Robert McNamara Deceived Lbj on Gulf of Tonkin, Documents Show    Why Torture is Evil    Afghan Prisoners at US Airbase in Legal Limbo    Ayatollah Khamenei Faces Long Term Challenge of Discontent Among Clerics    GAO Finds Shocking Lapses of Security at Federal Buildings    Analysts See Little Substance in Russia 'Reset'    Iran Releases Prisoners, but Still Holds 500    On Eve of Debate, House Democrats Say CIA Lied    Top Democratic Strategist Carville Working on Karzai Opponent's Campaign    Mullen Continues to Tout 'Progress' as Bombs Hit Mosul    US Concerned About Effectiveness, Loyalty of Afghan Police    State Department Denies Israel Settlements 'Deal'    Investigators Smuggle Live Bomb Components Into Federal Building - in 27 Seconds    US Drone Strikes Kill at Least 60 in South Waziristan    Eight Killed in Russian Caucasus Violence: Reports    Suspected North Korean Weapons Ship Returns Home    Japan, US to Hold Talks on 'Nuclear Umbrella'    In Britain, Bloody Reality of Afghan War Finally Hits Home    Admiral Clears Up Govt's Terror Trial Confusion    Hands Off Honduras    Is Texas Harboring Torture Decider?    Troops in Afghanistan Could Defeat Themselves, Says New Commander    NATO Urged to Drop Dependence on Nuclear Arms    Clinton Calls for 'Even Stricter' Iran Sanctions    McNamara: From the Tokyo Firestorm to the World Bank    Is Israel Already at War With Iran?    Sri Lankan Doctors Say They Exaggerated War Deaths    Rights Group: Beatings Force Confessions in Iran    Iran Update: Khamenei on the Way Out?    McNamara's Evil Lives On    A Quagmire for Obama    Iraq Group Calls for Further Attacks on US Troops    China Vows Executions for Rioters Behind Killings    Could Sudan Clashes Herald Return to War?    UK 'Subcontracted' Torture of Terrorist Suspect to Pakistan, Ex-Official Reveals    A Fragile Trust: Soldiers Question Iraqi Police's Involvement in Bombing    
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Updated July 9, 2009 - 11:24 PM EDT
Bombings Across Iraq as Violence Soars
  Iraq Group Calls for Further Attacks on US Troops
  A Fragile Trust: GIs Question Iraqi Police's Involvement in Bombing
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 57 Iraqis Killed; 173 Iraqis Wounded
  Wednesday: 32 Iraqis Killed, 90 Wounded
Clinton-Ally Carville Helps Afghan Rival of Karzai
  Afghan Truck Blast Kills 16 Children
  Marine General: More Afghan Troops Needed for Operation
  Troops in Afghanistan Could Defeat Themselves: New Brit Commander
  Afghan Prisoners at US Airbase in Legal Limbo
State Dept Denies Israel Settlements 'Deal'
  Risking Israel's Ire, US Takes 1,350 Palestinian Refugees
  Is Israel Already at War With Iran?
US Drone Strikes Kill 60 in South Waziristan
  Ex-Official: UK 'Subcontracted' Torture of Terrorist Suspect to Pakistan
Clerical Discontent Challenges Iran Leader
  Rights Group: Beatings Force Confessions in Iran
'Shocking' Security Breaches at Federal Bldgs
  White House Among Targets of Huge Cyber Attack; N. Korea Blamed
Analysts: Little Substance in US-Russia 'Reset'
Honduras' Dueling Presidents to Meet in Costa Rica
McNamara Deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, Docs Show
A Quagmire for Obama
by Derrick Z. Jackson
Admiral Clears Up Govt's Terror Trial Confusion  by Andy Worthington
Is Texas Harboring a Torture 'Decider'?  by Ray McGovern
McNamara's Evil Lives On
by Robert Scheer
Why Torture is Evil  by Will Van Wagenen
Khamenei on the Way Out?
by Hossein Askari

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On Eve of Debate, House Democrats Say CIA Lied
UN: Rape, Sexual Violence Growing in Afghanistan
Canada to Spend C$5 Billion on Military Vehicles
Ghana to Deploy 10,000 Police for Obama Visit
ElBaradei Urges NATO to Drop Dependence on Nukes
Japan, US to Hold Talks on 'Nuclear Umbrella'
The War at Home
Colo. Prof in 9/11 Flap Loses Bid to Reclaim Job
Lawyer Picked for US War Crimes Post
Report: State Department Can't Keep Track of Its Laptops
Spinal Cord Stimulation Need Not Keep Soldiers From Action
GAO Says Cost of Guam Move Will Exceed Estimate
Ex-Defense Contractor Exec Wants to Plead Guilty
Iranian-Kurd Refugees Moved to Iraq-Syria Border
Mosul Car Bombs Kill 16
Groom-to-Be Killed by Car Bomb in Babel
Two Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded in Blast in Southern Baghdad
Wednesday: 32 Iraqis Killed, 90 Wounded
Clinton Calls for 'Even Stricter' Iran Sanctions
Iran President Declares New Era for Country
Iran Releases Prisoners, but Still Holds 500
Sarkozy: G8 Giving Iran Talks Until September
Netanyahu Aide: US Contrasting With Israel on Iran
Shin Bet Given De Facto Control Over Judge Appointments
Hamas Denies Palestinian Authority Freed Prisoners
Settler Attacks Peace Now Activists Documenting Settlement Construction
Israel to Allow 24-Hour West Bank Crossing
Hamas Tries to Detain Woman Walking With Man
Hamas: Mubarak Doesn't Know Soldier's Condition
UN: Israel Must Tear Down West Bank Barrier
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Convicts 300 al-Qaeda Suspects
If Proven, Alleged Israeli Spying in Lebanon a 'Serious Violation': UN
US, UAE Nuclear Deal Would End if Terms Violated
Honduras First Lady Leads Fight for Zelaya Return
Venezuela Halts Oil Flow to Honduras
Anti-Chavez Mayor of Caracas Ends Hunger Strike
Mexican Army Using Torture to Battle Drug Traffickers, Rights Groups Say
US Soldier Among Several Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban Kill 8 Police, Surround East Afghan Office
Finland to Send More Peacekeepers to Afghanistan
US Troops in Afghanistan Face a New Battle: Implementing a Changed Strategy
British Troops Put at Greater Risk in War on Taliban
Retiring US Commander Predicts Easy Karzai Win
In Britain, Bloody Reality of Afghan War Finally Hits Home
Pakistani Military Declares Swat Op 'Over' but Troops Will Remain
US Drones Back Up Pakistani Military's Domestic Struggle
Pakistani Army: Militant Leader in Swat Wounded
Buner's Displaced Heading Back Home Despite Lingering Dangers
Troops Kill Two Taliban in Bajaur
China Vows Executions for Rioters Behind Killings
Clashes Subside as Troops Arrive in Chinese Region
Chinese Troops Flood Streets After Riots
China Tries New Openness With Foreign Media
The Mother of the Uighur Movement
Shocking Footage Shows Brutality of the Riots in rmqi
A Guide to China's Ethnic Groups
Australian Detained on Espionage Charge in China
Philippines to Resume Talks With Communist Rebels
Philippine Bombings Halt UN Food Distribution
Sri Lankan Doctors Say They Exaggerated War Deaths
Protests in Kashmir, 50 Hurt
Suspected North Korean Weapons Ship Returns Home
Could Sudan Clashes Herald Return to War?
UN: South Sudan Fighting Targets Women, Children
Sudan Says Captured Aid Workers 'in Good Health'
Two Oil Pipelines Blown Up in Nigeria: Militants
Nigerian Rebels Not Involved in Chinese Kidnap: MEND
Eight Killed in Russian Caucasus Violence: Reports
War Crimes Court to Try Karadzic, Rejects 'Deal'
Serbia Thanks Abbas for Backing on Kosovo

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