Iran: Gunmen Wound 3 at President's Campaign Site    Gen. Casey: US Ready to Fight War Against North Korea    Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in West Bank    US Won't Be Upset if Israel Strikes Iran, Senator Assures    Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace    Allotting of Iraqi Oil Rights May Stoke Hostility    Iraqi Victims Recall US Abuse    GAO Faults Tracking of Gifts to Military    The Big Question: What Are Israeli Settlements, and Why Are They Coming Under Pressure?    Bombings Continue as Pakistani Militants Threaten Wider War    British Commander Warns Surge Will Lead to Jump in Afghan Violence    Pipelineistan Goes Iran-Pak    Photographs Show Destruction and Despair of Sri Lanka's No-Fire Zone    Israel Dismisses US Demand on Settlements    At Least 30 Killed in Mosque Bombing in Iranian Balochistan    The 20 Most Powerful People in Iran    Residents Seethe as Pakistan Army Destroys Homes    Iraq Faces the Mother of All Corruption Scandals    Pakistani Militant Groups Uniting    Uighurs Sold Out in the US    Bill Clinton's Defense Secretary Urges Military Options Against North Korea    Size Matters for North Korea's Nukes    North Korea Threatens Retaliation if Ships Inspected    US Rejects Newspaper Report That Iraq Prison Photos Show Rape    UN Expert: US Failing to Properly Probe War Crimes    Succumbing to the Dark Side    Iraq-Saudi Relations Hit New Low    US Geo Survey: Natural Gas in the Arctic Is Mostly Russian    US Journalist Says She Falsely Confessed to Spying in Iran    After Iraq, It's Not Just North Korea That Wants a Bomb    Shadow Wars    Forgetting Pyongyang    FBI Infiltrates Iowa City Protest Group    The Depth of Corruption    Intimidation Won't Further Non-Proliferation    Turkish Jets Strike Rebel Targets in Northern Iraq    North Korea's Bomb – and Those 'Hiroshima' Headlines    'Empathy' and International Affairs    
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Army Chief: US Can Fight N. Korea if Necessary
  North Korea Test-Fires Another Missile, Slams Security Council
  Size Matters for North Korea's Nukes
  South Koreans Are Now Almost Blasé About Nuclear Blasts and Missiles
Mosque Blast Kills 30 in SE Iran Near Pakistan
  Iran: Gunmen Wound 3 at President's Campaign HQ
  Sen. Lautenberg: 'US Won't Be Upset if Israel Strikes Iran'
  Study: Israeli Attack on Iran Unlikely to Work
Israel Dismisses US Demand on Settlements
  Rabbis Call on Soldiers to Disobey IDF Orders to Dismantle Settlements
  Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in West Bank
Pak Militants Attack Markets, Warn of Wider War
  Pakistani Militant Groups Uniting
  Residents Seethe as Pakistan Army Destroys Homes
UK Gen.: Afghan Surge Will Escalate Attacks
  US Struggles to Regain Afghanistan's 'Ring Road'
  Obama Aide: Too Soon to Say if Afghan Plan Working
  UK MoD Admits Use of 'Enhanced Blast' Weapons in Afghanistan
Iraq Faces the Mother of All Corruption Scandals
  No More Gestures to Saudis: Iraq's Maliki
  US Slams British Press Over Report of Rape in Iraq Abuse Photos
  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 20 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded
'Empathy' and International Affairs
by Stephen M. Walt
Intimidation Won't Further Non-Proliferation  by Thomas Gale Moore
North Korea's Bomb – and Those 'Hiroshima' Headlines  by Greg Mitchell
Forgetting Pyongyang  by Doug Bandow
Succumbing to the Dark Side
by Paul Craig Roberts
Shadow Wars  by Conn Hallinan

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Pipelineistan Goes Iran-Pak
UN Expert: US Failing to Properly Probe War Crimes
Iraqi Victims Recall US Abuse
GAO Faults Tracking of Gifts to Military
Obama Calls for Swift Move Toward Mideast Peace Talks
Uighurs Sold Out in the US
FBI Infiltrates Iowa City Protest Group
Amnesty: Recession Leading to Repression
'War on Terror'
Amnesty Calls Obama's Anti-Terror Record 'Mixed'
Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace
Europe Objects Anew to Detainees
FBI Planning a Bigger Role in Terrorism Fight
US to Involve Canada in Assessing Terror Risks
Canadian Judge: Spy Agency Witnesses May Have Misled Harkat Trial
The War at Home
Justice Dept. Asks Judges to Block Abuse Photos
Once-Safe Veterans Programs Face Cuts
Prosecutor in Anthrax, Blackwater Cases Quits for Private Sector
Two Killed in Army Helicopter Crash in Hawaii
Killer Apologizes to Iraqis
Ex-Soldier Apologizes to Relatives of Slain Iraqis
Relatives of Slain Iraqis Confront Killer in Court
Iraqi Woman Has to Be Restrained From Ex-Soldier in Court
Statement of Ex-Soldier Steven Dale Green
Today in Iraq
Allotting of Iraqi Oil Rights May Stoke Hostility
Iraq Needs 4 Billion Dollars a Year to Keep Lights On
Local Official Killed South of Baghdad
Thursday in Iraq: 4 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Iraq-Saudi Relations Hit New Low
Split Among Captors Hits Hope of Freedom for UK Hostages in Iraq
Britain Appeals for Release of Hostages in Iraq
Iraq Seeks Neighbors Help on Power and Water
Iran Says It Boosts Uranium Enrichment Capability
US Journalist Says She Falsely Confessed to Spying in Iran
The 20 Most Powerful People in Iran
Abtahi: Iran's Reformists to Launch Strong Challenge to Incumbent President
Ahmadinejad Says No Compromise With West, Defends Holocaust Remarks
Israeli Settlements
The Big Question: What Are Israeli Settlements, and Why Are They Coming Under Pressure?
Netanyahu Letting Settlers Keep the Upper Hand
Israel on Edge as US Presses to Halt Settlements
Backers of Jewish Settlements Step Up Pressure on Netanyahu Over Demolition Plan
Amnesty: Israel Repeatedly Breached Rules of War in Gaza
Hamas Condemns US Charity Members' Prison Terms
Israeli Commandos Kill Senior Hamas Militant Near Hebron
Misery Hangs Over Gaza Despite Pledges of Help
Hamas Vows to Avenge Killing of Militant in West Bank
Israeli Forces Storm Jenin, Neighboring Town
Hamas Rejects Forcible Solution to Palestinian Schism
Israelis Get Four Times More Water Than Palestinians, Says World Bank Report
Israeli Arab Committee Slams 'Racist, Fascist' Bills
Hezbollah Tries to Keep Aid Flowing to Lebanon
Lebanon Charges Four More Spy Suspects
Lebanese Colonel Confesses to Spying for Mossad Since 1997
Assad Welcomes Obama Policy of Dialogue
Delegation of US Lawmakers Arrives in Syria
Turkish Jets Strike Rebel Targets in Northern Iraq
Six Turkish Troops Killed in Landmine Blast
Inside the Kurdish Party for the Free Life
CIA Deputy Chief in Yemen for Talks on al-Qaeda, Gitmo
Two Yemeni Fishermen Killed in Landmine Explosion, Possibly From Anti-Piracy Operation
Tribal Clashes in Sudan Region Kill 244: Minister
Sudan Regains Control of Key Chad-Border Town: Army
Darfur Rebels Say Plan to Release 60 Govt Troops
US-China Talks on Darfur 'Very Positive'
Nigerian Police on Red Alert Over Terrorist Attacks
Nigerian Troops Destroy Another Militant Camp in Delta Operation
Nigeria Urges Youths in Troubled Niger Delta to Dialogue
AU, UN Support Proposed Sanctions on Eritrea for Somalia Conflict
In Venezuela, Hundreds March for Press Freedom
Chavez Admits Some Fault in Venezuela's Troubled Economy
North Korea
North Korea Threatens Retaliation if Ships Inspected
Gates: No Reason to Build Up US Troops in Korea
Bill Clinton's Defense Secretary Urges Military Options Against North Korea
Chinese Grow Vexed by Pyongyang's Acts
Russia Sees Six-Party Talks as Sole Way to Settle North Korea Nuke Issue
Kremlin Considers a Tougher Stance on North Korea After Surprise Nuclear Test
Today in Pakistan
Swat Taliban Chief Fazlullah Killed in Pakistan?
Mingora: Ghost Town of Pakistan's Swat
Landmines Kill Driver, Schoolboy in Pakistan
Pakistan: Five Killed in Quetta Gunfire
Swat Taliban Pay Mercenaries to Kill Pakistan Policemen
Taliban Claim Pakistan Bomb Attack
Middle-Class Pakistanis Awaken to Taliban Threat
Briton Held in Pakistan Set Free: Family, Officials
Pakistan Forces to Secure Mingora Within Three Days
How a Jilted Karachi Woman Saved Pakistan's Nuke Program From Sabotage
Following Attack, Pakistan Offers Rewards for Swat Taliban Leaders
Pakistan: We Will Counter India's AWACS With 500 US Missiles
India Air Force Had Option of Deep Strike Inside Pakistan Soon After Mumbai Attacks
Pakistan Seeks English Version of Mumbai Evidence
Pakistan Rejects Indian Preconditions for Re-Launching Dialogue
Nuclear Aims by Pakistan, India Prompt US Concern
Up to 35 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan: Officials
Two British Soldiers Die After Afghan Blasts
Taliban Killing Afghan Students, Burning Schools
Canadians in Afghanistan After 2011 May Rely on US Protection
UK in Afghanistan: Seeking Hearts and Minds With the 'Viceroy of Helmandshire'
Pentagon Staffer, Airman Die in Afghan Bombing
Four Security Guards of De-Mining Agency Killed in Western Afghanistan
Afghan Air Force Taking Off – Again
Terrorists Threaten 'Northern Route' to Afghanistan? Not Yet
Australian Diggers Claim Another Top Taliban Scalp
Sri Lanka
Photographs Show Destruction and Despair of Sri Lanka's No-Fire Zone
Photographs Expose Sri Lanka's Lie on Civilian Deaths at Beach
Sri Lanka Says UN Rights Vote Vindicates War Victory
Sri Lanka Avoids War Crimes Probe, Slams West
Sri Lanka: DNA Test Confirms Rebel Leader's Death
Tamil Tiger Chief's Parents Found
Sri Lanka Denies Pakistani Pilots Flew Its Planes
China to Crack Down on Internet Bars: State Media
China Cuts Off Dissent Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary
To 'Protect' an Ancient City Occupied by Uighurs, China Moves to Raze It
Autonomy Is the Solution for Tibet, Dalai Lama Says
Last Witness Speaks at Suu Kyi Trial
Myanmar Foreign Minister Says Suu Kyi Trial 'Not Political'
US Geo Survey: Natural Gas in the Arctic Is Mostly Russian
New Survey of Arctic's Mineral Riches Could Stoke International Strife
Several Militants Killed in South Russia
Amnesty Raps Medvedev on Russia Rights Violations
UN Chief Denies Charge of Bowing to 'Russian Blackmail'
Georgia Rail Station Protest Breaks Up
Several Policemen Beaten by Opposition in Georgia
End Georgia Deadlock by Vote or Talks, Demands Orthodox Church
Euro Force, NATO Overlap
Britons Increasingly Euroskeptic: Poll
Upcoming German Election: Merkel Drops Freedom Talk for Security
Jaruzelski: I Agonized for Months Over Martial Law for Poland
Suit Claims Alabama Coal Firm Funded Colombian Terror
German Government Charges Ex-Hostage Helicopter Rescue Fee for Colombian Trip
Brazil Detained, Released Arab Who Ran Anti-American Web Site
US Urged to Relax Cuba Policy to Boost Regional Relations
Guatemalan Murder Mystery Threatens Government

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