Obama Courts Human Rights Abusers in Taliban Fight    Army Looking Into Charge of Monitoring Antiwar Groups    600 Held in Large Protest in Malaysia    Saddam Top Aide Urges Insurgents Enter Politics    UK Army Chief's Son Loses Second Leg After Afghan Bomb    UK Home Office: 'Support Our Wars or You'll Be Denied a UK Passport'    Brits in Afghanistan 'For Decades'    Terror Hunt Locks Down Mallorca After ETA Blast    Afghanistan Commander to Call for More US Troops    Chavez Pulls Plug on Broadcasters, Prompting Outrage    Militant Urges Targeting China Over Uighurs    Hamas Threatens Fatah Ahead of Party Congress    Fatah to Reject Israel as Jewish State at Congress: Document    Russia Warns of Force if More Georgia 'Provocations'    Al-Qaeda Sympathizers May Have Joined MI5: Report    Army Officers Behind Baghdad Bank Heist: Ministry    Obama Aides Clash Over Sudan Policy    Nigerian Official Says 700 Died in Recent Violence    Iraqi Death Toll Drops After US Handover    US Troops Now a 'Coalition of One' in Iraq    Yemeni Official: Gitmo Inmate Died of Asphyxiation    Pashtun Ethnic Agenda at Heart of Afghan War    Team Obama Co-Opts the Bush Doctrine    Don't Nuke the SCO!    Judge Orders Release Of Tortured Juvenile Guantánamo Prisoner    Time to Get Out of Iraq    Was Rummy Really Wrong?    Christians Largely Mum on Torture    A Day of Reckoning for Bush's 'Torture' Lawyers    The Need for Strategic Patience on Iran    Pro-Nuclear Pundits Debunked    Martial Law and the War on Terrorism    
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Updated August 1, 2009 - 11:24 PM EDT
July in Afghanistan: A Month of Worsts
  'More Than 1,000 Afghan Civilians Killed This Year'
  US General May Ask for More Troops for Afghan War
  Afghan War Spreads to Residential Areas
Iraqis Fear Attacks Signal Return of al-Qaeda
  Reese Memo Shows Split on Iraq Pullout Timetable
  Britain Ends Troop Presence in Iraq After Six Years
  At Least 30 Killed in Baghdad Mosque Bombings
Iran Reformers Say Trial of Protesters 'Sham'
  Iran President: No Rift With Supreme Leader
  American Tourists Arrested After 'Straying' Into Iran
  Iran, US Do a 'War on Terror' Somersault
Hamas Chief Outlines Terms for Peace Talks
  US Demands Concessions as Hamas Leader Says Open to Peace
  Israel Prepares for War Over WHO Gaza Reports
  Netanyahu Aides Insist Rahm Emanuel Plotting Against Israel
Pakistan Court Rules Musharraf's 'Emergency Rule' Illegal
  Bin Laden Allies Reject Reports of Son's Death in Pakistan
Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds: Bin Laden Worked for US Until 9/11
Team Obama Co-Opts the Bush Doctrine  by Alexander Cockburn
Judge Orders Release Of Tortured Juvenile Guantánamo Prisoner  by Andy Worthington
The Need for Strategic Patience on Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
Martial Law and the War on Terrorism  by James Bovard
Time to Get Out of Iraq  by Joe Galloway
Don't Nuke the SCO!  by Gordon Prather
Christians Largely Mum on Torture
by Ray McGovern
Pro-Nuclear Pundits Debunked
by Frida Berrigan & William Hartung

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Memo Text: 'It's Time to Declare Victory and Go Home'
Poll: US More Permissive of Torture Than China
US Extends Sanctions Against Syria by One Year
Families of UK War Dead Wait Years for Inquests
Corazon Aquino Dies at 76; Ousted Philippines Dictator Marcos
MI5 Agent 'in Morocco During Torture of Briton'
The War at Home
Amateur Hour: How the FBI Botched the AIPAC Investigation
Roll-Call House Vote on Defense Spending Bill
Rove Declares His Innocence in 2006 US Attorney Firings
Latest US Missile Defense Test in Hawaii a Success
US Military Reviews Use of Social Networks
British Ruling Makes Hacker's Extradition to US More Likely
Maliki Keeps Foes, Friends Guessing
Iraq Complains of US Travel Advisory
Iraq Drafts Law to Protect Journalists
Journalists Criticize Iraq Bill Protecting Media
Three Held After Baghdad Heist, Cash Recovered: TV
Kirkuk Car Bomb Leaves Two Killed, 15 Wounded
Friday: 37 Iraqis Killed, 156 Wounded
Did British Bomb Attacks in Iran Provoke Iraq Hostage Crisis?
About 30 Iran 'Rioters' to Face Trial on Saturday
Iran's Ahmadinejad Warns Rivals Their Plans Will Fail
Iran Blames Foreign Countries for Protester Deaths
Iran Activists Dread Midnight Knock of Police Raid
Settlement Foes Take Fight to Israel's High Court
Fatah Activists Don Islamic Garb to Flee Hamas-Run Gaza
Israeli FM Accuses Chavez of Ties to 'Radical' Islamists
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Rejects US Pleas on Israel
Bitter Turkey Marks 50 Years at Europe's Door
Basque Separatists
Basque Terror Group ETA Marks 50th Anniversary With New Attacks
Return of ETA's Summer Bomb Campaigns Puts Fear Into Tourists
Spain Condemns ETA, Bomb Victims Mourned
Probe of Ukrainian Reporter's Killing Questioned
Honduras Gives Mixed Signals on Possible Deal
Cuba Suspends Plans for Communist Party Congress
US Criticized for Extraditing Minor Colombian Drug Suspects
Venezuela Mulls Tough Media Law
Troops May Be in Iraq, but Military's Focus Is Afghanistan
Afghan Insurgent Attacks Leave 17 Dead, Many Hurt
UN: Civilian Deaths Soar in Afghanistan
Did Bad Decisions Set Stage for Nine US Deaths in Afghanistan?
NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
US Drones to Target Taliban in Afghan War: Report
US Forces Fade Into Background for Afghan Election
Afghanistan Faces Growing Addiction Problem
2 Indicted in $1 Million Afghanistan Bribe Scheme
North Korea Holds Onto Seized South Korean Fishermen
US Insists on Six-Way Talks for North Korea
Pyongyang Purges for a New Era
China Says Xinjiang Riot Media Openness a Success
China to Try Suspects Held After Riots
Another China Activist Charged With Subversion
Australia Says Uighur Leader Is No 'Terrorist'
Report: Land Mine Contamination Vast in Vietnam
Myanmar Court Delays Suu Kyi Verdict Until Aug. 11
Indian FM: Talks Only Way to Resolve Issues With Pakistan
Thai Red Shirts Seek Royal Pardon for Thaksin
US Envoy: Sudan Not Terror Sponsor, Time to Lift Sanctions
Clinton Says No Decision to Ease Sudan Sanctions
Sudan Pleased With US Envoy's Remarks on Terrorism
Hundreds of Bodies in Streets After Nigeria Unrest
Outrage Over Execution of Nigerian Cleric
Nigeria Police Claim Victory Over Radical Sect
Zimbabwe to Allow Banned Newspaper to Print Again
Weekend Reviews
First Do No Harm: Clear-Eyed Analysis of 'Harm' in Balkan War
Al-Qaeda: What's the Big Idea?
'Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide'
America's Backyard: The US and Latin America From the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror

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