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Obama's 48-Hour Makeover
  Leaked Torture Photos Published in 2006 Went Largely Unseen
  Panetta to CIA Employees: We Told Pelosi the Truth
  CIA Outsourced Development of Interrogation Plan
US Drone Strike Kills 12 at Pakistani School
  Pentagon, Pakistan No Longer Cooperating in Drone War?
  'No Timetable' as Swat Valley Assault Continues
  Could Taliban Get Keys to Pakistan's A-Bomb?
Rumsfeld's Unit Blamed for Afghan Deaths
  US Predicts 50 Percent Spike in Afghan IEDs
  Drunken Blackwater-Affiliated Contractors Probed for Kabul Shooting
Maliki Seeks to Limit Power of Sunnis, Kurds
  Powell Aide Says Torture Helped Build Iraq War Case
US Blames Eritrea for Somali Instability
  Islamists on Verge of Toppling Somali Government
  Islamist Offensive Leaves West's Somalia Strategy in Tatters
Lawmakers' Gaffe Exposes Israeli Lobbyists
  Lobbies Gear Up Ahead of Bibi-Barack Meet
Sri Lanka President Declares Victory in Civil War
Mistrust of the West Is Stronger in Pakistan Than Fear of the Taliban  by Anatol Lieven
Torture's Role in the Rush to War With Iraq  by Gordon Prather
Does Obama Want 'Hitler' to Win Reelection?  by William Wedin
A Powerful but Flawed Critique of US Foreign Policy  by David Gordon
US-Israel Balance Echoes Tensions of 1991  by Helena Cobban
Release the Torture Photos
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Hersh Discusses Cheney's 'Assassination Squad'
US May Label Satellite Providers Terrorists
'Obama Isn't Off to a Good Start' on Human Rights
Released Algerian Gitmo Detainee Arrives in France
Sri Lankan Govt. Rebukes Tamil 'Propaganda Machine'
In Detainee Furor, a Rare Dent in Pelosi Armor
Developing Nations Seek Assurances on Nuclear Arms
Madam President in Afghanistan?
Even in Custody, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Proves Elusive
Addiction Is Rising as Iraqis Feel the Stress
Iraq's Navy Takes Delivery of Italian-Made Patrol Ships
What Led Assailant to Shoot His Comrades?
Friday: 1 Briton, 6 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Terror Surveillance Requests Declined in 2008
In Brooklyn, Pashtuns March Against the Taliban
Obama, Israel Could Be Headed for Clash Over Settlements
Pressed on Palestinian State, Netanyahu Changes the Subject – to Iran
UN: Israel Should Reveal Secret Torture Centers, if They Exist
Palestinian Christian Couple's Divided Life
'Israel's PR Appeal Isn't Lost, It Just Needs a New Label'
Sen. Kerry: Chances for Two-State Solution Dwindling
Life Among the Ruins in Gaza
Pope Ends Holy Land Trip With Call for Two-State Solution
Skirmishes Erupt Ahead of Lebanese Vote
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Capable of Running Lebanon if It Wins Election
Middle East
Syria: Israeli Government Not a Good Peace Partner
Oman Navigates Risky Strait Between Iran and Arab Nations
Intrigue Abounds in This Mideast Tale of a Terror Plot
Egypt Finds Massive Arms Cache Along Israel Border
Scared Somalis Running Out of Food as Battles Rage
Thousands Flee Fighting in Somali Capital
UN Cites Reports Eritrea Aiding Somali Militants
Eritrea Urges UN to Stop Endorsing Illicit Somali Govt.
Rebels Declare 'All-Out War' in Niger Delta
Nigerian Troops Attack Militant Camp in Oil Region
At Least 60 Killed in Congolese Rebel Attacks: UN
Sudan Accuses Chad of 'Acts of War' With Air Raids
Zimbabwean Human Rights Lawyer Released on Bail
UN Security Council to Focus on African Hotspots
Indigenous Groups Declare 'Insurgency' in Peru
Worrying Developments in Guatemala
Cuba's Undersea Oil Could Help Thaw Trade With US
US Gives Mexico Armored Vehicles to Aid Drug Fight
Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Top Marine: Afghan Airstrike Probe Will Clear US
US to Review Use of Afghan Air Power
Afghan Official: 22 Taliban Killed in South
Insurgents Attack Prison in Eastern Afghanistan
Rights Group: US Procedures Fail Afghan Civilians
Bloody Summer for British Troops in Taliban Country
Sixth Death in Bloody Week for British Troops in Afghanistan
UK Soldiers Using 'Outdated Equipment' in Afghanistan After Delays
Pakistani Army Readies for Street Battles in Swat
US Has 'Detailed Plan' for Taking Pakistan's Nukes
Pakistan Hospitals, Camps Are Overwhelmed
New Exodus Fuels Concerns in Pakistan
Pakistan Eases Curfew in Swat to Allow More Civilians to Flee
Pakistan Says 55 Taliban, 3 Troops Killed in Swat
Army Says Taliban Shaving Beards to Flee Swat
Musharraf Not Ruling Out Presidency
US Wants Faster Training in Pakistan
France Backs India-Style Nuclear Deal for Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Vows Military Victory in 48 Hours
Sri Lankan Military Fights to Surround Rebels
Fighting Rages in Sri Lanka, More Civilians Flee
Sri Lanka Faces 'Unimaginable Humanitarian Catastrophe'
US Plans No Concessions to Lure North Korea Back to Talks
North Korea Demands Higher Pay at Border Industrial Park
Taiwan Says Agreement With China Opens a Rare Diplomatic Door
China in Maritime Talks With US
US Frustrated With Russia Over Georgia Monitors
Medvedev Criticizes NATO Exercise in Georgia
Ex-Officials of Rebel Georgia Area: Leader Corrupt
4 Die in Chechnya Suicide Attack
Falling Gas Prices Deny Russia a Lever of Power
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Chalmers Johnson on The Bases of Empire: the Global Struggle Against US Military Posts
China's Rise and the Two Koreas
A Powerful but Flawed Critique of US Foreign Policy
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