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Updated August 25, 2009 - 10:44 AM EDT
Holder Eyes Narrow ‘Investigation’ Into CIA Torture
  Rendition of Terror Suspects Will Continue Under Obama
  Obama OKs Special Interrogations Unit

Highlights of CIA Torture Report

US Commanders in Afghanistan Demand More Troops
  Afghan Minister Declares Massive Karzai Victory
  Afghan Governor Promises New Effort to Reconcile With Taliban
Maliki Bloc Splits; New Opposition Forms
  Pentagon: Leaving Iraq to Cost Tens of Billions

At Least 20 Dead in Two Iraqi Bus Bombings

US: Israel, Palestinians Close to Renewed Peace Talks

Survivors of Israel's Attack on USS Liberty Tell Their Stories

Time for the CIA's Chief Apologist to Apologize  by Melvin A. Goodman
Lockerbie Outrage Moves Obama to Extradite Long-Wanted Terrorist  by Thomas Harrington
The Defense Industry's Secret Weapon  by Winslow T. Wheeler and Pierre M. Sprey
Lockerbie and Old Lace  by Radley Balko
In Bush's Footsteps  by Jeff Huber
Israel Cries Wolf Over 'Blood Libel'
by Seth Freedman

More Viewpoints

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Full CIA Torture Report (.pdf)

CIA Implicated in Overdoing Torture

What the IG Recommended About CIA Interrogations

Man Who Sold Iraq War Now Vetting Embedded Journos

Source: Corrupt Rep. Duke Cunningham Pushed for CIA Assassinations

1,200 Veterans Wrongly Told They Got Fatal Disease

Israeli Settlers Push Palestinians to Sleep on the Street


Iraqi National Alliance Hopes to Challenge Maliki

Deadly Bus Bombs Hit Iraqi Town of Kut


Sacked Iranian Minister Appointed Chief Prosecutor

Iran to Keep Up Its Cooperation With UN Nuclear Watchdog

Least Popular Official in Iran Declares Ahmadinejad Really Popular

Reformer in Iran Publishes Account of a Prison Rape

'War on Terror'
Young Afghan Released From Guantánamo Meets With Karzai

Ottawa Takes Khadr Ruling Fight to Supreme Court

Ex-Gitmo Inmates Ask Supreme Court to Declare Them 'Persons'

UAE Prosecutor Claims US Man Had al-Qaeda Ties

Admiral Mullen: Al-Qaeda 'Very Capable' of Hitting US


CIA Cites Poor Oversight of Early Interrogations

Two Administrations Drew Different Lessons From 2004 CIA Report


US, South Korea to Keep Enforcing Sanctions on North

South Korea Gives Rocket Launch a Second Shot

In Other News

Arctic Sea Pirates Said to Be Estonian Criminals

Kazakhstan Puts Pressure on Bloggers

Nigeria Deports Dozens After Breaking Up Islamic Sect


1 American, 2 Estonian Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Afghan Journalist Shot Dead in Pakistan Ambush

Algorithms to Stop Fraud in Medieval Afghanistan

Afghan Elections Seen as a Setback for Women

Feingold to Obama: Announce Withdrawal Timetable From Afghanistan

German Candidates Clash Over Afghanistan Exit


Series of Raids by Pakistan Police Foil Attacks

Relatives Accuse Pakistan Forces in Swat Killings

Profile: New Pakistani Taliban Leader Zulfiqar Mehsud

Sufi Mohammad to Face 'Sedition' Charges While in Prison

South Asia
Sri Lanka Police Find Bomb Planned for Attack on Defense Secretary

India Rolls Out Locally-Built Russian Tanks


Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian on the Gaza Border

Israel's Netanyahu Brings Balancing Act to Europe

Israeli FM Vows to Hire Only Former Soldiers

Israel Prevents Palestinian Families From Visiting Jailed Kin

Palestinians: No Homeland in Jordan

Pro-Israel Groups Accuse Obama of Promoting 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Middle East

Fighting in Yemen Escalates

Peres: Hezbollah Has Stockpiled 80,000 Weapons

With Libya Ties Strained, US Has Limited Options

Egyptian Editorial: Sweden Victim to Israeli Blackmail


Justin Raimondo
War Coverage and the Obama Cult

Philip Giraldi
Vanishing Liberties

Nebojsa Malic
A Balkans Belgium?

Kelley B. Vlahos
A Primer for the Neo-Patriots

Charles V. Peņa
The Ever Present Military Option

Ivan Eland
Treat North Korea As a Child Psychologist Would

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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