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Updated May 31, 2009 - 11:26 PM EDT
Israel Launches ‘Doomsday’ Drill
  6 Killed as Fatah Forces Storm Hamas Hideout
US Won't Accept North Korea as a Nuclear State
  Gates: North Korea Nuke Progress Sign of 'Dark Future'
  Border Calm as Tensions Rise on Korean Peninsula
Corpses Litter Swat Valley's Largest City
  In Pakistan, an Exodus That Is Beyond Biblical
  Hardline Kashmir Separatist Denounces Pakistani Taliban
  'Rambo III' Explains Why Pashtuns Feel Neglected and Victimized
Iran Think Tank: Ahmadinejad Distorting Nuclear Program
  State Dept. Mulls Labeling Anti-Iranian Group 'Terrorists'
  Can Iran's Minorities Help Oust Ahmadinejad?
Retired US General Denies Seeing New Torture Pictures
  Justice Dept: Uighurs Are Free to Go – Anywhere but the US
  White House Refuses to Release Secret Documents in Wiretap Case
Defending Israeli War Crimes
by Stephen Zunes
Israel Threatens to Outlaw Palestinian Memory  by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler
Kim's Provocations May Hide a Rational Purpose  by Richard Lloyd Parry
Gingrich Goes Ballistic  by Gordon Prather
Colin Powell: No Good Samaritan
by Ray McGovern
Let Iraq War Resisters Stay in Canada  by Mary Jo Leddy

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Obama's New War Doctrine: 'Cyber Dominance'
Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for the US
9/11 Families Angered by US Support for Saudis
Pentagon to Release Afghanistan Bombing Video
Afghan Presidential Hopeful Says Karzai Tried to Bribe Him
Terrorist or Mythic Symbol: A Tale of Iraqi Politics
Al-Jazeera English to Air in San Francisco
'War on Terror'
Britain and Rendition: Wait for the Facts, Says Tony Blair
G8 Wants Closer Cooperation to Fight Terrorism, Piracy
Australia Considers Resettling Gitmo Detainees
Italy: EU Should Decide on Gitmo Inmates
Ex-Iraq Trade Minister Arrested in Mid-Flight Drama
Saudis Rebuff Iraq Over Insurgency
Civilian Killed, Three Others Wounded in Blast in Diyala
Three Civilians Wounded in Mosul Blast
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Ahmadinejad Fires Back at Nuclear Critics
Iran Hangs Three Over Mosque Bombing

US Condemns Bombing of Iranian Mosque

Devotion and Money Tie Iranians to Iraqi City
Iran's Mousavi Vows to Review 'Unfair' Women Laws
Iranian Candidate Taps Student Woes
Abbas's Forces Kill Hamas Militant in Raid
Hamas Says Fatah Arrests 22 of Its Activists
Israel to Attend Americas Summit in Counter to Iranian Influence
Abbas: Negotiations With Israel to Begin in Near Future
Hamas: Abbas Mustn't Relinquish Our Rights for a 'US Illusion'
Israeli Arabs Warn Against Dangers of 'Racist Legislation'
Settlers, Leftists Clash Near West Bank Village of Safa
Germany Joins Calls for Israel to End Settlement Construction
Lebanese Army on 'Alert' Ahead of Israeli Military Exercises
Lebanon's Intelligence War With Israel
Lebanon Charges Four With Collaborating With Israel
Obama's Realism May Not Play Well in Cairo's Streets
In Egypt, Dissident Ayman Nour Is Pessimistic on Eve of Obama Visit
Old Dissidents Still a Voice in Russia, but Fading
World War II Bombs Found at German Bundesliga Stadium
Somali Islamic Courts Condemns the Killing of Insurgent Commander
Zimbabwean PM Says Country Still Lives in Fear
Chavez Invites Intellectual Opponents to Debate
US, Asian Allies Gear Up for Tougher Stance Toward N. Korea
Gates: North Korea Should Weigh Moves Carefully
North Korea Nuke Test Won't Break China Ties
A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal
South Korean Police Break Up Anti-Government Rally
Four Killed, Afghan Governor Wounded in Blasts
Two British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan: Ministry
US Urges More Foreign Aid for Afghanistan
Gates: US 'Very Sensitive' to Pakistan's Sovereignty
Petraeus: Pakistan in for 'Tough Fight' Against Taliban
Drones Could Face Legal Challenge in US
Pakistan Religious Schools Get Scrutiny
Taliban Behead Three 'Spies' in Buner
Soldier, Two Taliban Killed in Waziristan
Interior Minister Insists Buner, Lower Dir 'Safe'
Sri Lanka
UN Praises Sri Lanka for Military Victory
UN Urged to Release Sri Lankan Civilian Death Toll
UN: World May Never Know Sri Lanka Death Toll
New Reports, Imagery Contradict Sri Lankan Govt on Civilian No-Fire Zone
New Vietnam Port Heralds US Service
China Defends Military Buildup
Police, Protesters Clash in Kashmir Over Women's Deaths
Americans Still Dying
Former Illinois Commerce Commission Chief Killed in Iraq
US Army Corps of Engineers Civilian (FL) Killed in Iraq
Army Medic (MO) Killed in Iraq Leaves Behind Wife, 7 Children
Ohio Soldier Dies After 'A Non-Combat Related Incident in Iraq
Williamsburg (PA) Soldier Killed by IED in Iraq
Texas Security Contractor Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Bomb Fatally Wounds Indiana Airman in Afghanistan
Air Force Officer (TX) With Ties to Alabama Dies in Afghanistan
Houston (TX) Building Contractor Working in Iraq Slain in Baghdad
West Point Grad (CA) Killed on Foot Patrol in Baghdad
Family Grieves for Mount Airy (NC) Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Los Osos (CA) Naval Officer Killed in Iraq Roadside Bomb Attack

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A Note to My Readers

Ivan Eland
US Out of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Is Dennis Ross Poisoning the Well?

Charles V. Peña
When It Rains, It Pours

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Setting a Higher Standard for Making War

Alan Bock
Dueling Speeches, but Not Much Difference

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

Nebojsa Malic
Biden Does the Balkans

David R. Henderson
The Case for Prosecuting Bush

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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