hamid & Asif's Excellent Adventure    Motley Crew Seek to Contest Iran Presidency Vote    Hawks Scramble to Get on Board With Two-State Solution    The Af-Pak War: War for War's Sake    Police Fire on Afghans Protesting Deadly US Air Strike    
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Updated May 8, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT
Karzai Demands NATO Air Strikes End
  Afghans Say New NATO Strike Kills 6 Civilians
  Afghans Riot Over US Air-Strike Atrocity
  US Admits Killing Civilians in Afghan Air Raids
  Afghan Civilian Deaths Present US With Strategic Problem
  Losing Hearts and Minds and Lives in Afghanistan
  Huge US Camp Arises in Afghan Desert of Death
Pakistan Declares War Against Swat 'Terrorists'
  Pakistan Army Says 143 Militants Killed in Swat
  Officials Admit Pakistanis Reject US Priorities
  Amused US Leaders Stop Short of Endorsing Zardari
  Gates Assures Marines They Won’t Be Sent to Pakistan
  Af-Pak Troubles Coming to a Head
Pentagon's Requests Increased Arms Spending
  Future of Guantánamo Dominates War Spending Debate
  Afghan War Costs to Overtake Iraq by Next Year
  Pentagon's Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion
Holder Says He Approved Clinton-Era Renditions
  Unwieldy Terror Watchlist Hits a Million
  Psychologists Under Fire for Role in Interrogations
  CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'
Report: Brisk Activity at North Korea Nuclear Test Site
Settlement Expansion Seeing Biggest Boost Since 2003
Hawks Scramble to Get on Board With Two-State Solution  by Daniel Luban
Secretary Doomsday and the Empathy Gap  by Tom Engelhardt
The Uniqueness of America and the Dangers of Going to War Precipitously  by Allan C. Brownfeld
Israel's Bad-Faith Negotiating Position  by William Pfaff
Hamid & Asif's Excellent Adventure
by Ximena Ortiz
The Other Dangers in Pakistan
by Steve Chapman

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Obama Administration Is Bringing Nuclear Arms Control Back
Ex US-Soldier Found Guilty of Rape, Murder of Iraqi Girl
Baghdad Contract Expires for Ex-Blackwater
Palestinians Rebuild With Mud
US Missile Data Found on eBay Hard Drive
Study: Poverty Fueling Muslim Tension With West
Iraqi Forces: Rebuilt and Stronger, but Still Stumbling
Iraq's Wall-Builders Mourn Drop in Violence
Iraq Cinema Manager Flashes Back to the Boom Times
Corruption Seen at Root of Iraq's Lack of Services
Deputy PM: Corruption Rife in Iraq
Thursday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Holder Seeks to Calm Uproar Over Guantánamo
Republican Bill Would Block Guantánamo Transfers to US
US Military
Pentagon Girds for Cyber Warfare
Pentagon Seeks $1.2 Billion Cut for Missile Defense
Obama's Budget Eliminates New Funding for Nuclear Detection
Pentagon Plans to Halve Cargo Aircraft Program
Iraq/Afghanistan Contractors Using Military Clinics
Senate Acts on Pentagon's Weapons Buying Practices
'War on Terror'
US Terror Watchlist Has 35% Error Rate
Holder Cautious on US Interrogations Probes
US-Iran Engagement Must Seek Nuclear Curbs: Senate
Motley Crew Seek to Contest Iran Presidency Vote
EU Lawmakers to Obama: Lift Ban on Iranian Group
Washington 'Committed' to Seeking Syria-Israel Deal
Despite US Outreach, Syria Affirms Iran Ties
Pope Visiting the Holy Land
Israel Bans Palestinians From Hosting Pope at West Bank Fence
The Pope Heads for the Holy Land (Just Don't Mention the War)
Tepid Reception Expected for Pope Benedict in Israel
Islamists Say Pope's Mideast Visit Provocative
Palestinians Give Cool Reception to Netanyahu Plan
Israeli Soldier Killed in West Bank, Military Says
'Time Is Not in Israel's Favor,' Livni Warns
Pills Are Gazans' Little Helpers
Israeli Group Asks Court to Halt Settlement Growth
Global Mideast Impact
Lieberman Slams 'Peace Industry' in Berlin
German Official: Lieberman Comments 'Far From Encouraging'
Israel FM to Run 'Strategic Dialogue' With US: Sources
UN Security Council Fails to Discuss Gaza Investigation
UN Says Israel Gnawing at Bethlehem Sovereignty
Israel Discussing Withdrawal From Lebanese Village
UN Gives Israel Ideas for Securing Divided Village
UN Chief Blasts Hezbollah for Assisting Arms Shipments to Hamas
Middle East
Egypt Brushes Off Reports on Finding Nuclear Traces
Yemeni Journalists Protest Suspension of Eight Newspapers
Jordan King: Delaying Mideast Peace Dangerous
Talks Between Russia, Georgia, Separatists Break Off
Georgia Tensions Flare Again Amid NATO War Games
Georgia Releases Opposition Activists After Clashes
Obama, Russia Looking Past Their Differences
Clinton and Lavrov Discuss Improving Nuke Security
Russian Court Convicts US Brothers on Spy Charges
Poll: Few Russians Believe Medvedev Controls Power
Russia Warns Japan Against 'Inflated Hopes' in Islands Dispute
Pakistan Appears Unprepared for 'Massive Displacement'
Pakistani Jets Bomb Taliban, 60 Dead
Pakistan Army Fights, but Can It Win?
Gates: Taliban Overreached in Buner
Presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan Meet With Senators Weighing Aid
Congress to Finish Pakistan Bill Urgently: Kerry
Thousands Flee as Pakistani Jets Hit Swat
Sharif Vows Unconditional Support to Govt During War
Pakistani Offers Assurances on Nuclear Control
Son of Pakistani Cleric Said Killed in Shelling
Zardari Urges US to Provide Pakistan Drones Technology
Pakistani Drone Crashes During Training Flight
Facts About Conflict in Pakistan's Swat
Police Fire on Afghans Protesting Deadly US Air Strike
US Regrets, Discord on Afghan Airstrike
Afghan Official: 147 Dead in Attack
Taliban Urge Afghans to Be Vigilant on Conversion
Gates: Afghan-Bound US Troops Outpacing Equipment
Probe of Reports Taliban Killed Civilians: Gates
Afghan Academic, Ex-Taliban Join Presidency Race
Eight Taliban Killed in Afghanistan Clashes, Bomb Blast
First Obama Afghan Surge Troops Arrive
Suicide Bomber Kills 12 in Southern Afghanistan
Next US-Afghan-Pakistan Summit After Afghan Poll
Sri Lanka
Video Shows Sri Lanka Rebels Forcing Civilian Help
Sri Lanka Says Troops Capture Rebel Fortification
Nepal Deploys More Troops to Quell Maoist Protests
India Treads Fine Line in Nepal's Political Crisis
North Korea
Clinton Calls for 'Patience' With North Korea
What's the Real Threat of North Korea's Nuclear Program?
Villagers in Central China Clash With Police
China Warns France Against Award for Dalai Lama
Clashes, Protests in Kashmir Mar Indian Voting
Singapore's Most-Wanted Militant Arrested After Escape
Pirates of Somalia
Somali Pirates Take Dutch Boat, Chase US Supply Ship
Pirates Fire at US Navy Ship Off Somalia
Warship Sent to Protect Seychelles From Pirates
Sudan: American Aid Groups Considered for Darfur
US Calls for 'Credible' 2010 Sudan Election
Peacekeepers Patrol Lawless Darfur Nights
Congo Passes Amnesty Law for Eastern Rebels

NY Trial to Decide Shell's Role in Nigerian Deaths

EU, Ex-Soviet Republics Agree to Move Closer
Progress Reported at Armenia-Azerbaijan Talks
Northern Ireland Killings 'Will Not Destroy Peace Process'
Survey Reveals British Muslims Strongly Nationalistic
Alabama on Cuba: Tear Down This Embargo
Cuban Official: No Negotiating Politics With US
NGOs Warn of Restrictions in Pending Venezuela Law
Some Lawmakers Allege Fraud in Haiti Election

Justin Raimondo
Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby?

Edouard Husson
Nukes and National Independence: The French Example

Kelley B. Vlahos
Gian Gentile: Exposing Counterfeit COIN

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Matter of Opinion

Philip Giraldi
Ignore AIPAC at America's Peril

Alan Bock
The Empire Slogs Ahead

Ivan Eland
Has a Stake Been Driven through Neoconservative Foreign Policy?

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

David R. Henderson
The Case for Prosecuting Bush

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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