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Updated August 18, 2009 - 8:18 PM EDT
Obama ‘Blasts' Defense Establishment, Touts War
  British Army Chief Backs Off '40 Years in Afghanistan' Comments
  Karzai Slammed Over Corruption During TV Debate

Peace Talks With Taliban Are a Top Issue in Afghan Vote

Gen. Odierno Seeks More Troops for Northern Iraq

US Will Release More Members of an Iraqi Shi'ite Militia


Monday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded

Pakistan PM: Drone Strikes Fueling Anti-US Sentiment
  Pakistani Taliban Spokesman Maulvi Omar Reported Captured
  Pakistani Taliban Says Bombs a 'Gift' for US Envoy
At Least 20 Police Killed in Ingushetia Suicide Attack
Questions on the Eve of the Afghan Election  by Michael Scheuer
US Turns Blind Eye to Israel's New Separation Policy  by Jonathan Cook
Is Obama Aware of the History of Failure That Marks Our Drug War in Latin America?  by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Soldiers Who Just Say No  by Jon Letman
Pentagon Wants to Scrap Posse Comitatus  by Matthew Rothschild
The Holocaust's Shadow Over Israel's Choices  by Bill Glucroft

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Iraqi Journalists Push for Press Freedom - Carefully

Planned S. Korean Launch Raises Questions

Huckabee Slams Obama in Pro-Settlement Israel Visit

Mental Stress Training Planned for US Soldiers

Mexico May Get More Anti-Drug Aid From US

Army Trying to Root Out Criminal Officers

Guam Resists Military Colonization


Baghdad Meets the Wild West

Yazidi Villagers Build Sand Barriers to Guard Against Attacks

Supply Officer Charged With Extortion in Iraq

Monday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded


Iran Urges Iraq to Extradite 'Wanted' MEK Members

Iran Chief Judge Hints at Trials for Prison Abuse

Report: Reformist Iran Newspaper Shut Down

US Blamed Iran for Lockerbie Bomb

'War on Terror'

Hague Judge Says US Fought Terror Blindly

US Senators Talk Terrorism, Gitmo Issues in Yemen

Central Asia Sounds Alarm on Islamic Radicalism


Problems Beset Russia Army Reform

Russia Firing 200K Military Officers

The Arctic Sea, Safe and Sound, Discovered by Russian Navy


US Military Denies Role in Honduras Coup Flight

Honduras Interim Govt: OAS Mission Won't Be Fair

US Peace Corps Quits Mauritania

Militiamen Raid UN Compound in Southern Somalia


US Senator Says Suu Kyi May Ease Sanctions Stance

NZ Man Seeks Justice for Brother at Khmer Rouge Trial

China's War Games Unnerve Neighbors

North Korea to Resume South Korean Tours, Family Reunions


Returned Afghan General Throws Weight Behind Karzai

Karzai Condemned for Allowing Warlord to Return From Exile

Dostum's Return to Afghanistan: A Nod to 'Warlord Politics'

Maverick Pro-Taliban Militant Offers to Help US Forces

Security Tightens in Kandahar Province Ahead of Afghan Election

Afghan Candidate Pushes Anti-Corruption Platform

Ex-Refugees Skeptical That Afghan Election Will Mean Change

State Dept. Adds More Aid Workers in Afghanistan

US Soldier and Civilian Killed in Afghanistan

In the Field With UK Troops in Helmand

Women's Rights Activists Condemn Afghan Marriage Law

Helping Afghan Women Find a Voice

Polish Army Commander May Lose Post Over Afghan Policy


Holbrooke: Baitullah Obviously Dead Because He's Not on TV

India PM: Pakistan Terror Groups Planning Attacks


Israel Agrees to Freeze Settlement Construction as Gesture to US

Netanyahu Bristles at Calls to Legalize More West Bank Outposts

Protesters Heckle US Republican Huckabee in Jerusalem

Abbas: Talks, Not Terror, Is Way to Palestinian State

Hamas Profits From Israel's Gaza Blockade

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Egyptian Policeman

UN: Israeli Blockade Degrades Gaza's Living Conditions

Shi'ite Rebel Leader Among Dozens Killed in Renewed Yemen Clashes

Justin Raimondo
Afghan Election 2009: Freedom, Fraud, and Fornication

Kelley B. Vlahos
A Primer for the Neo-Patriots

Philip Giraldi
Wag The Dog, Again

Charles V. Peņa
The Ever Present Military Option

Ivan Eland
Treat North Korea As a Child Psychologist Would

Nebojsa Malic
The Lessons of August

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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