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The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan    Military Tribunals Not the Same as US Courts    Iran Says Powers Agree to Nuclear Talks After Vote    Eritrea Rejects Accusations on Somali Arms    Troops Kill 60 Rebels, Make Largest Afghan Drugs Bust    Green Zone Killing Heightens Security Fears    'Pakistan Ready to Phase Out Nukes if India Does So'    Peshawar Cinema Bombing Death Toll Rises to 13    Hillary Clinton's Diplomacy Raises Some Eyebrows    Ahmadinejad Says Predecessor Humiliated Iran    Obama Acknowledges Guantánamo 'One of Our Biggest Problems'    Review of CIA Memos Divides Congress    Lebanon DM Says Biden Promised Military Aid Package, Regardless of Election Results    'Israel Won't Yield to US Demands, Won't Halt Settlement Construction'    Tony Blair Believed God Wanted Him to Go to War to Fight Evil, Claims His Mentor    US Relies More on Allies in Questioning Terror Suspects    British and American Fighters Respond to Jihad Call in Somalia    FBI 'Lured Dimwits' Into Terror Plot    Barack Obama Pledges to Keep US 'Dominance'    NATO Airstrike Kills Construction Worker, Wounds 18 Others Near Afghan Capital    Few in Kandahar Aware of Afghanistan's Elections    Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism    Yet Another Bogus 'Terror' Plot    Obama's Betrayals    Blowing Smoke on Gitmo    Facts and Myths About Obama's Preventive Detention Proposal    Cheney's Comprehensive Strategy to Keep America Safe    Does Military Power Keep Us Safe?    
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Updated May 23, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT
Republicans Salute Obama's Hawkish Tack
  Obama Faces Calls to Delay Guantánamo Closure
  Lawyers, Rights Groups Outraged by Gitmo Decision
Zardari Vows to Expand War Beyond Swat
  Pakistan: Offensive Kills 1,000+ Alleged Militants
  Pakistan Is Rapidly Adding Nuclear Arms, US Says
  Obama: All Options Open on Taking Pakistan's Nukes
Obama Stresses Iran 'Threat' for Netanyahu Visit
  At Odds With Obama, Netanyahu Begins US Visit
Afghan Civilian Deaths: Who Is to Blame?
  Obama: Early to Mull More Troops in Afghanistan
Islamic Insurgents Seize Somali Town
  Islamist Offensive Ruins the West's Plan for Somalia
'Sunni Awakening' Deal Rejected in 2004
  Tensions Boil Between Iraqi Kurds and Sunnis
Sri Lanka's Long War Reaches Climax, Tigers Concede
Richard Cohen: Still Awful After All These Years  by Robert Parry
The American Accountability Gap
by Christopher Dowd
Ghost of Haditha Haunts American Shooting Spree in Iraq  by Aaron Glantz
Lt. Erin Watada and a Standing Army  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The National Twinkie Defense
by Dahlia Lithwick
The Fabrications of Jay S. Bybee
by Martin Garbus

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Biblical Quotes Said to Adorn Pentagon Reports
UK Govt Lies Exposed; Spy Visited Binyam Mohamed in Morocco
Inside the CIA's Code of Secrecy
Bloody Urban Battles Could Lie Ahead in Pakistan
Hanoi Pol Seeks to Silence Noisy Wartime Relic
Veterans Face Enemy at Home: Denial, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Iraq's Once-Envied Health Care System Lost to War, Corruption
Outnumbered US Troops Defend Afghan Frontier
Iraq to Arrest 23 Govt Employees on Corruption Charges
Iraqi Special Forces on the Hunt for al-Qaeda
US Commander: Iraqi Navy to Run Offshore Oil Platform by Year's End
Two Policemen Killed in Iraq Attacks
Sunday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
The War at Home
Huge New York Rehearsal for Next Terror Strike
FBI Infiltrated Iowa Antiwar Group Before GOP Convention
Pelosi Must Provide Proof or Apology on CIA Memo, Boehner Says
Gaza Child Dies, Unable to Reach Israeli Hospital
On Fiery Birth of Israel, Memories of 2 Sides Speak
Gaza Militants Bomb Israeli Troops: Witnesses
Israel Urges Syria to Join Direct Peace Talks
Israeli Arabs Slam Bill to Criminalize Nakba
Middle East
US-Iranian Journalist Saberi Says 'No' to Media Contact
Obama Wants Arabs to Adopt Trust-Building Steps
Egypt Entices Palestinians to Unite With Gaza Crossings Pledge
Darfur Rebels Say Sudan Army Base Seized
Official: Chad Ends Raids on Rebels in Sudan
Darfur Rebel to Appear at War Crimes Tribunal
Nigerian Militants Destroy Two Oil Pipelines
Nine Hostages Freed, Two Others Killed in Nigeria
Militants Move British Hostage to Niger Camp
35 Killed in Somalia Fighting Over the Weekend
Rwanda Tells UN Security Council What It Wants
Militant Attacks Kill 12 Afghan Security Officers
US Military Probes Blackwater Kabul Killing
Pakistan Closes in on Swat Capital
Pakistan Urges Civilians to Flee From Swat
Pakistani Interior Minister Claims Buner Under Control
Musharraf Warns US Not to Undermine ISI
Pakistan's Swat Offensive Leaves India Skeptical
Landslide in India Vote Reshapes Landscape
India's Hindu Nationalist Party Reflects on Election Drubbing
Buoyant Congress Eyes New Allies for Coalition
Likely Key Ministers in New Indian Government
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rebels Offer to Lay Down Arms
Sri Lanka Says All Civilians Out of War Zone
Report: Tiger Chief Body Believed Found; Unconfirmed
At Least 18 Hurt in Nepal Train Blast
22-Party Alliance to Form New Nepal Government
Suu Kyi Defiant Ahead of Trial, Protests Planned
Taiwan Protest Targets Leader's Pro-China Policies
Ready for a Fight: Russia's New Security Policy
Russia, US Talk Nuclear Disarmament
Damaged EU-Russia Ties Bode Ill for Summit
Thousands March to Demand Guatemalan Leader Resign
Peru's Amazon Protesters Withdraw Insurgency Call

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Why Liberals Love Obama

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Blowing Smoke on Gitmo

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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‘March of Freedom' a Trail of Tears

Nebojsa Malic
Biden Does the Balkans

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Picking on AIPAC?

Alan Bock
Torture: The Plot Sickens

Charles V. Peña
Pentagon Gluttons

David R. Henderson
The Case for Prosecuting Bush

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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