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Huge Attack on NATO HQ in Kabul Kills at Least Seven, Wounds 90    24 Killed, Including al-Qaeda-Linked Cleric, as Hamas, Gaza Islamists Clash    Hezbollah Chief: We'll Hit Tel Aviv if Beirut Hit    South Ossetia Tries to Disarm Its Citizens    With Karzai Favored to Win, US Walks a Fine Line    GAO: Missile Site Costs Likely to Rise    In Helmand, Caught Between US, Taliban    Gen. McChrystal May Seek More Combat, Less Support in Afghanistan    Pakistan Lifts Political Ban in Tribal Areas    US Raid Kills at Least Eight Afghan Civilians and Police    In Iran, Reformists Call for Investigation Into Supreme Leader    J Street's Muslim Funding for Peace    Bombings Worse Than Nagasaki and Hiroshima    Pakistani Provincial Chief Blames 'Foreign Hands' for Unrest    Barack W. Obama: Strengthening NPT    Businessman: US Must Heed Electronic Terror Threat    Afghan Military Translators Risk Low Pay, Death    Army on Track to Surpass 2008 Suicide Numbers    Iraqi Journalists Protest Intimidation of Media, Internet Censorship    British Captain Removed After Slamming Afghan War    Following Election, Fatah Sets Out to 'Liberate' Gaza    Hardline Iran Cleric Urges Tough Stance on Detainees    Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq    Only Time Can Heal Some Iraqi Wounds    'Civilian Surge' in Afghanistan    Bearing the Burdens of the Imperial City    Cheney's New Gambit    US Faults Iraq Raid That Left Iran Dissidents Dead    At Least Six Dead in Government-Rebel Shootout in Chechnya    The Human Timebomb: Why Was He Given Iraq Job?    France Confirms Russian-Manned Ship Found    Role of US Militarism in Ahmadinejad's Rise     Palestinian PM: It's Not Our Business Whether Israel Is Jewish    Canada Court Says Its Officials Knew US Abused Detainee    Human Rights Watch, Israel in War of Words    Afghan Race Becomes Karzai's Cliffhanger    Afghan Election an Early Test of Obama's War Plan    Israel Begins Sell-Off of Refugees' Land    We’re Just Cannon Fodder for the War on Terror    
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Updated August 16, 2009 - 10:15 PM EDT
How Did Bomber Get to Kabul's NATO HQ?
  Huge Attack on NATO HQ in Kabul Kills at Least Seven, Wounds 90
  Americans Say British Can't Hold Afghan Siege City
  Gates: It's a 'Mystery' How Long US Forces Will Be in Afghanistan
  Much of Afghan Drug Money Going to 'Our Friends'
  UK Army Report: Surge in Casualties Undermining Afghan War Effort
Afghanistan Passes 'Food for Sex' Law
  Karzai's Secret U-Turn on Afghan Rape Law
  South Afghanistan: 32 Die in Escalating Pre-Poll Violence
Iraqi Prime Minister Says More Attacks Likely
  Iraqis Uneasy at Idea of Early US Withdrawal, but Doubt It Will Happen
  3 Iraqi Cattle Herders Killed in US-Iraqi Mortar Exercise
After Deadly Clash, al-Qaeda Group Declares War on Hamas
  24 Killed, Including Cleric Leader, as Hamas, Gaza Islamists Clash
  Hamas: Jund Ansar Allah Group Was Armed by Fatah
Report: 20 Syrian Civilians Killed in Failed Missile Test
Role of US Militarism in Ahmadinejad's Rise  by Muhammad Sahimi
Bearing the Burdens of the Imperial City  by Christopher Dowd
Only Time Can Heal Some Iraqi Wounds  by Patrick Cockburn
Bombings Worse Than Nagasaki and Hiroshima  by Laurence M. Vance
Barack W. Obama: Strengthening NPT  by Gordon Prather
Why Policy Matters  by Charles Peña
Cheney's New Gambit  by Ray McGovern
Spies Under the Thumbscrews
The Economist

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UK Bomber Head Privately Thought WWII Air Raids on Germany 'Achieved Nothing'
Japan PM Voices Deep Regret Over WWII Suffering
Blogger's Case Could Test the Limits of Political Speech
GI Jane Breaks the Combat Barrier as War Evolves
Colombia, US Finalize Deal on Military Bases
First Jew Is Elected to a Palestinian Liberation Group
12 Police and a Judge to Be Charged – Iran Trials Set to Continue
Iranian Protests Aftermath
Iranian Clerics Want Rape Accuser Arrested
Iranian Opposition Leader Forms 'Grass-Roots' Movement
Iran Hard-Liners, Reformists Trading Threats
12 Police and a Judge to Be Charged – Iran Trials Set to Continue
Iranians in Iraq: a Summer of Protest. Is Anyone Listening?
Today in Iran
Iran Charges 7 Baha'is With Spying for Israel
Grad Student Imprisoned in Iran Returns to US
Hamas Chief: Iran Turmoil Won't Affect Support
Aviation Disasters Keep Cropping Up in Iran
Minorities Can't Escape Northern Iraq's Ethnic and Religious Maelstrom
Iraq's Economy Summed in One Word: Oil
Intelligence Needed to Guard Against Bombings, Says Iraqi Official
Lawyers Fly to Briton Held for Murder in Iraq
Saturday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Gaza Clash
Hamas, Fatah Trade Accusations Over Gaza Clashes
Report: Leader of al-Qaeda-Inspired Group Kills Himself in Gaza Shootout With Hamas
Gazan Militant 'Surrenders to Egyptian Police' After Clashes
Five Facts About Jund Ansar Allah
Facts About Palestinian Group Hamas
For Hamas, Challenges May Be Growing
Palestinian Minister Says Foreign Combatants Operate in Gaza
Gulf Arab Money 'Behind Purchases of Israeli Land'
Ezra Nawi: Jewish Pacifist Facing Jail for Aiding Arabs
Israel: Right-Wing Activists Agree to Leave Bnei Adam Outpost
Two Colombian Peacekeepers Injured in Shooting in Egypt
Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing Before Pilgrimage
Egypt's Mubarak Travels to US to Meet With Obama
Nasrallah Vows 'Surprises' if Israel Hits Lebanon
No War With Israel in the Near Future, Says Hezbollah Chief
Peres Claims Israelis Have No Quarrel With Lebanon
Turkey Hosts Naval Military Exercises With Israel, US on Monday
Turkey Marks 25 Years of Kurd Rebellion
Turkish PM Promises Reform to Religious Minorities
Yemen Expands Offensive Against Shi'ite Rebels
Reports Conflict Over Vanished Russian Ship's Whereabouts, Possibly Near France
Finland Says Ransom Demanded for Missing Ship
Egyptian Fishermen Sail Home With Captive Somali Pirates
Somali Pirates Find 7 Bodies, Blame Egyptians
Americans Still Dying
Reporter-Turned-Marine (PA) Leaves Behind Wife Expecting Twins
Ohio Soldier's Death in Iraq Under Investigation
Nashville (NC) Soldier Leaves Behind Husband, Two Young Children
Newlywed Marine Pilot Killed in Afghanistan (GA)
Homestead (FL) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Planned to Be Firefighter
Friends Remember Paris (TX) Marine Killed by Roadside Bomb
Lake Forest (CA) Soldier Dies After July Accident in Afghanistan
San Antonio (TX) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast
Eufaula (AL) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Soldier's Body Returns Home to Gulfport (MS)
Farmingdale (NY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Election
Pre-Vote Blast in Kabul Signals Taliban Intent to Disprupt Vote
Poll Shows Karzai Leading, but Lacks Majority Support as Afghan Election Looms
Secrets of Karzai's Strength in Quiet Afghan North
Vote a Test for Afghanistan's Tenuous South
Old Men Replace Women in Afghan Polling Stations
Afghanistan's Women Yearn for More
Afghan, American Forces Claim to Kill 38 Taliban
Taliban Claim Blast at NATO Base in Kabul
US Turns to Radio Stations and Cellphones to Counter Taliban
Herat Attacks Leave Three Dead
Suicide Car Bomber Kills Soldier, Wounds 5 in Helmland
'Barbaric Laws' Reverse Afghan Women's Rights
Soldier's Death Takes UK Afghan Toll to 200
United States and NATO Training Afghan Soldiers
Pakistan's Gilani: 'Army Has Nothing to Do With Musharraf's Trial
19 Killed in Pakistan's Restive NWFP
Suicide Bomber in Pakistan's Swat Kills 5
US to Pakistan: Talks With India Only After Action on Mumbai Attacks
US Sees Shift in Pakistan Focus
Pakistan: Eleven Soldiers Injured in Rocket Attack
Behind the Scenes: A Refugee Camp for Pakistani Christians
Lashkar-E-Taiba Holds Anti-India Rally in Pakistan
Indian Embassy Intervenes in Bollywood Star's US Airport Interrogation
India PM Vows to Fight Terror After Mumbai Attacks
Four Killed in Kashmir Gunbattle
2 Killings Stoke Kashmiri Rage at Indian Force
Complete Strike Observed on India's Independence Day in Kashmir
Senator Wins Release of US Prisoner in Myanmar
Myanmar Dissidents Rip US Senator's Visit
North Korea
North Korea Threatens Retaliation Over US, UN Sanctions
North Korea Calls for Better Ties With Russia
Nepal Police Detain Tibetan Exiles
Catholic Leaders Urge Sri Lankan Tamils' Release
Clashes Kill Over 20 in Russia Region
Russia: 2 Police Officers Killed in Dagestan Shootings
Spanish Police Clash With Pro-ETA Demonstrators
South Sudan Faces New War Over Oil
Sudan Opposition Parties Threaten Vote Boycott
Algerian Policeman Killed in Explosion: Witnesses
Colombia Seeks Diplomatic End to US Base Dispute With Venezuela, Ecuador
Venezuelans Protest Beatings of Journalists
Ecuador Plans Neighborhood Committees to Defend Revolution
Aide: Zelaya Plane Stopped at Base With US Troops
Zelaya May Return to Honduras Even if He Faces Arrest
Firebombs Hurled at Honduran Newspaper Office
Turks and Caicos (West Indies)
Britain Imposes Direct Rule on Turks and Caicos

Ousted PM of Turks and Caicos Slams Britain

'War on Terror'
British Police Launch 'Flying Saucer' Spy Camera
Canadians Moon Grounded Surveillance Balloon
Fla. Student Held as 'Terrorist' Even as Family Takes Citizenship Oath

Justin Raimondo
Why Are We In Afghanistan?

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No Color-Coded Revolution for Afghanistan

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Treat North Korea As a Child Psychologist Would

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The Lessons of August

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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