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Updated June 10, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT
35 Killed in Iraq Market Bombing
  Iraq Pact Referendum Delayed Until 2010
  US Army Holding Over 11,000 Detainees in Iraq

Iraqi Govt. Allocates $100 Million for Referendum on US Pact

Afghan Official: GI Threw Grenade at Civilians

Pentagon: Next 18 Months Key to Afghan Victory

Only 40,000 Civilians of Millions Remain in Swat

  At Least 18 Killed in Peshawar Hotel Suicide Bombing

Pakistani Army Backs Up Citizens Fighting Taliban

As Vote Looms, Clerics Condemn Ahmadinejad
  Iran: Reformist Candidates Complain of Too Many Ballots

Gates: Russia Wary of Growing Iranian Threat

Israeli DM Criticizes US Military Aid to Lebanon

  Israeli Minister Eyes Sanctions Against US

Goodbye Gitmo – Uighurs Going to Palau

  First Gitmo Detainee Arrives in US for Trial

Lawyer: Gitmo Detainee in US Wants to Keep Military Lawyer

UN: Over 100,000 Somalis Have Fled Since May

The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce  by Ashley Gilbertson
Behind the Wire: An Insider's Reflections on Gitmo  by Daniel J. Lakemacher
Obama Speech Connects to the Founders' Foreign Policy  by Christopher Preble
New Face, Same Policy
Kathleen Wells interviews Rep. Ron Paul
Downloading Disaster
by Frida Berrigan and Tom Engelhardt
Obama, the Holocaust, and the Palestinians  by Tony Karon

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Lawsuits Force Disclosures by CIA

Panel OKs New Commanders for Afghanistan and NATO

London's Metropolitan Police Accused of Waterboarding Suspects

Paper: Did an Aussie Sell Nukes to Iran?

UN: No Prosecutions Likely for Gaza War Crimes

Diplomats: Japanese Favored in Vote to Lead IAEA

Kabul's K Street Project


Release of Iraqi Militant Sparks Hostage Hopes in Britain

Iraq-Based Battalion's Leaders Look for Stress Relief

Tuesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded

The War at Home

US Man Who Spied for Iraq Sentenced to Four Years

Late Soldier's Family Gives Their Grief Purpose: Ending Iraq War

Bush's Dallas Home Becomes Site of War Protest

Soldier Sanctuary Resolution Divides Washington Citymore

Death of Somali-American Teen a Mystery to Minnesota Family

Fla. Fisherman Hooks Live Missile in Gulf Waters

'War on Terror'

US Eyes South Pacific to Resettle Uighur Detainees

Terror Suspects in Germany Will Make Full Confessions


Iranians Voice Discontent in Massive Street Rally

Ahmadinejad Still Commands Loyalty Among Poor

Candidates in Iran Split on Direction of Economy

In Iran Election, Tradition Competes With Web

South Asia

Singh: India Has Vital Interest in Peace With Pakistan

Four Plead Guilty in Brooklyn to Conspiring to Support Sri Lankan Rebels

Sri Lanka Extends Anti-Terror Laws to Deal With Tamil Tiger Remnants
North Korea

Key Nations Near Agreement on North Korea Sanctions

Seoul Imposes Sanctions on North Korea

Official: North Korean Events Potentially Dangerous Mix

Journalists' Imprisonment Puts US in a Bind

Journalists Unlikely to See North Korean Gulag

Kim Jong Il's Eldest Son 'Not Interested' in Succession

N. Korean Women Who Flee to China Suffer in Stateless Limbo



US: New Forces in Afghanistan to Be 'Game Changer'

Karzai Asks Kyrgyzstan Not to Close US Base

Three Afghan Presidential Candidates Barred

Curfew in Bannu as Troops Shell Taliban Hideouts

Recent Attacks in or Linked to Pakistan


Can Mitchell, Now in Israel, Calm Settlement Dispute?

Netanyahu Convinced Obama Seeks Clash With Israel to Appease Arabs

US Envoy Assures Israel of Strong Alliance

Hamas: Fatah Raids in West Bank Hampering Palestinian Unity

Israeli Rabbi Says 'Moral War' Requires Destroying Muslim Holy Sites, Killing Arab Children

Billionaire Hariri Favored to Be Lebanon's Next PM

More Political Strife in Lebanon Expected After Victory of US-Backed Coalition

Zimbabwe: Still Living in Fear

Zimbabwe 'Facing Fresh Violence'


Argentina Orders Detention of Colombian in Bombing

An Independence Claim in Nicaragua

Venezuelan Military Targets Chavez Critics in Its Ranks

Canada Clears Soldiers of Prisoner Abuse Charges

In Other News

Khmer Rouge Chief: Babies Were 'Smashed to Death'

Energy Fuels New 'Great Game' in Europe


Justin Raimondo
Anti-Americanism in Israel

Nebojsa Malic
Treaties and Dreams

Philip Giraldi
Obama's Obstacles in Congress

David R. Henderson
Obama's Baby Steps

Alan Bock
A Snare and a Delusion

Ivan Eland
Obama Versus Osama

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Unsinkable Hamid Karzai

Charles V. Peņa
When It Rains, It Pours

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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